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Rainbow Dash had been flying for what seemed like an eternity. She could have been back in under twenty minutes had she been unencumbered, but as it was, she had to haul the box that contained the Elements of Harmony.

Flying over Sweet Apple Acres, she could just start to see the outskirts of town. Finally, she thought. Now we can take that un-aerodynamic loser down a few notches!

Landing, Dash saw her friends running towards Town hall. As she followed them, she could see the creature floating about thirty feet in the air.

"-of my Gallick Gun!" she heard it roaring.

"Hey guys!" Rainbow Dash yelled, deciding to reveal her presence. "I've got the elements!"

"Just in time," Twilight said, levitating the box away from her as she floated something that looked like a bean towards Dash. "Here, eat this."

She shrugged and took it in her mouth, chewing a couple of times before swallowing. Her eyes widened as the energy she'd spent flying to and from Canterlot was immediately replaced. "Wow! I could use a bag of these for my training!"

"Not the time, Dash," Applejack cut in. "We need ta stay focused!"

Twilight quickly distributed the Elements to each respective pony. They then turned to face the Super Saiyan, who was chuckling.

"You pathetic whelps plan to beat me using jewelry? You must be far more desperate than I thought."

"I wouldn't speak so soon," Twilight said, taking a stance.

"Besides, you're one to criticize our look, Mr. Ancient-Clothing-That's-Torn-And-Dirty!" Rarity added.

There was a long pause as the Saiyan Prince and Element of Sharing glared at each other. Vegeta finally spoke up. "I'm going to have far more fun destroying this world than I should."

Vegeta put his hands together, and a purple aura began to form around him. On the ground, the ponies began to float, and a white light surrounded them.

"Gallick Gun," Vegeta began.

"Come on girls," Twilight urged. "Put everything you've got in it!"

"FIRE!" Vegeta roared.

He fired his purple beam of ki just as the Mane Six fired their rainbow beam of friendship. The two attacks raced towards each other. Then, they collided.

The two beams smashed together, each one trying as hard as possible to force down the other one. The very air became electrified with power, sending out random lightening bolts as bright as Celestia's sun.

"You creatures don't stand a chance!" Vegeta roared. "I put every ounce of my power into this attack!"


At this particular moment, Spike, Zecora, and the CMC were taking cover behind a rock. Spike carefully peered at the scene, then ducked back as a branch came flying past.

"What do you see, little one?" Zecora asked. "Does friendship beat Gallick Gun?"

Spike poked his head out again. "No, doesn't look like it. They actually seem pretty darn equal."

"Well that's just fine an' dandy," Applebloom remarked sarcastically, kicking the dirt. "Now we just have to see who can last longer and hope it's the Elements."

Sweetie belle looked around. "Um, guys, where's Derpy?"

The group looked around, but Derpy was nowhere near their piece of cover. Then, Spike looked up at the battle that was still raging. His eyes widened.

"DERPY!" he yelled. The grey pegasus was flying straight at the Super Saiyan.

"What?" she asked, turning around to face him while still flying.

"Get back here!" he yelled. "It's dangerous!"

"I'll be fine," she said. At that moment, she bumped right into the Super Saiyan.


Vegeta snarled his frustration at his current situation. His Gallick Gun was being held off by a rainbow. An accursed rainbow!

He shoved the thought from his mind. He needed every ounce of focus available to keep up his attack. So of course, the walleyed horse he'd seen earlier crashed into him.

It was not much of an impact. However, between the distraction of being crashed into and Vegeta's blatant rage at the constant abuse he suffered at these creatures' hands (hooves?), it knocked off his concentration.

Eyes widening, Vegeta saw that his beam was losing power. Hetried to put more into it, but the rainbow was already fast approaching.

"No," he growled. The rainbow was thirty feet away. "No no no." Twenty feet. "No No No No." Ten feet. "Nonononononononononono-"

He was cut off as the beam reached him, engulfing his body in its multi-hued light. Howling, he tried to get out, but it was as though he was frozen. Then, his body began to dissipate before his very eyes.

"AAAUUUUGGGHHHHH!" he roared as he slowly faded and disappeared.


The Elements looked up. Where the Super-Saiyan had been, there was now nothing but empty sky and Derpy, who was waving at them.

"Is it over?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Ah think so," Applejack replied.

"Do you think the poor thing was hurt?" Fluttershy quietly asked.

Twilight shook her head. "No. The Elements wouldn't hurt someone. It probably just sent him back to wherever he came from."

"I hope the creature isn't hurt; the clothes on the other hand, I hope those were burned to ashes," Rarity remarked.

"Well, that was fun," Pinkie commented. "Wonder if we could do it again."

They collectively shook their heads.


Vegeta awoke to find himself falling. Falling fast.

Holding his head, he landed on the ground, creating a fresh crater. Picking himself up, he dusted off his armor. Looking around, he grinned a little. "Well, at least I'm home. Couldn't destroy those worthless little equines, but at the least I didn't get stuck there."

Jumping into the air, he took the short flight home. Landing in the front yard, he noticed a few familiar pairs of shoes outside the door.

"What are they…" His question was answered as Vegeta opened the door and saw Kakarot, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Android 18, Yamcha, and that fat guy whose name he could never remember in front of his computer, watching something. The strangest thing was, all of them were smiling. Even the usually stoic Namekian and Red Ribbon Android had idiotic grins plastered on their faces.


Goku turned around. "Oh, hey Vegeta. Glad to see you."

"ANSWER MY QUESTION!" Vegeta replied.

"Well, Chi-Chi kicked us out of my place, and Bulma was more than happy to let us watch it here."

"Watch what here?" Vegeta growled, walking forward to see what was on the screen.

"Just take a look, you'll like it!"

"Hmf," Vegeta grunted. "It better not be that damned 'nyan cat' again. I had that tune in my head for a week."

"Nah," Goku said. "It's not that. It's My Little Pony: Friendship-"

Vegeta then saw the screen. On it were the creatures he had just fought. And the pink one…it was staring right at him.

Boom! "-is Magic," Goku finished, staring at the pile of dust that was formerly a monitor. Everyone present turned to Vegeta, who's hand was still outstretched. He then growled something and walked off.

"What's his problem?" Krillin asked.

Goku looked after him. "Not sure."

"I'm not entirely sure we'd want to know," Piccolo commented.

The End

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