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When Harry woke the next morning a huge grin spread across his face. Sirius was coming! Bounding out of bed he pulled on his clothes for the day and headed for the kitchen. When he got there Jack was already making waffles. Hearing the shuffling behind him Jack grinned and looked over his shoulder, "Morning kiddo. Happy Birthday."

Harry sat down at the table and yawned, "Morning." Jack smirked at him and placed a plate of waffles in front of him, "I take it you didn't get much sleep." Shaking his head Harry smiled sheepishly as he grabbed a fork, "Too excited." Jack nodded sagely as he sat down with his own plate of waffles. Arching his eyebrow dramatically he tried to impersonate Teal'c, "Indeed." Harry nearly choked on his food as he laughed.

Once breakfast was over and the dishes washed they headed for the back yard. Colorado Springs was truly beautiful in July and Jack had decided to have a barbeque for Harry's party . Picking up the colourful paper lanterns that Sam had handed him the evening before as they were leaving the base Jack turned to Harry. The six year old giggled to see Jack with a huge armful of lights looking slightly perplexed. "Now I know that we're supposed to put these up before everyone gets here but Sam seems to have forgotten that Daniel borrowed my ladder the other week and hasn't returned it yet."

Harry's eyes lit up as an idea came to him. His brilliant emerald eyes focused intently on the lights in Jacks arms and his brow furrowed. After a moment Jack began to get worried and opened his mouth to say something when the lanterns drifted up out of his arms and flew gracefully to string themselves from the house to the gazebo!

Once they were settled in place Jack looked at Harry. His son was so happy with himself and was viewing his work with pride. Closing his fist around the plug left in his hand Jack grinned and shook his head, "Ok. Now I'm jealous." The doorbell rang; Harry laughed delightedly and ran to answer it. As Jack plugged in the lights he heard Harry's voice, "Teal'c! Bra'tac! We're in the garden!"

Looking up Jack saw Harry trying to hurry Teal'c into the garden. An indulgent smile was on T's lips and he was allowing Harry to "drag" him along. Bra'tac strode over to Jack and gripped his forearm in greeting, "Tek ma tek O'Neill." Returning the warriors handshake Jack nodded, "Glad you could make it Bra'tac." He grinned, "I would not have missed it O'Neill."

The two friends watched as Harry pointed at the lights and talked animatedly to Teal'c. Bra'tac smiled, "He has changed much since we first knew him." Jack nodded, "Thank god!" He threw a sheepish look at Bra'tac's amused expression, "Figure of speech." Bra'tac turned back to see Teal'c's look of surprise, "Indeed. What is Harry telling Teal'c?"

Jack grinned, "Oh he's probably regaling T about how he set up the paper lanterns." He looked at Bra'tac out of the corner of his eye, "Whatever you and T are teaching him seems to be working. He can mostly control his magic now." Bra'tac seemed pleased, "That is good. According to Tabby most don't learn control until well into their adolescence. Harry being able to makes it easier to conceal him."

Nodding Jack grinned when Teal'c bowed to Harry. The young boy's face was so happy that he looked like he was about to split his head in half with the grin he bore. "Having fun?" While Harry nodded enthusiastically Teal'c inclined his head, "Indeed. Harry was explaining about the lights. It is a pity we were not five minutes earlier and we might also have observed the spectacle."

Jack smiled as Bra'tac placed his hand on Harry's shoulder, "Come Harry. We should get your training done before others start to arrive." As the two headed towards the treeline Jack looked to Teal'c, "Don't see why the boy couldn't have a day off." Teal'c watched them disappear into the trees, "Master Bra'tac wishes to see if Harry has been keeping up with his training while he has been away."

Jack grinned slyly, "And he's curious about your first apprentice." Teal'c looked at the colonel with a raised eyebrow, "Indeed. You are far more observant than you imply O'Neill." Grinning Jack headed for the kitchen, "Just don't tell Carter."


