Hello again :) Thank you for anyone who been reading this up till now. Now it's back to Ai's point of view.

Ai laid on her bed looking at the ceiling. She felt so sleepy but didn't want to go to sleep. Her mind was filled with Ken and she didn't want to let sleep claim her. If she slept then nightmare's of being Hell girl would cloud her mind. If she didn't sleep then she would be able to think of Ken. Her eye's started to close then she heard a yell.

"Ai! Ai! Wake up! No time to sleep it's time to work" Yelled Ren Ichimoku. Ai sighed and got up. Perfect just perfect, looks like this will be a all nighter again. Few moments later she was in the human world. Ai was given directions on her phone to where the next person will go on the Hell girl website and call for her help. Ai looked at her phone and it said for her to go to the library. No one gave her a name or any information about who is about to call for hell girl. Ai continues on her walk and looks up at the sky. It was a nice night. No cliud in the sky and the moon is completely full. Most nights are disguesting and cold. Ai gets to the entrance of the library and walks in. It was dark and cold in the building. No lights were on she walks to where the computers are in the library. Ai sees light from a computer and walks towards it. Ai sees someone at the computer. She squints her eyes to see who it is but she was to far to see to see who it is. Ai hides behind a book shelf. She sees that the Hell girl Website on the computer. Ai closes her eyes feeling alittle bad for the poor soul who is willing to take this horrible fate. Ai sees the person is finished and her phone glows and she looks down at her phone to see the name of the person who asked for Hell Girls help. Ai gasps when she sees who it was. It was Ken!

Kens point of view

Ken finishs it.

"There was no other way...my sister will die if I don't do something...Hell Girl is my only option...I pray this isn't just a rumor" Ken whispers to his self. Ken stands up and walks away from the computer. He looks at the ground then looks ahead and he sees a figure in the shadow. He can't make out who it is because it was so dark. Ken backs up alittle scaried then he makes a fist with his hands and yells "Who's there!"

"You have summoned me" The person says. It was a girls voice. Ken knew that he heard the voice somewhere but he couldn't figure out where because he had so much on his mind. At this point he didn't care who it was because he just wanted to end this now.

"Wait so you are Hell Girl?" He sees the girl in the shadow nod her head. The girl puts her hand out holding a strange looking doll. Ken raises his eyebrow.

"What is this" Ken asks.

"Take this" The girl says. She doesn't come out of the shadow and all Ken can see is her holding the doll out to him. Ken goes up and takes the doll. The girl puts her hand back into the shadow. Ken looks at the doll he is holding and notices a red string on it.

"If you really truely wish revenge, just untie the scarlet thread from his neck. Pulling the thread binds you into a covenant with me. I will ferry the soul of your tormentor straight into the depths of Hell " Ken grins.

"Great solves my problems." Ken grabs the string and is about to pull it.

"However, once vengeance is served, you will have to deliever your end of the bargain. There always has to be a price. When you die, your soul will also belong to hell. You will never know the joys of heaven: you will be left to wander through a world of pain and agony for all of eternity." Ken's eyes widden.


"When one person is cursed, two graves are dug. Now the choice is up to you." Ken sees the person walking away. Ken runs up to the girl and puts a hand on her shoulder. He can feel long hair on his hand.

"Wait! Tell me! Your voice...sounds familor...and sad...who are you Hell Girl?" The girl stopped in her steps. She turns around. The darkness still covers up her face.

"It wouldn't matter if you knew who I was. I am no one in this world. A lost soul with a curse to do for all eternity." The girl continues to walk and Ken stands there puzzled and confussed.

"Wait are you-" Ken trys to say but the girl disapears.

"...I know that voice from somewhere...but where?"

Ai Emma Point of view

Ai stands outside the Library expressionless. Ai hands turn into fist and she hits the wall. Her expression turns into anger.

"That idiot! How could he do this!?" Tears roll down Ai's face.

"If he unties that string...he...he will go to hell when he dies...I don't...want that...he is a good guy...doesn't deserve this curse..." Ai stares at the ground and punchs the wall again.

"If he...founds out...I'm Hell Girl...everything be ruined..." Ai screams to the top of her lungs and falls to the ground bawling. People walk by her confussed.

"What is wrong with me...why do I feel such pain in my chest...why do I feel this way...I don't understand" Ai thinks. Ai stays on the ground for alittle then stands up. Her hair covers her face and then she looks up at the moon.

"I have to stop this...Have to make sure he doesn't pull that thread."

To be continued.