Tipping the Balance

by Lee "Gandalf" Wadey


Darkness rising

Seven Years in the Future

The Being that transcended mortality stood staring at his ally, who merely stared back.

Kabuto was almost giddy with excitement as the sixth hour drew near. Plans that his lord and master had laid were finally baring fruit.

" It is time?" he asked the bored looking being who merely nodded before rasping.

" Yes. It is time to end Akatuski and this Madara." the masked man said as he hefted the massive Claymore from his back. The blade hissed free from its sheath, red smoke drifted from the cursed steel briefly forming a fox before it was lost in the breeze.

" Come Kabuto, the Fourth War has begun." The two Kage level Shinobi turned and walked from the cave entrance and into the sunlight.

Standing before the massive army they had gathered.

Faces many would recognize and come to fear in the war to come.

Itachi Uchiha the Konoha Nightmare

Fu Vessel of the Seven Tailed Great Horned Beetle

Zabuza Momochi Demon of the Mist,

Kushina Uzumaki The Crimson Fury and Uzukage

Konan The Paper Angel

Hinata Hyuga The Second Otokage

But the last one many would remember till the end of time as the Ice Empress of the Black Whirlpool.

Haku Uzumaki nee Momochi Commander in Chief of the Black Whirlpool Forces.

The army of 90,000 Shinobi and Zetsu clones, fell to their knees as their Lord appeared before them, all but Haku, who bowed, never taking her gaze from her husband who she knew was watching with a smile.

" Today we will march with the Allied forces against a enemy that has taken away our precious people! He has taken our fathers, mothers, sons.. Daughters!" The Masked man hesitated at the last one briefly and Kabuto looked down in silent sadness, missing the tiny child that was to be his apprentice. The sadness spread through the ranks and Kushina let a single tear fall to the ground. The Masked man let out a calming breath before continuing.

" He has taken our freedom and threatened everything our world stands for! I will not stand for this madman's attempt at surpassing Kami, I will not stand as he plots to take away our dreams and I will not allow him to ruin the future for the future Shinobi and heroes of the new age." the massive host was standing once more as their Leader spoke the reason they were going to war, it was something they all took arms for.

Even the usually lifeless eyes of the Clones burned with something that would make comrades proud and enemies quake in fear.

The Will of Fire.

Their beloved leader raised his massive sword to the heavens and the skies darkened as great storm clouds gathered and the army looked skywards.

Bishamonten, the god of war has woken and his blade hungers for death.

Naruto Uzumaki, vessel of the Kyuubi, Master of the Rinnegan, Lord of the Black Whirlpool and beloved husband to Haku and Father to Little Tsunade.

Brought the blade down and the skies exploded with a Gods War cry.

The army roared as one and Naruto felt the anger of a Demon boil in his heart.

It had begun.

A war to end wars.

Naruto turned his gaze past his army and knew Madara was looking in the storms direction and felt a smile pull at his cheeks.

By the end of this day.

One shall fall and another shall bring about the birth of a Empire.

" Come Nemesis."