Wow. This will be my first story that is not about Bella! I am a huge Bella fan, but she's a bitch in Eclipse. She plays with Edward's feelings after she agrees to marry him! What. A. Cow. If you agree for the same reasons as me, tell me!


Nessie: Say it.

Me: Nope. *Pops the 'p'*

Nessie: I'll set my daddy on you.

Me: Good. Your dad's fuckin' gorgeous!

Nessie: Pweety pwese? *Pouts and bats eyes*

Me: Ugh, fine! I do not own Twilight! But, I do own Joan.

Renesmee POV

I woke up to the usual sound of the toaster popping and the defined smell of butter and cheese. It smelt good, but not as good as human or animal blood. The smell was strong, so I assumed mom or someone else was bringing it up. I hoped it was my mom. I hadn't seen her or daddy in two days while they went hunting.

I was kind of disappointed when Aunty Rose walked through the door with a tray balanced effortlessly on her right hand as she pushed the door open with the other. Her golden locks were wavy and they cascaded all the way down her back and her topaz eyes were glowing, meaning she'd just come back from hunting.

"Morning Nessie, darling," she cooed, coming in without my permission. I hated it when she did that. She acts like she's my mom and treats me like I'm a baby. It's annoying, to say the least.

"Morning Aunty Rose," I greeted back, purposely pissing her off. She hated it when I called her 'Aunty Rose' out loud. She probably wanted me wanted me to call her 'mom' or 'momma' or something to the description. Mom hates her when she does it as well, but she hides it better than I can.

Her teeth visibly locked together in annoyance and her hand tightened round the tray. I thought it was going to break, but she exhaled and smiled again then came over to sit on the end of my bed, just like mom does when she's here. It was my teeth that locked together this time.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked, placing the tray on my lap. I sat up and leant against the head board, pulling the tray closer.

I didn't do anything; I just simply nodded, wanting my privacy...and my mom. I know that sounds babyish, but I don't care. I love my mom and my dad and I'm not afraid to show it... Well, I love them when they actually tell me stuff.

I had over heard them and Jake yesterday. To say that I was shocked was like saying that mom didn't love dad. And even that was an understatement. Jacob was asking dad for my hand in marriage! I only saw him as a brother and nothing more. But, apparently, he's imprinted on me as well! I honestly thought I was going to faint.

I had been desperately trying to avoid Jacob ever since then, but he was being even more clingy than usual. He was always grinning and was always happy, I just hopped that my dad had said no. I mean, we weren't even going out. We had gone to Port Angeles a few times, but I didn't see it as a date! If he did, and he asked me to marry him, I would probably just die of shock or something.

"Don't even talk to me!" Came my mother's furious voice from downstairs. I knew she wasn't talking to dad, the biggest argument they've ever had was before I was born and that was over me.

"Bella, love, be reasonable," my dad pleaded. So they were having an argument. I was surprised and I got out of my cream coloured bed to walk onto the landing as quietly as possible and listen.

Mom was leaning against the wall with her arms folded tightly across her chest. Her face was angry – no, furious! She looked as if she were about to murder someone. Anyone! Her topaz eyes were wide and her lips were press firmly into a tight line. The sound of her teeth scraping together was almost scary, but I knew – well, I hoped – she wouldn't hurt dad.

Dad had both his hands on her upper arms, rubbing them soothingly. His eyes were soft, like they were sad but begging at the same time. He was trying to stare her down by pleaded with his golden orbs while mom glared with hers.

"'Be reasonable'?" she hissed through gritted teeth. Dad looked down sheepishly with a small lopsided smile on his face. "You told that...that mutt that he could marry our daughter, and you expect me to be reasonable?"

"She does have a point, dad," I smirked as they looked up with shock plastered all over their perfect stone faces. Dad was the first one to react.

"Nessie, what are you doing?" He asked, blinking as I hopped over the banisters.

"Daddy, I don't want to marry Jacob. He's only a brother to me," my voice was barely above a whisper. Both his and mom's faces turned from shock to relief in under a second, then back to shock.

"You what?" Jacob's voice spat. I turned around to see him shaking violently in the doorway, only in a pair of cut off jeans. I ran just as his whole body transformed into a growling russet wolf that was baring it's teeth at me, crouching and ready to lunge.

Uh-oh... Jacob is not happy. I can't tell you if she'll get hurt or not, you'll just have to wait for the next chapter!