Cassie tugged on her dress anxiously. This was the first time she was meeting her mom's cousin and she wanted to make a good impression. Seeing her daughters nerves Janet smiled and took her hand, "You look lovely honey. Jean is going to love you." Cassie smiled and leaned against her mother, "Thanks mom."

Thirty minutes later they were waiting at the arrivals gate. Janet smiled when she saw Jean waving enthusiastically at her. Waving back she tapped Cassie on the shoulder, "There they are." Looking over Cassie observed a tall woman with a kind smile holding the hand of a small bushy haired girl. Next to them was a grinning man pushing their bags on a trolley.

When they reached Cassie and her mother the smiling woman pulled Janet into a hug. "It's so good to see you Janet! It's been far too long." Pulling back Janet grinned, "And whose fault is that missy?" Shaking her head she turned to Cassie and pulled her into a hug, "It's wonderful to finally meet you Cassie. I've heard so much from your mum about you." Cassie returned the hug happily, this woman was so welcoming that she found herself smiling broadly and returning the hug. "Nice to meet you Jean."

As Cassie was greeting her cousin Janet looked to the man and girl that had arrived with Jean. Holding out her hand she smiled welcomingly, "Hi I'm Janet." The dark haired man smiled, "I'm Richard. And this is Hermione." Two curious brown eyes looked at her from beneath wild brown hair. Janet felt her smile soften and she bent down to greet the girl, "Hello Hermione. It is lovely to meet you." The young girl took her hand and smiled shyly, "Hi Doctor Frasier."

Laughing Janet pulled her into a hug, "Call me Janet." Hermione giggled and nodded into her shoulder. Standing back the grown-ups waited to see how the two young girls would feel about each other. According to her cousin Hermione was a very mature six year old but Cassie was nearly fourteen now and Janet was worried the age gap might prove a problem. But once again her daughter laid her fears to rest as Cassie grinned and pulled Hermione into a big hug.

Looking at Jean she grinned and leaned in to whisper, "All that worry for nothing huh." Jean nodded and curled her fingers around Richards hand, "We should get going though." Nodding in agreement Janet led the way to the car, talking all the while. "Well we'll drop your bags off at ours and then if you're not tried bring you for a drive around to show you where everything is. Though I should warn you we have a birthday party to go to later so if you're feeling a little low it's probably best you all take a nap beforehand."

Richard laughed, "Are you kidding? These two have been wired the whole way over in the plane! The last thing they're going to want to do is take a nap." Looking over at the mother and daughter Janet observed the matching giddy grins on their faces and laughed, "Well in that case I vote we go get ice cream. Perfect way to start a holiday I think."


A couple of hours later they were getting ready for Harry's birthday party. Janet was just putting in her favourite pair of earrings when there was a knock on her door. "Come in." Her cousin popped her head around the door and grinned, "You decent?" Shaking her head Janet stood up, "What do you think?" Closing the door behind her Jean inspected her with a critically tilt of her head, "Very nice. You trying to catch someone's eye?"

Janet laughed, "No. But I rarely get a chance to dress up so I'm taking full advantage of it." Sitting on the end of her bed Jean nodded, "That I understand completely." As she was putting away her makeup Janet could see the worried look on her cousin's face. Turning around in her seat she leaned forward, "Ok spill."

A rueful smile ghosted across Jean's lips, "That obvious huh?" Janet simply nodded and waited. She hadn't seen her cousin in a good few years but they had always known each other so well they might have been sisters. Jean ran her hand through her loose brown curls, "It's Hermione. I'd like you to take a look at her while we're here."

"Any particular reason why? I mean you must have access to a huge amount of doctors. Why fly all this way just to see me?" Jean flopped back down on the bed, "Because I don't want my daughter to turn into some science experiment!" Janet's mouth opened and closed a couple of times before she could respond, "Ok you're going to have to start again."

