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Minerva rubbed her eyes in exhaustion. The whole situation had her ready to pull out her hair. Or better yet, pull out Albus' beard. Loyalty was one thing but the blind loyalty he expected from her was another thing entirely. Her mind started listing all the times they had disagreed in the past and realised once again just how truly flawed his methods were.

The most glaring of these were his decisions at the end of the war. She had tried to convince Lily and James Potter to go into hiding abroad instead of in England. But once again Albus had overruled her and they had listened to him. Now they were dead and their now four year old son, Harry, was suffering at the hands of those brutes he was unfortunately related to.

This was the breaking point for Minerva. For three years she'd tried to convince Albus to remove Harry from such an environment. And for three years he had gently patted her arm condescendingly and told her not to worry. Finally she'd decided that she needed to do this without his knowledge, let alone consent. Harry may be safe from Voldemort at his relatives, but he was far from safe.

She'd researched and planned and was ready. But there was one problem. She had no idea where to hide Harry after she got him out.

Everyone she could think of who'd look after him was someone that Albus could find easily. If she didn't get this right the first time Harry would be back at his relatives within a month and she'd never get another chance.

There was one avenue left open to her but it was so risky she'd tried for five months to think of something else. Taking a deep breath she opened the drawer of her desk and took out a small case. Opening it she stared at the contents for a few minutes before giving herself a firm shake and snapping the lid closed. Slipping the box into her pocket she threw her cloak over her arm and headed to the fireplace. Throwing a handful of powder into the empty grate she stepped in and spoke, "Pebble House, Cardiff." In a flash of green flames she was gone.


Sirius stared mournfully out the window of his cell. Three long years had passed since he'd been dumped in this place and everyday left him wondering how his godson was doing. He'd often thought of trying to break out to go get him but enough of his sanity remained for him to realise that was a bad idea. A life on the run was no way for a child to grow up.

A commotion brought his attention back to his surroundings. There was a loud bang from the other side of the prison. As the Dementors floated away to investigate the sound Sirius breathed a small sigh of relief. For a few moments he was free of the almost overwhelming sorrow and hopelessness that accompanied his hellish guards.

A soft meow drew his attention back to the window. His eyes widened to see a tabby cat sitting there bold as brass staring at him thoughtfully. Crawling forward he could just make out the markings around her eyes. Gasping in surprise he spoke, his voice cracked and hoarse from three years of none use, "…Minerva?"

The tabby jumped into his cell but transformed into the stern professor from his Hogwarts days before reaching the floor. Taking a vial of clear liquid from her pocket she passed it to him with one word, "Drink."

Unwilling to upset the first visitor he'd had in three years Sirius took the vial and tossed it back like it was tequila. After a moment his eyes glazed over and his jaw slackened. Seeing the potion had taken effect Minerva seated herself on the ground next to him and began speaking, "Can you hear me?"

Sirius nodded his head mutely. Rolling her eyes Minerva tried again, "I'd like you to answer some questions for me. Do you understand?" Opening his mouth he croaked out a drowsy "Yes". Straightening her shoulders she began, "Did you betray Lily and James to Voldemort?"


"Who did?"


Furrowing her brows Minerva wondered at that strange fact and decided to think about it more when she had the time. "Will you help me to protect Harry, their son?"


She found herself a little shocked to hear emotion breaking through the potion. "Strange." She'd have to investigate that later too. "Ok then. I'm about to bring you out of this. We don't have much time and I need your help quickly without having to spoon feed you information." As she spoke she pointed her wand at him and gave it a flick. The effects of the potion seemed to race out of him and hit the wall before disappearing completely.

Shaking his head groggily Sirius looked at his old professor before leaning forward, "I take it this means you know I'm innocent." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. Nodding her head Minerva put her wand away and reached into her pocket again, "Yes. Friendships, such as the one shared by you and James, could not be faked or easily broken. And despite your beliefs you are not that good of an actor."

The last was said with a soft smile so he simply shrugged and nodded before coming back to the matter at hand. "You said you needed my help to protect Harry. What has happened?" Handing him a mirror she grimaced as she felt the Dementors begin to return to their posts, no doubt drawn by her presence.

"There isn't enough time to talk now. I'm sure you recognize the mirror in your hand. Keep it hidden and answer when I call. I'll explain everything then." She stood up as she said this and turned to the window. Glancing back over her shoulder at the man still sitting, slightly dumbfounded, on the floor of the cell she coughed gently. When he met her eyes he saw a great deal of sadness and determination, "I'm sorry it has taken me so long Sirius. But I promise you I'm going to make things right. Even if it kills me."

With that she transformed into the tabby cat once again and leapt out the window. Staring after her Sirius quickly squashed the flicker of hope inside him, lest it draw the Dementors to him more. Instead he focused on how she had not helped him escape and that he must assist from his cell.

This was not the happiest of thoughts but it was one more fact the bastard spectres guarding him could not take. And as such drew him a little more out of his madness. Looking down at the mirror in his hands he recognized it as the one he and James had used to communicate with each other while at Hogwarts.

A grim smile graced his lips as he realised it would now also help his best friends son. Outside in the hall the Dementors hovered uneasily as the strange emotion coming from the cell. They could not recognize it but were wary of it. Had they known more about their victims they'd have realised it as determination.

Sirius Black, supposedly notorious mass murderer of thirteen people, may not have been a free man yet. But thanks to the faith of one person he was rediscovering something he had forgotten while in this hell hole. He was a man with power.