Almost finished with this story now :-( But there's one or two chapters left, do not worry!

After sitting in silence, just huddled together in the lounge, for about twenty minutes, we finally decided to tell my Parents that Harry was here. Harry stood up, then helped me up and we walked into the kitchen searching for Mama and Papa. They were sat at the table engaged in a conversation.

Papa looked up and smiled; "Harry, Miss Watson informed us that you were here." He stood up and shook Harry's hand. "Nice to see you again."

"You too, Lord Manton." Harry smiled, then leaned around my Father to smile at my mother, "Lady Manton." He nodded his head and Mama smiled in return.

I reached up to the shelf and grabbed a glass, then filled it with water from the Faucet. I sipped some then faced my Fiancé and Parents.

"So, Harry, will you be staying here in England with Georgiana?" Papa asked.

"Yes, for as long as I need to." Harry looked at me, smiled, then looked back at my parents. "Well, that is if it is fine with you.."

"Of course it is fine with us, Harry. Georgiana needs you around right now." Mama stated.

Suddenly, I felt a pain in my stomach. One that I had never felt before, and I knew it was not a kick. I put my hand on my stomach and tried to ignore the pain, it was probably nothing.

"How is your Mother?" Papa asked Harry.

"She is well, thank you for asking."

"What about Ella and Fitz, are they getting on well?"

"Yes, they are very happy. They just found out that they are going to be parents." Harry answered.

All of a sudden, a warm liquid started to drip down my leg and I gasped.

"That is brilliant for them, I must send them my congratulations." Papa smiled. Mama looked up at me and saw the panic on my face.

"Georgiana?" She stood up and came over, she noticed the liquid on the floor that had dripped down my leg. "Oh my dear, your waters have broken."

I blinked at her and thought about when Mama and the midwife explained that my waters would break and i would go into labour. "The baby is coming..." I mumbled.

Harry and Papa rushed over and stood either side of me.

"Watson, run into town and get the midwife, hurry!" Mama ordered, Miss Watson doing as she was told. "We're going to need hot water and towels."

Papa nodded and started to prepare the things Mama asked for. Suddenly, a large pain struck my lower stomach and I took in a large gulp of air and tried to steady my breathing.

"Mama, it hurts." I whimpered. The pain stopped.

"This is just the start my dear." She said, then started to lead me into the lounge. Harry helped Papa. "You are a strong girl, you can do this easily."

I nodded and she stopped my by the lounge door. "Wait here, I will get a cloth."

I waited, just as she told me, and moments later she appeared again. Laying the cloth out on the floor, she sat me down on it and told me to keep my breathing steady and tell her whenever the big pain came back. I focused on my breathing, doing as I was told, not wanting to do anything wrong.

"Think of happy things, Georgiana. Try and take your mind off of it!" Mama knelt next to me. I racked my mind thinking of things that made me happy, but it was hard to think.

"I cannot think, Mama." I murmured.

"Where were you when you had your first conversation with Harry?" Mama tried to distract me from the pain.

"Uh.." I thought about it for a moment, "In the dining hall, in the Titanic."

"What did you talk about?" Mama questioned. Another sharp pain struck me, worse than before. I clenched my teeth together and let out a little squeal of pain. I panted a couple of times, then steadied my breathing and answered my Mother;

"Books. The books he had collected."

Mama kept me distracted for about fifteen minutes, until the midwife and Watson showed up. The midwife told me what to do and made Papa leave the room, she did ask Harry to leave, but he refused, so he sat next to me, holding my hand. I had pushed many times and the midwife said she could see the baby's head. Mama also claimed she could. Miss Watson had been trying to cool me down with damp cloths, pressing them to my head and reassuring me that everything was fine.

"One more push now, Lady Georgiana." The midwife said. I nodded and she counted to three, then I pushed. I pushed as hard as I could, letting out a loud shout. I was in so much pain, it hurt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

Suddenly, a small cry erupted throughout the room.

"Lady Georgiana, Harry, you have a beautiful baby boy." the Midwife smiled. Mama was sobbing, happy tears I hoped and my eyes filled with tears. The midwife lifted the baby boy and placed him in my arms. It was the happiest moment of my life. Just there, holding my son for the first time in my life, with my amazing Fiancé beside me.