Okay, so, I've always had a huge interest in the Titanic and the ITV bought out their mini-series. I loved it to pieces and I completely and totally fell in love with Harry. I cried so much when I found out he died, it was pretty ridiculous if I am honest. I done some research and found out that Harry Widener was a real person and that he had gone down with the ship, his body never being recovered, so they must have just assumed that he was dead. I decided that I would make it so that Harry some how survived. Read, and it will all be unravelled in time.

I was in a daze. I had been since my Father was found. I had been sat at this table with a blanket wrapped around my shaking body ever since the Carpathian picked us up. Mama tried to get me to sip some soup to warm me up, as did the Miss Watson, but I hadn't moved an inch. I didn't talk to anyone, I never even asked how my Father was, but he was a strong man and I know he would be fine. It was Harry on my mind. He was dead. Mrs Widener told me he couldn't swim. He didn't even stand a chance in those icy cold waters.
I remember Mrs Widener sobbing in the life boats. She was asking everyone if they had seen her Husband or her Son.
"Mr Lightoller, please, please tell me you've seen my son, please!" She begged, clinging onto his shirt.
"I'm sorry Mrs Widener, I have not seen your son." He said, trying to release her hands from him. This was when she broke down and crumpled to the floor of the lifeboat, the Countess of Rothes trying to comfort her. Just hearing that no one had seen Harry made me choke up some more tears. Mama tried comforting me, but no one could settle me now, the man I loved was dead.
I had stopped crying about half of an hour later, the tears turning into a daze.

'You seem to know me very well all of a sudden.'
'I seem to like you very well all of a sudden, that's for sure.'

Everything he had said to me in the past few days went through my head again and again.

'Don't take a stand on everything. Pick your battles. If you fight for a cause, make sure it is one that you care about, not just a way to annoy your parents.'

Just thinking of when he said that made a little smile turn up on my mouth. That was, until I remembered the kiss. It had felt so magical and like it was meant to be. He made me feel so amazing, like I could walk on water. But I could not, and neither could he because if he could, he would be here right now with me.

A tear ran from my eyes and I stood up, the lump in my throat starting to choke me, like it had on the life boat. I stumbled forwards a little, not knowing why I had stood up, or where I was headed. I staggered out onto the deck, the tears filling my eyes so much that I could scarcely see. I stood over the deck-fence looking over at the water. My tear drops rolled down my face and I could swear a few of them dropped into the water.

'Georgiana, if I don't make it-'
'Don't say that! Men'll get through this. In first, in Second and in steerage. They'll live! Just make sure you are one of them, please!'
'But if I'm not, I want you to know that if there is any truth in what we are taught, I'm going to make you lucky all of your life. So every time that you catch that train and every time you find something you thought you'd lost, it'll be me.'

I let out a loud sob, I was not entirely sure where it came from, but it was a way of letting out my pain.

'I love you, Harry Widener. You're the first man I have ever said that to.'
'And I hope I live to be the last, but if I don't; be happy, or I'll want to know why!'
'I refuse to say goodbye.'
'Me too, but if you wanna please me, just get on a boat.'

I stopped crying, and the daze took control of my body again. I flopped down onto the cold wooden floor of the deck.

He kissed me, then said, 'Please, let me do one last thing to let me be proud.' and scooped me up into his arms.
'No Harry!'
He carried me over to the last lifeboat and put me in it. I started to cry, begging for Mama.
And then the last thing Harry said to me; 'You can do this, you can do any thing!'
Then as the life boat started to be lowered down I silently mouthed 'Make sure you live.', he nodded at me and smiled, then stared into my eyes until I could see him no longer.

I choked out some more tears and I felt a pain in my heart. It was like I was actually heart broken. It was not just a phrase, it was real and it hurt. I wrapped my arms across my front and hugged myself tightly, I laid down on my side, on the cold deck floor, still sobbing, practically crying myself to sleep.

I opened my eyes and I was lying on a settee in one of the lounge's on board the Carpathian. My head was rested on my Mother's lap and she was gently stroking my head. My Father was lying opposite me on another settee, still pale, but looking better than when he was found.

"Mama." I mumbled.

"Yes darling?" She stopped stroking my head and looked down at me. I twisted to look up at her.

"I wanted to wake up and all of this had been a ghastly dream." My eyes were starting to tear up again.

"Oh Georgiana, we all want that too. It is real though, and nothing can change that my love."

"I know.." I slowly sat up and leaned on Mama's shoulder. "Will Papa getting better?"

"Of course. God would not have let him get this far, if he was going to let his life slip again."

"Good. I have already lost H-Harry," I struggled to say his name. "I do not want to lose the only other Man in my life."

Mama didn't answer, she just put her arm around me and pulled me close. She knew that my heart was broken, and she knew it was going to take a lot to mend it. My world had been shattered in just a few hours, it was scary and just proved that any thing can change your life forever.

"How long until we shall be in New York?" I asked.

"In just over one hour, the Captain said." Mama answered. I sighed, this night had been long enough already, I just wanted to be away from the sea. The terrible thing that took my love's life.