Sitting up Jean shook her worry off and started talking, "A few months back, nearly a year ago now I'd say, Hermione started exhibiting usual signs of…well to be honest I don't know what of! Things seem to happen around her. To her! It's unexplainable." Janet bit her lip, "So why come to me? I'm just a regular doctor." Levelling her with a blank look Jean shook her head, "I wasn't always a dentist Janet. I know a cover when I see one. And you've seen some strange things and never spoken about them, so can you just look at my girl?"

Janet was a little thrown by the hint that her cousin, a dentist, might have some idea of what she did. She also was a little worried by the hint at a different job she'd just been thrown but decided to tackle that puzzle another time. Nodding she stood up, "Sure I'll take a look at her while you're here." A great sigh of relief escaped from Jean, "Thank you Janet." Smiling Janet shrugged, "Hey, what are families for?"


Jack checked the steaks on the grill and sipped his beer, "Shouldn't be much longer." Richard leaned back in his chair, "You have a beautiful home Colonel." Looking at his garden Jack could only smile fondly to see Cassie and Harry playing happily with Richards daughter. Janet and her cousin were discussing something in depth with Carter, while Daniel deep in conversation with Bra'tac. Teal'c was standing beside him wearing a 'Kiss the Cook' apron helping him with the steaks.

Giving himself a small shake he tipped his beer at Richard, "It's the people who make it." The Englishman nodded in agreement, "True." The faint sound of a doorbell could be heard over the sounds in the backyard. Jack handed over control of the grill to Teal'c as he headed back into the house. Opening the front door he grinned to see the dark haired woman in a long skirt and light shirt standing there, "Hello Tabby. It's good to see you. Was starting to wonder if you could make it." A large smile spread across her face, "My portkey was delayed. I hope I haven't missed the presents?"

Shaking his head Jack stepped back to let her come in, "No, we're saving them for when everyone arrives." As he watched Tabby pull a decent sized present out of a very small purse he snapped his fingers, "Just one thing I should mention. Janet's cousin and her family are here so it might be best if you hid the magic tricks. I don't think they're in the know." Tabby nodded to him, "I understand."

Bowing extravagantly to her Jack extended his arm, "May I escort you to the backyard? And enquire how you like your steak?" An indulgent smile appeared on her face as she took his arm, "You may and medium rare." Grinning they stepped out onto the patio. Jack could feel Tabby's hand tense slightly on his arm when she heard Richard speak. Before he got a chance to ask about it Harry spotted them. His sons face broke into a huge smile, "Tabby!"

Harry ran to them and Tabby dropped Jacks arm to sweep the boy into a hug, "It's good to see you Harry. Sorry I haven't visited in so long!" As she talked to his son Jack could only shake his head in wonder, the last eighteen months had changed more than just Harry's outlook. He'd gotten the impression from Tabby when he'd first met her that she was very stern but looking at her now he could see a softness to her that he'd put money on hadn't been known before.

Looking up he noticed Daniel and Bra'tac heading for them. Before Harry's excited chatter could reveal things that were best left hidden Bra'tac put his hand on his shoulder and looked at Tabby fondly, "You must allow Tabby to catch her breath Harry. She has only just arrived." When Harry looked up he flushed in embarrassment and mumbled an apology. Tabby smiled, "That's alright Harry. Why don't you go play with your friends and we'll talk more later."

As he ran off smiling she turned to Jack, Bra'tac and Daniel, "We may have a problem." However before she could say more Janet brought her cousin over, "Tabby! Good to see you! This is my cousin Jean." Smiling Tabby shook the woman's hand, "Pleasure to meet you Jean." She grinned, "Likewise Tabby." The introductions and greetings went off without a hitch but as Tabby congratulated Carter on her promotion Jack was itching to drag Tabby to one side and get her to explain.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a doorbell once again. Going back into the house he opened the door to see General Hammond talking casually to a dark haired man. A large grin spread across Jacks face, "Ah General I see you've finally met our resident murderer." Sirius pouted, "Now Jack you know it's rude to shout a man's supposed acclaims without his permission."

