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"Ungh, that one smarted."

Vegeta pulled himself up off the ground, holding his head. He couldn't remember anything, except for that Bulma was showing him some sort of new invention. He had happened to lean against something, which had turned it on. The next thing he knew, he was in a clearing in the middle of a forest.

Looking around, he found none of the surroundings familiar. It was a forest, just not one he'd ever seen before. Grumbling about Bulma and her accursed machines, he jumped into the air to try and get a better idea of where he was.

Doing so gave him no help. All he could see was a small town and a large mountain in the distance.

Well, someone in the town might be able to help he thought to himself. He then rocketed off, hoping he might have a bit of luck.


The entire town of Ponyville had gathered on the main street. Rainbow Dash had promised a brand new trick, and they were all looking forward to it

"What's this trick called again?" Twilight asked.

"The Triple Corkscrew Style Landing," Fluttershy replied. "She's been training so hard for it; I hope she's able to do it."

"Well, we're about to find out," Applejack noted.

They watched as Rainbow Dash flew down, gathering speed. As Rarity watched, she became aware of something off. "Um, is there supposed to be a poorly dressed creature standing in the way?"

"What?" the others asked simultaneously. Following Rarity's gaze, they saw that some sort of creature standing on two legs and wearing something that looked like armor.

"That's not part of the trick," Fluttershy noted.

"Dash, look out!" Pinkie Pie squealed.


Rainbow Dash flew in the corkscrew, gathering speed. As she approached the street, she knew it was going to work. Then, as she pulled up a little, she saw something standing in her way.

"Dash, look out!" she heard Pinkie scream.

It was far too late to stop; all she could do was hold her head in her hooves and whisper a quick "This is gonna hurt."


Vegeta was sent flying as the rainbow colored blur crashed into him. He first went though some kind of cart full of apple pies and then smashed through a house wall.

"Kakarot," he snarled as he pulled himself out of the rubble, dusting off his armor. "I swear by the name of Kami, if you were messing around on that flying nimbus again…"

"What in the tarnation is that thing?" he heard a voice asked.

Vegeta turned to the source with rage in his eyes. "How dare you address a Saiyan prince like WHAT IN THE BLAZES ARE YOU?"

He saw that the being who had mouthed off to him was a horse. An orange horse wearing a cowboy hat with an apple mark on its rear.

"Well, Ah'm Applejack, and you mister jus ruined mah apple cart!"

He ignored the creature as he held his head. Get a hold on yourself, Vegeta. A horse did not just talk to you. As he walked outside the wreckage of the cart and the house, he saw more of the horses. They were of varying colors, and all of them seemed to be whispering among themselves.

"What!" he shouted, aghast. "What is happening?"

A blue horse with wings and a rainbow mane walked up to him. "I'll tell you what happened! You just ruined one of my greatest tricks ever!" it shouted as it jabbed its hoof towards his chest.

Swatting the hoof away, Vegeta growled "How dare you creatures act like this towards me! I am Vegeta, the prince of Saiyans!"

"I don't care if you're Nightmare Moon herself, you'd better apologize!" The blue horse jabbed at him again, and Vegeta lost his temper, swinging his fist at the creature. To his annoyance, it dodged and came up.

"Oh, so you wanna fight huh? Come on, put em' up!" The horse stood up on its rear legs and got into a poor boxing stance. Vegeta chuckled a little as he floated up. The horse's gaze followed him, and he saw the creature's mouth drop open.

"Wha…That's against the laws of physics!" a purple horse yelled.

"If I were you, I would take cover," he sneered. Vegeta then released a series of ki blasts at the annoying horse. The horse dodged, and the blasts impacted harmlessly against the ground. The crowd panicked and ran off for cover. Vegeta ignored them. So long as no one interfered with his annihilation of this creature, they were unimportant.

Suddenly, an apple went flying at his head. He dodged it and looked for the source. He saw the orange horse with a bucket of apples, kicking them as hard as it could towards him. He easily dodged them and sent a ki blast flying towards the horse. It was able to dodge, but its apples weren't so lucky.

Looking around for the blue pegasus, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Could it be? Yes! A dragon! Now I can get off of this worthless realm!

He flew down to the dragon. It was small, coming up to maybe his thigh. Oh well. Maybe dragons were smaller around here. It was standing defensively in front of an off white horse with a horn.

"Shenron! Grant me my wish and get me off this miserable world!"


Spike stared blankly at the creature. First, it had chosen to approach him rather than shoot at him, and now it was demanding a wish from him and calling him Shamrock or something like that.

"Um, I'm not sure what you're talking about, buddy," he began. "But I'm not Shamrock or whatever you said. I'm Spike."

"WHAT!" the creature roared. Spike saw it was getting bad quickly, and he stepped forward, ready to use his fire. However, Rarity then strolled right up to the creature.

"My my my, your outfit is desperately in need of a makeover," Rarity said as she circled around the now-confused creature. "Those dreadful colors, they simply must change."

"What's wrong with my battle armor?"

"That color scheme, it looks hideous. I could easily fix it up so you can at least look presentable in public…"

The element of sharing did not seem to go over well with this creature. "You…dare…insult…my…armor!"

"Well…" Rarity began. But the creature did not allow her to finish.

Putting its hands together, it yelled "FINAL FLASH!" A beam of energy spiked towards Rarity, and Spike was only just able to shove her out of the way.

