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Chapter One - On the fields of Trenzalore...

The day had come. All efforts of the Silence had failed, and it could no longer be averted.

He stood, the lush green grass of the plains blowing around his ankles. In front of him they all stood, every single force he'd ever fought, from daleks to cybermen to weeping angles. Aliens he'd only met once and aliens he'd defeated over and over again. And they were all headed by prisoner zero. The first monster that this regeneration had ever fought.

His heart sank. He was posing as her. As River Song. His wife, amazing Melody Pond, who he had knowingly sent to her death. It was cruel mockery.

"Well then," shouted the doctor, trying to display his usual confident exuberance and failing miserably, "We all know why we're here. Let's not delay."

Not - River smiled evily, and the expression was close enough to something River would have worn that it almost made him want to cry.

"Doctor..." it hissed, "Doctor Who?"

Slowly, others began to join in the chant, and the doctor bowed his head and took a deep breath. He opened his mouth to speak...

Suddenly, a figure appeared just in front of The Doctor.

"Song." he said before the doctor could speak. "Tune Song, physicist."

And just like that, the army retreated. The Doctor stared in amazement at the person in front of him.

"What did you just do? How...why...who are you?"

The young man turned around to face The Doctor when he spoke, grinning. Well, The Doctor said young man, but it was a bit of a stretch. He looked to be about fifteen years old, with tousled dark brown hair, bright, intelligent green eyes and an angular face that projected boyish glee and a certain flirtiness that reminded The Doctor painfully of River.

"We probably shouldn't stick around, Doctor. I'll explain everything once we're on the TARDIS."

The teen (he was probably a teen, The Doctor decided) grabbed The Doctor's hand and began dragging him in the direction of his beloved blue box.

"But I... I don't... Who are you?" the Doctor spluttered.

The boy stopped and turned to face the protesting timelord, looking horrified and amused at the same time.

"Hang on, you don't know who I am yet?" he asked.

"Never met you. At least, I don't think I have. Should I know you?"

They were now standing just outside the door of the TARDIS. The man let go of The Doctor and stuck out his other hand.

"Well then." he said cheerfully, "allow me to introduce myself properly. Name's Song. Doctor Tune Song. I'm fifteen, though if you haven't met me before yet, it doesn't matter for you, does it? I'm a physicist and time traveller, though not a time agent. Nasty fellas, time agents. And I think we should go inside, as I appear to be rambling. My mum says that the only person she has ever met who rambles quite as much as I do is my dad, and it really drives her mad...you don't care, do you?"

He opened the door of the TARDIS with a snap of his fingers and skipped inside and up to the console.

"But, I don't understand! Who are you? Where are your parents? How did you know to come here? And how the heck can you fly my TARDIS?"

"Spoilers!" he answered gleefully. "Now close the door, will you?"

The Doctor reluctantly did as he asked.

"Song. You said your name was Tune Song. Do you know River?"

"Again, spoilers! Oh, and by the way, you really should fetch her now."

"I can't." the Doctor sad sadly, bowing his head and blinking back tears. "She's dead. I couldn't save her."

"Oh, is that so! Here, catch!"

Tune tossed something at The Doctor, who caught it with one hand and examined it.

"Why are you giving me lipstick?" he asked, turning it over in his hand.

"Because it's her lipstick! God, you are thick this young!"

"I still don't understand. And why are you doing this?"

"Because, I'd really like to preserve my own existence. And it's simple. River's not, strictly speaking, dead. Her consciousness, her soul, all her memories are still alive. She just needs a body. With that lipstick, you can extract enough DNA material to clone her and then just download her right into it! And boom, she's back! It's all a bit icky to think about, what with all the sciencey wiencey cloning stuff, but it's worth it to have her back. You use to much if the lipstick, according to her, and she winds up with it smudged all over her, but it washes, so no harm done. You get a week with her, and then you have to leave, but meet her at the Pond's in the year 2016. And you'll meet me too, eventually. But anyway, spoilers!"

The Doctor looked startled and once again opened his mouth to speak, but Tune hit a button on a device strapped around his wrist, presumably a vortex manipulator though he wasn't close enough to tell for certain, and disappeared.

The Doctor, bewildered as he was, saw the sense in what the boy had said, and his idea to save River, as mad as it was, had the potential to work. He got to work immediately.

He had a wife to save.