Britain POV

The meeting was finally coming to an end. Someone had let Poland of all people talk. He finishes up his speech on how fashion can change the world and something about pink.

When he finally finishes, I try to get out of there as soon as possible. I do not want to deal with these people anymore. Unfortunately, America catches up with me before long.

"Britain, can I ask you something?"

"You just have, but what is it?" I ask him while walking.

"What's up with your eyebrows dude? They're, like, huge!"

"There is nothing wrong with my eyebrows!"

"Come on dude." He gets in front of me and walks backwards so he's facing me. He points at my eyebrows. "They are huge dude! Why?"

I walk past him. "That's just how they are you twit!"

"It was just a question!" he yells after me. I ignore him.

Luckily, I'm not staying far from the meeting, so I can walk back to the hotel. I walk back, enjoying the fact that in a few minutes I'll be in a comfortable chair in my hotel room with my book and a cup of tea. Before long, I hear running and America's voice. I ignore him and continue walking. However, I freeze in fear when I notice a truck coming right for me.

America POV

"Britain! Move dude!" I sprint at him and push him out of the way, just to be hit myself. I'm airborne for a bit before forcefully meeting the ground and rolling onto my back.

I hear sirens and people's voices. I can hardly see anything. I see someone's outline above me.

"America? America!" I feel someone lift my head and shoulders up. That just makes me dizzy. The last thing I see before passing out is a pair of worried, tear-filled emerald eyes looking at me.


I hear a faint beeping to my right. It's the first thing I've heard in a while. I can't see anything, but I realize my eyes are still closed. I try to open them, but it takes me a few tried before they open.

My vision is all blurry. Someone had taken removed my glasses. From what I can make out, I figure I'm in a hospital. What happened? The only thing I remember after the meeting is a pair of emerald eyes looking at me.

The door opens and I look over to my left. I see the blurry outlines of two figures.

"You're awake!" one of them says, with a British accent, and comes over to me. "Are you all right? I was so worried about you." He leans over me so I can see him better. His eyes…they're the same.

"B-British d-dude?" My voice sounds weak from the lack of use, and dry.

"Yes. Are you Ok?" he asks again.

"I dunno. Wh-wha happened?"

He's silent for a moment, before carefully saying, "You saved my life. You took the hit yourself. I thought I would lose you again, but for good this time. I was terrified." His voice grows quiet as he ends.

Everything starts slowly coming back to me. A truck coming for England. Pushing him out of the way. The pain as the truck hits me and more as I connect with the ground.

"America?" He puts his hand on my shoulder, and I wince a bit. "I'm sorry. You were just staring off and wouldn't respond to anything for a minute. The nurse said this may happen before she left to get a doctor. Are you OK?"

"Yeah. I-I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

I nod. "Are you Ok?" I need to make sure the person I saved is all right. He chuckles a bit, but it sounds a bit forced.

"Don't worry about me. I'm fine, thanks to you."

I smile at him. "That's what heroes do."

"Oh, shut up." he says, smiling. He messes up my hair a bit, his hand staying on my head a bit longer than necessary.

Two people come in, a doctor and a nurse I assume, since I can only see their blurry outlines, and the usher England out of the room.