George Hammond could only grin in wonder as the two friends who hadn't seen each other in nearly a decade fell easily into idle insults. Even if he hadn't known their backstory he'd have been able to tell the two had seen combat together. It was the easy friendship of a couple of old war buddies. Clapping Jack on the shoulder he moved past them, "I'm going to go say hi to the birthday boy."

When the general had disappeared into the backyard Jack pulled Sirius into a hug, "It's good to see you mate. Harry couldn't sleep last night for excitement." Sirius pulled back with a smile, "I know the feeling." He turned serious for a moment, "Are you sure it's alright for me to stay?"

Jack nodded and pulled his friend into the kitchen, "Absolutely! Harry and I wouldn't think of letting you stay anywhere else." As Sirius opened his mouth to protest Jack held up his hand, "Ah-up-up-up. You're staying. It's settled. Deal with it." Shrugging Sirius leaned back against the counter and joked, "Well who am I to argue with a military man!"

Jack laughed and passed him a beer, "Come on. Harry's in the backyard. He'll levitate my ass on top of the nearest tree if I don't get you out there as soon as possible. Also no magic, we've guests who don't know about it so keep a low profile." Sirius laughed, "Jack I'm an escaped felon! I'm all about the low profile!" Grinning the two wandered out to the patio. As Sirius made a beeline for the kids Jack looked around to see what everyone was up to.

Janet was introducing her relatives to Hammond. Daniel and Carter were arguing the finer points of grilling with Teal'c, although Teal'c wasn't really arguing so much as refusing to budge on his methods. Bra'tac came to stand next to Jack, "So that is Harry's godfather." Sipping his beer Jack nodded, "Yup."

Harry was throwing the ball to Cassie when he felt two arms pick him up in a bear hug. "Happy Birthday Harry." Squealing in delight Harry twisted round in Sirius' arms and returned the hug, "You're here!" Sirius laughed and put him down, "Of course I'm here! I'm your godfather how could I possibly miss your birthday!" Harry grinned and hugged him again before turning round to Cassie and Hermione, "Girls this is my godfather! Sirius."

While Sirius greeted a smiling Hermione, Cassie hung back and observed him. She knew the story; he'd been falsely imprisoned for murder for the past five years and had just broken out. Looking at him now she couldn't tell he'd been in prison. His hair was brushed back into a shiny ponytail, his clothes were clean and fitted him well and he looked healthy, much healthier than she'd thought he would look.

When he turned to her he winked, "Did I pass?" Grinning she nodded and held out her hand, "Cassandra Frasier. Call me Cassie." He bowed elaborately as he shook her hand, "A pleasure mi lady!" Giggling Cassie turned to look at her mum, "You should probably save the fancy stuff for the adults. They're harder to impress than us." He saluted her jauntily, "Duly noted."

Harry snorted a laugh when he saw Jack mimicking Sirius behind his back. Pity he couldn't pull off the bow with the same flair. Sirius looked at him, "I assume from your laughter I'm being mocked relentlessly by Jack." Nodding Harry pointed at the group now watching them.

When Sirius turned to look one of the men paled and gripped a woman's arm. When she looked up to see him her face went equally pale and she screamed, "Hermione get away from him!" Everyone in the garden froze. Sirius felt his mood drop and muttered under his breath, "Shit."

The woman who had screamed was the first to move. Pulling a gun from her bag she pointed it at him and shouted, "Get the hell away from my daughter you murderous bastard!" Before Sirius could move or speak Harry ran in front of him with his hands up. Several things happened at once then.

Tabby pulled her wand out of her sleeve and transfigured the gun into a banana. Richard started moving rapidly towards Sirius, looking like he meant to tackle him and beat him to a pulp. SG1 went into combat mode and started trying to defuse the situation. Janet put a restraining arm in front of her cousin. General Hammond and Bra'tac moved to intercept Richard. Harry made his new friend's parents float. Cassie was trying to stop Harry.

