Episode 106: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Quasar Quest: Part I

A few months later Terra Venture was ready to leave Earth. Commander Stanton was checking everyone's tickets as they got on the ship.

"Who do we have here?" Stanton asked himself "Mike Corbett, Kai Chen, and Kendrix Morgan.

"Were leaving Earth to get away from the monster attacks" said Mike

"From Angel Grove, huh?" Stanton asked, and he sees someone trying to sneak on "hey you, where's your ticket?"

"Leo!" said Mike "I'm sorry you can't come"

"Fine" said Leo and he walked away. He saw the loading of the Astro Megaship on Terra Venture and snuck on it and got on Terra Venture that way.

"Hope you folks have a good trip" said Stanton as they got on the ship. An hour later, Terra Venture takes off and heads into space. A day later, they stop near the planet Mirinoi.

"All right" said Stanton "who volunteers to go exploring?"

"I do" said Mike

"As do I" said Kendrix

"Me too" said Kai

"So be it" said Stanton "I'll send you down in the Astro Megaship and you can explore the planet for life" and they fly in the Astro Megaship to Mirinoi's surface.

"Who wants to get out first?" Mike asked his friends

"I do" said a voice and they turned around to see Leo

"Leo" said Mike "what are you doing here?"

"I'm a stowaway" said Leo "what are you going to do, send me back to Earth?"

"No" said Mike "but the Commander might have you thrown in jail. Anyways, let's go!"

"I'm going with you" said a voice and they turned around to see the Astro Megaship's mechanic, Damon

"Okay" said Mike and the 5 teens go to explore and come across a village

"Who are you?" asked an alien voice and they turn around to see an alien. He wasn't like the village, they seemed human, he didn't.

"You" said the alien "my name is Furio and I'm here to conquer these people and their power. You may leave and I will spare your lives"

"We won't abandon these people to die" said Mike

"And we won't die without a fight" said a young native girl and then she walks over to the teens "my name's Maya. Let's get rid of these guys" and she took a fighting stance, followed by the teens.

"Stingwingers, attack!" said Furio. They fight for a while and then Maya motions for the teens to follow her away from the fight.

"Where are we going?" Mike asked as the began running after Maya

"A long time ago, an ancient warrior named Zordon fought to rid the galaxy of evil. He and his six warriors had swords and giant animals who obeyed almost every command. These beasts were called Galactabeasts. These swords gave them the Power to Morph and even up the score. They also had a power called the Lights of God, and had daggers to transform the Galactabeasts into robots. The Red Ranger had keys that he could use to gain massive armor. During a massive battle, three Galactabeasts were destroyed, and 5 more were captured. When they fell out of the Galactabeasts, a blast knocked most of their weapons out of their hands. Only Zordon and the black warrior still had their weapons. Seeing that most of their powers were lost, Zordon sent them all here and had them stick their swords in the stones. The black warrior also left his Galactabeast here. Zordon left the Lights of God in a sealed box that only the chosen warriors could break the seal and open it and then he took his warriors and left. For years, people have tried to pull the Quasar Sabers out of the stones, but nobody could until a few years ago, when a man pulled out the black warrior's sword and took the box with the Lights of God and left. I think you maybe the chosen ones that will be able to pull out the Quasar Sabers. We're here" and she stopped "if you feel drawn towards a Quasar Saber, try to pull it out" Damon walked towards the Green Quasar Saber, Kai walked towards the Blue Quasar Saber, Kendrix walked towards the Pink Quasar Saber, and both Leo and Mike walked towards the Red Quasar Saber, but Mike reaches it first and Leo steps back to allow Mike to try. Maya herself felt a pull towards the Yellow Quasar Saber. Mike, Kai, Damon, Maya, and Kendrix all pull out the Quasar Sabers simultaneously.

"No" said Furio "hand over the Quasar Sabers or I will kill you and this planet"

"Never" said Maya and she motioned to run and then they ran after her. When they get a ways away, they stop to breathe.

"Can I see that?" Leo asked Mike about the Red Quasar Saber

"Sure" said Mike and he handed Leo the Red Quasar Saber. All of a sudden, there was an earthquake and a crevice opened and Mike fell in and then the crevice closed.

"Mike!" said Leo

"Now" said Furio "hand them over or I'll cause another earthquake"

To be continued…

Next time on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy:

Furio has already taken care of Mike and he is ready to finish off the teens. Will they unlock the secrets of the Quasar Sabers in time or will their quest end before it begins? Find out next time on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy!