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This is the beginning of my new story. It follows the happenings of my other story called "Making the video", but it's not essential to read it to understand this story; there is a short summary of it in this prologue.

This story's about how Santana and Brittany explore their boundaries sexually, how they want to find out more about themselves and each other, taking steps together in the search for knowledge. Knowledge about love, life and their relationship.

How will it affect their relationship? Will they go too far or will it not be enough? Will either of them cross the line? Will they get closer or more apart from each other than ever?

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Ain't no limit to what love allows

Ain't no limit to what love allows
You and me, let it be, be just fine
No limit to it any time

Ain't no limit to what love allows
You and me got to fly, set it free
No limit if you just know how
Ain't no limit to what love allows

Santana Lopez had always liked to think about herself as experienced.

Well, it was true, despite her relatively young age; she'd already had her fair share of partners for a lifetime. She'd never liked to be called a 'slut', but deep in her heart she'd always known that she kind of deserved it. She'd mostly used sex as a tool to keep her social status intact. Well, she had always used sex this way, until a particular person knocked on the door that led to her heart and made an exception.

An exception that caused her the greatest pleasure and the greatest pain she's ever experienced.

An exception called Brittany.

It was never her intention to open that door, but Brittany somehow found the key to it and opened it. And it's been like that ever since. It brought Santana a lot of new experiences, including sexual ones. She wondered how she could have ever considered herself experienced before, because her past sexual encounters were limited at best compared to her new ones. They brought her great pleasure, although she hated herself every time after they happened. She's slowly realized that she fell in love with Brittany and she could do nothing about it. She'd never have admitted it at that time, but sex was not just about physicality and orgasms anymore. It got to the point where she couldn't bear it anymore and confessed her love to Brittany. All hell broke loose, anger, blame, sadness and loneliness filled her broken heart. But as time has gone by, they have slowly found their way back to each other and love again. They decided to take their relationship to the next level and changed their status from 'being in love with each other' to 'girlfriends being in love with each other'. That one little word has made all the difference.

Since then, Santana has learned a lot about herself, her relationship and love in general. She has discovered new things about herself, surprising things even. She's gotten to know a side of herself that wanted nothing else than please Brittany in every possible way. Every possible way in bed, too. As they've gotten more and more comfortable with each other and content with their relationship, they've also started to go through a sexual journey, so to say. It has required endless trust to take these steps together, but they've always managed to get over their fears and issues with the help of each other. They've pushed their boundaries together in their lovemaking and their new experiences in bed have affected their love life immensely. They've become closer to each other than ever.

Brittany has always been an equal partner in their relationship, including their sexual one. Well, usually she's not just been equal, but she's been the dominant one even. It might have been surprising to other people, but that was their dynamic. They have tried new things in bed mostly to Brittany's proposition, but slowly Santana has managed to set herself and her imagination free.

Now, they could cross out several things on their fictive 'list'. They've watched porn together, then Brittany has slowly made Santana comfortable with exposing herself more, then in the end she suggested the idea of making their own video. They've done it and they've watched it together. Through the way, Santana has realized how much she wanted to be able to please Brittany in other ways also, so she decided to seek help for what she wasn't capable of doing naturally. She's bought a strap-on and she's used it on Brittany, giving her the biggest orgasm she's ever had. Then she's wanted to show Brittany how much she trusted her, so she told her to use the accessory on her, too.

It was a truly one of those experiences in her life that opened her eye and made her see herself differently. She exposed herself to Brittany to such extent she's never thought it would be possible for her. And what was really surprising to her is that she's truly loved every second of it. She's learned what it meant to be hurt in the best possible way.

And most importantly, she's realized that deep in her heart she craved more of it.

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