Sirius felt like the calm in the storm for a moment before a shockwave blew everyone off their feet. Looking up Sirius could see Hermione's hair crackling and her fists clenched. She was the only one standing, though the only things knocked over were people, and looked absolutely terrified at what she had just done. Although everything in him yelled to go comfort the girl and tell her it was alright Sirius knew that moving would only escalate things again, so he remained where he was.

Jean felt tears well up in her eyes as she saw the look of fear her daughter directed at her. Richard put his arm around her and tried to comfort her, "Hey it's alright love. Look let's just calm her down first and then we can deal with the whole gun thing." Nodding Jean stood up, "Hermione? It's alright. Just relax, ok?"

Standing up Tabby put her hand on their shoulders. When they looked at her she smiled comfortingly, "Let me." Before they could say anything she moved towards Hermione. The girl watched her come closer in fear and managed to choke out a warning, "No. Don't…I'm dangerous." Tabby shook her head, "No dear. You're not. You're something much more."

The crackling lessened slightly, "What?" Reaching her Minerva put her hands on the girl's shoulders and looked into her eyes, "You're a witch dear. Like me." Brown eyes widened in shock, "What?" Minerva grinned and she could feel her eyes twinkling (Sirius had dubbed it her Albus look), "Hermione your mother has been telling me how intelligent and well-read you are for the past ten minutes. Surely you can think of something better to say."

The young girl chewed on her lip for a moment, "A witch?" Minerva nodded. Hermione looked at the tall kind woman in front of her, "You're a witch?" She nodded again. Hermione felt a shy smile tugging at her lips, "Can you show me?" Tabby laughed lightly, "Of course!" Taking out a length of wood she waved it at the table on the patio and a couple of cans of coke flew into her hands. Offering one to Hermione she opened the other and toasted her, "Welcome to a new world Hermione."


Fifteen minutes later when Hermione had calmed down enough to go near her parents she looked accusingly at her mother, "You promised to leave your gun at home." Jean sighed, "I know dear. And I did!" Hermione looked pointedly at the banana still grasped in her mother's hand, "Yes I can see that." There was a shocking amount of sarcasm in her voice for a six year old. Harry giggled despite the seriousness of the situation and could contain himself no longer.

"You're a witch!" Hermione looked over to see a massive grin splitting the black haired boy's face. He bounded over to her, "So am I! Well…actually I'm a wizard." As he spoke he looked to Tabby to make sure he'd got it right. Grinning she nodded, "Yes. Harry why don't you tell Hermione what it's like." Harry nodded happily and pulled Hermione over to where they'd been playing earlier.

Minerva looked at Cassie and tossed her head in their direction. The girl nodded and went to keep an eye on the two young magic users. Once she was sure that that particular situation wasn't going to implode in a hurry she turned on Hermione's parents. Despite her relaxed posture her voice held menace enough to make them wince, "How could you treat her with such fear?"

When they opened their mouths to speak she made a sharp wave with her hand and silenced them, "Don't bother trying to deny it. I saw her face after that shockwave. She was terrified. Partially over what she'd done but mostly over your reactions! She's six years old! She shouldn't need to fear being treated like a ticking time bomb by the two people in the whole world who are supposed to love and cherish her no matter what!"

Before she lost her temper completely Minerva took a deep breath. "Never mind that now. You'll all deal with it as a family once you're ready. The important thing now is for you two to learn to treat her like a normal child. Walking on eggshells will only agitate her and cause more outbreaks."

Jean looked to where her daughter was grinning at the glowing ball floating around her head. Looking back to Tabby she slumped her shoulders, "We didn't know what it was. For the past year things have been…happening whenever Hermione gets upset. Some children in school started picking on her and suddenly they were hanging from branches of the trees by the collars of their school shirts! They nearly died! She almost accidently hung four children! Wouldn't you be scared?"

