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Chapter 2

"Woah…" Twitchy was intellectually curious about all about The Crystal Palace which is a palace made by pure glass which looked like crystal when light shown through them. Inside it was surprisingly warm. Red was greeted by a frantic old woman. While Ruby and Twitchy investigated the next area, Wolf and Red examined the scene of the crime.

"You know, I could have gone with Ruby. She's young. She can get herself hurt." said Wolf as he reluctantly walked away from the direction of Ruby. He sniffed in her direction.

"I'm young and I always get hurt during fights. She's an agent and I'm sure she can defend herself, plus, she has Twitchy with her." responded Red. She was irritated that Wolf wasn't fully concentrating on the mission. "Come on. Isn't it time for one of your disguises? You can go interrogate people."

"Right, a disguise. On with the show." Wolf took out a notebook and a fake moustache and placed it on his face. He was unrecognizable if you're a stupid person or mentally challenged, but other than that he's pretty recognizable. He took off in the direction of Ruby to interrogate the people there. Red sighed and let him go, but she whistled for Twitchy for company.

"So it's just you and me, Twitch." So while Twitchy took some pictures, she investigated. There was a lot of giggling and laughter coming from the direction of Ruby and Wolf. Red rolled her eyes.

"They must be having a lot of fun, especially when prize jewels are missing." thought Red to herself. She saw Twitchy literally taking pictures of everything, from doors to mouse holes to the chandelier. She smiled. At least Twitchy was working hard, although most of the pictures he took are not going to be very helpful.

Suddenly the weirdest thing happened. The beautiful glass clock fell down and shattered in front of Red. The small glass pieces pierced her skin that Red let out a shout of shock. She landed on her side which also had small pieces of glass embedded in. Wolf, Twitchy, and Ruby came running over. Red wasn't badly injured, but it was still painful to be stabbed by small glass pieces.

"Red! Are you okay?" asked Twitchy. Red flinched when she saw the sharp pieces of glass edged in her skin.

"Don't worry, I can take care of it." said Ruby. She ran out to get the first aid kit in the car. She returned and removed all the pieces of glass which was painful. Ruby then cleaned all the cuts and blood off the wounds and either wrapped up the more serious wounds or just patched the small cuts.

"Thanks, Ruby." Red was grateful that Ruby had done that and gained more of Ruby's trust. Ruby just smiled and said, "Your welcome."

"I'm just wondering how that clock fell down…" wondered Red. She looked at Wolf and Ruby who shrug their shoulders. She looked at Twitchy and he shook his head rapidly.

"Oh dear! Oh dear! What has happened to the Crystal Clock?" asked the old woman from earlier. "It has been here for centuries, how could it have been broken?"

"We have no idea, mam. But I'll promise that we'll get to the bottom of this. And we'll find out what happened to the missing Jewel." said Red. "Anyways, what is the jewel's name?"

"It's the Sacred Crystal of course." The old woman replied. "This had belonged to the mighty Rainbow Scepter."

"The rainbow scepter?" everyone, but Ruby shouted out in shock. The Rainbow Scepter was said to create the world they lived in.

"Yes, come on down and let me tell you the Rainbow Scepter." said the old woman leading them to a dining room of pure glass. "You see, a million years…or was it billion years…anyways ago, my ancestors of the Crystal Cove created the Sacred Crystal to contribute to the Rainbow Scepter. There are a total of three jewels that was used to create the scepter, the Sacred Crystal, the Green Emerald, and the Marble Opal. When you place them in the missing slots in the scepter, it will produce the final jewel which depends on your alliance. If you are good, the last jewel which is a beautiful Diamond. If you are bad, the last jewel becomes a dark red Ruby. So one day the world was created, however; a person searched for full power and stole the scepter for his own used which brought chaos among our land. After a powerful fight of a brave hero whose name was forgotten long ago, the scepter was broken up into pieces. The Sacred Crystal was guarded here for many generations. The other two places where they kept the other jewels are the Emerald Garden and the Opal Sea."

As the old woman told the tale, Red remembered when she was little that her Granny told her that story, but she did not know the name of the hero either. She was curious who the hero in their stories was. She saw Ruby in the corner of eye who was jotting down notes on a little pink notepad she brought with her.

"She must be taking notes for the cause." thought Red. "Maybe she wasn't so bad after all."

The old woman finished her tale and sank heavily into a chair she was sitting on. Red looked at her friends and they looked just as confused as she was, except Ruby maybe. Red thought she looked like she knew more than what was being told to them.

"Wait, where is the base of the scepter?" asked Red remembering a part of the story.

"The scepter has been thrown in a lake where it sank to the bottom like a rock. The lake is in the middle of the Dark Forest. But no one knows exactly were the lake is." replied the old woman.

Red exchanges glances with her team. "This is not going very well isn't it?" she asked herself. She glanced at Ruby who gave a secret sly smile behind her pink notepad.

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