"Run!" Spike yelled as the creature jumped back into the air.


Vegeta looked about the town. Those worthless beasts first dared to attack him, and now they had the nerve to insult him? This was not going to stand.

His thoughts were interrupted as the blue horse from earlier flew up and faced him. "Come on!" it shouted. "No one can face Rainbow Dash in the sky!"

He smirked and crossed his arms. "Oh really? It doesn't occur to you in the faintest that you overestimate yourself?"

With a cry, the creature that called itself Rainbow Dash hurtled towards him. He merely flew a short distance to his left, and brought down his right elbow with every bit of force he could manage on the creature.


His attack sent Rainbow Dash plummeting to the ground. She managed to land in a house, breaking her fall a little bit. As she slowly pulled herself up, she could see a certain yellow and pink pegasus flying towards the creature.

'Fluttershy, no!" she screamed. Trying to take off, she managed to smash into a beam on the house, stunning her and leaving her helpless to watch as her friend approached the creature.


Vegeta smirked as he looked down at the landing that Rainbow Dash had taken. He was ready to commence destroying the town when he heard a small voice say "You!"

Turning over, he replied "Me?"

He saw a small yellow pegasus flying nearby. It had a look of rage in its eyes. "How dare you! You think you can just waltz in and hurt my friends?"

"Essentially, yes."

"You have three seconds to leave!"

"Oh really? Giving me a countdown like an out of line child?"


Vegeta rolled his eyes. "You are aware you can run?"


Vegeta merely stood his ground, arms crossed and his head arrogantly cocked. What kind of damage could this creature do?


On three, the pegasus launched itself towards him. It delivered a surprisingly powerful punch to his shoulder, actually pushing him back a few feet. His reaction was imminent, as he sent a series of punches towards her. She was able to dodge or block all of them, and she attempted a few counterattacks of her own. Nothing he hadn't done when he was eight.

Then, the pegasus caught one of Vegeta's punches. The two of them remained still for a second, then Vegeta brought up his other hand and shot a ki blast at her.

He had had little time to focus, so it was incredibly weak. Had he tried it against a rock, it probably wouldn't have even chipped it. However, this creature had such little defense that the shot sent her flying.


Fluttershy went in out of control spins through the sky before she finally landed in the street, rolling a few times until she came to a stop.

"Psst! Fluttershy!" she heard Twilight whisper. Turning her head, she saw her friends taking cover behind a house. She pulled herself up, wincing at the new bruises her landing had given her.

"Listen," Twilight frantically whispered as Fluttershy dragged herself behind cover. "We can't beat this guy like this. We need the elements of harmony. Pinkie?"

"Yep?" the pink pony cheerfully answered, the gravity of the situation as always evading her.

"You distract that thing. Then, Dash can fly to the castle, get the elements, and then we can beat him."

"Got it," Dash answered. Ignoring the pain in her head, she got ready to take off.

"Okay Pinkie, on three. One, two-"

"Aha! I have you pitiful beings now!" Looking up, they saw the creature floating above them.

"Now Pinkie!" Twilight yelled. Pinkie launched herself at the creature. It tried to punch her, but Pinkie somehow dodged it and blew a trumpet she had produced from somewhere right into that thing's ear.

"How does she do it?" Applejack asked as the rest of them ran away.

"I haven't the faintest clue," Twilight answered.


"Auuugghh!" Vegeta yelled as he clutched his ear. That thing had just blown a trumpet into his ear. This really would not stand. Faintly, he noticed the blue pegasus fly off, but he ignored it. Right now, he was focused only on that little pink abomination.

Vegeta hurled a ki blast at that pony that had dared blow a trumpet in his ear. However, it merely jumped aside, grinning ear to ear.

"Will you stop smiling!" he roared.

The horse put its hoof on its chin as if in deep thought, and then shook its head. "Nope."

Snarling, Vegeta hurled a massive volley of blasts at it. However, it merely bounced out of the way, still grinning. Then, it turned around, shook its rear at him, stuck out its tongue, and ran away.

"No you don't," he growled. A white aura surrounded his body and he flew as fast as he could after that pink nuisance.


Rainbow Dash was able to get to the castle fairly quickly. Knowing time was short, she chose to take an open window rather than the door.

"Got to get the elements," she mumbled as she flew for the room they were held. "Wait!" She stopped in her tracks, facehooving. "Only the princess can unlock it!"

She turned around and headed for Celestia's bedroom. Once she got there, she faced a new problem: there were two identical bedroom doors. She looked from door to door. Finally, Dash chose the one on the right.

"Princess!" she yelled as she slammed it open. "We need you to OH MY…"


"I, er, I was just-"


Rainbow Dash was more than happy to as she backed out. With a last piercing glare, Luna used her magic to shut the door.

Once it was shut, Dash put her head in her hooves as she tried to figure out what she'd just seen. She had no idea what Luna and that Royal Guard had been doing, but she had a feeling she didn't want to know. Yep, that was going in the disturbing memories box. Right next to that story Pinkie had told last Nightmare Moon, Cupcakes, and that time she and Applejack had accidentally kissed.

Shaking her head, Dash refocused on the task at hand. Her friends were counting on her, and there was no way she was going t let them down.

*DBZ Announcer Guy voice* Will Pinkie Pie be able to buy the time they so badly need? Will Rainbow Dash ever get over her traumatic experience? Find out in the next chapter of A Saiyan in Equestria!