Richard put his arm around his wife's shoulder and tried to comfort her as she wearily leaned back, "But now we know love. She knows. She knows what she is now and we can face it as a family." When Jean looked at him he smiled a little sadly, "We'll adapt. It's what we've always done." Janet put her hands on her hips at that statement, "Which brings to mind one very serious question I have." When they looked at her she glared, "Since when do you carry a gun?"

Jean blinked, "Ah." Crossing her arms Janet's glare turned into a very hard stare, "Yes. Ah." Jean and Richard shared a look before Jean turned back, "Old habits." After a very tense five minutes Janet threw her hands in the air, "That's it? That's the only explanation you'll give me!" Richard rubbed the back of his neck, "It's the only explanation we can give you." SG1 and Hammond exchanged knowing looks.

Stepping forward General Hammond looked at the couple, "Is what you're not allowed to tell us putting us in immediate danger?" Both shook their heads, "No. We're retired." Janet rolled her eyes, "Great. More secrets. I thought you two were dentists!" Jean looked at her, "We are." At this everyone blinked but Jack couldn't help himself, "That is the worst cover I've ever heard of!"

A fond smile graced Jean's lips as she looked at Richard, "Once I would have agreed with you Jack." Tabby looked at them as though she were examining them under a microscope, "For a couple of people who were so terrified of their own daughter a few minutes ago you're both remarkable calm." Richard shrugged, "Our fear was that she was alone in this. Now we know that's not true."

Tabby looked in the direction of his gaze and saw Harry and Hermione making sparks at the ends of their fingers with Cassie laughing with them. As she was turning back she noticed Sirius stretched out on the grass with his hands casually behind his head and contemplating the clouds above. She rolled her eyes, "Sirius what the hell are you still doing down there?"

He shrugged minutely, "I figured it was probably a good idea to let everyone calm down before moving. After all I was the catalyst for recent events." Minerva tilted her head a little in agreement, "Fine but you can get up now." He rolled gracefully to his feet and came to stand near the group. However he was very aware of the fear and anger in two sets of eyes so he wisely remained a safe distance away until everything was sorted.

Jack stepped towards the Grangers, "Everything is fine really." But before he could say more Jean's voice broke out in a shout, "Everything is not fine! A murdered is standing less than twenty feet from my daughter so don't give me that crap!" Teal'c's deep voice rang out calmly, "Sirius Black is not a murderer."

The couple rolled their eyes, "And that's why he broke out of prison and has a nationwide search going trying to find him and put him down." Jack saw the hurt look on Sirius' face and felt his temper snap, "That's enough! Sirius is my friend and saved my life more than once so I will not have you bad mouth him in my home. He was wrongfully accused and imprisoned without a trial! You'd have broken out too!"

"Jack. It's ok." Everyone turned to Sirius who was looking at Jean and Richard with eyes full of understanding. "I know that you've been fed the media and political side of the story, but would you agree to hear my side?" Instead of the abrupt denial most had been expecting the Grangers seemed to consider his words before answering. An entire conversation seemed to take place between them with just a look. Turning back to Sirius they nodded.

Smiling he began to speak, "Thank you. Ok…well first off I'm a wizard too. The crime I was locked up for was the murder of thirteen people. The story you've been fed is one of a rigged gas explosion. But the truth is that all that carnage was caused by a curse."

Seeing their confused expressions he looked to Tabby for help. She guided them to sit down, "This is a long story and we'll be explaining some of the magically world to you as we go so you should get comfortable." Once Jack was sure everyone was settled he dished out the steaks and called the children over. At Carter's look he shrugged, "Hey! Tabby said it'd be a long story so we might as well hear it while we eat."


An hour later everyone was digesting the food and the information they'd been given. Jean and Richard, after apologising to Sirius, looked decidedly worried about sending their daughter into such an unstable environment as magical Britain. Sipping a beer Richard looked at his little girl and was so proud at how well she was handling all the information. He pulled her into a hug and glanced briefly at Jean before looking at Tabby, "Is there some other way for Hermione to receive her magical education?"

Tabby nodded, "Of course. Hogwarts isn't the only wizarding school in the world. Harry here is going to be going to Falcon Heights in Fort Collins. But there are many fine schools all over the world for you to choose from. I can get you a list if you'd like." Jean looked at Richard, "The schools in Europe are out. Boarding schools will try to separate us all." He nodded, "And Asia and Australia are out." They looked to Tabby, "Can you get us information on schools in the states?"

She nodded, "Of course." Janet piped up before they could thank her, "So you're going to move over here?" A quick glance passed between them before they looked at Hermione, "Is that alright with you dear?" A smile spread across her face and she nodded. Grinning they turned back to Janet, "Yes."


Harry attacked the pile of presents with gusto. He quickly accumulated a couple of books from Daniel ("I thought you might like them someday"), a telescope from Carter ("So you don't have to keep stealing your dads all the time"), the box set of the Star Wars movies from Teal'c, a pair of training staffs from Bra'tac ("You must remember to practise always"), a military style jacket from Hammond ("I know how much you like Jack's one"), a skate board from Cassie and a full set of protective equipment from Janet, and some assorted sweets from the Grangers (along with a hug from Hermione).

Minerva handed him the present from her. He grinned his thanks and opened it to reveal a mirror. She grinned at the confused look on his face and held up a matching one, "This is how your godfather and I have communicated in the past. It's a quicker way to contact me than email if you ever need anything. Just look in the mirror and call my name." Jack leaned over to Sirius, "That's pretty neat."

Sirius nodded, "Thanks. James and I made them while we were at school so we could chat during detentions." Everyone shared a laugh and Harry looked even more pleased to have the mirror now that he knew his dad had had a hand in making them. He hugged Tabby, "Thank you." She returned the hug happily, "You're more than welcome Harry."

Jack cleared his throat, "My turn." So saying he got up and left the room. Everyone exchanged confused looks and Harry scratched his head. A moment later Jack reappeared pushing a bicycle, "Happy Birthday Harry." The boy's eyes lit up in excitement. It was the bike he'd been secretly wishing for the last two months! Running over he hugged his adoptive dad.

Everyone was grinning when the two broke the hug, even Teal'c cracked a smile. A clap brought everyone's eyes to Sirius as he stood up, "Well that just leaves my present." Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a photo album and passed it to Harry, "Open it." Sitting the album on his knees Harry opened it to the first page and saw a handwritten note. He read it quickly and smiled.


This is an album of my school days. I've somehow managed to hold onto it and would like you to have it now. It magically expands so you can always add to it and I hope you do with pictures of your friends, both now and in the years to come. Your father was the greatest friend a person could ask for and I hope you get the chance to experience such a friendship in your life. I will always be here for you.


Looking through the first couple of pages Harry smiled to see a younger Sirius with a boy who looked like him standing under a tree next to a lake with their arms around each other's shoulders and the shoulders of two other boys. They were all smiling happily and waved at him.

Looking up in shock he gasped, "They moved!" Sirius laughed and nodded, "Yeah. Photos developed with magic tend to do that." Putting down the album carefully Harry got up and hugged Sirius tightly. Sirius could just make out a mumbled 'thank you' from the region of his shoulder. Hugging his godson tighter he kissed the top of his head and whispered, "You're welcome Harry."

Everyone could feel a tear in the corner of their eye and Janet sniffled. After a moment Harry sat back down and smiled, "Thanks everyone." As he spoke a huge yawn interrupted him and Jack laughed, "I think that's my cue to start kicking people out!"

As everyone was grabbing their coats and heading for the door Jack turned to Tabby, "Just one thing before I forget." She looked at him expectantly. "Why a banana?" She laughed and shrugged, "I recently watched Doctor Who. It was the first thing that came to mind." Richard laughed at her answer, "Completely understandable."