Eight Years Later

"Yanomami," I said slowly, watching as our youngest tried to mimic my mouth's movements.

"Yomamommy," he giggled, squirming on my lap as I tickled him.

"How much longer?" Esme sighed as she curled into my side as much as the small seat would allow.

"You have been so very patient. Only a few more hours until we land," I soothed as I ran my fingers through her dark hair.

Bella sighed as she rested her head on my other shoulder, her lap full of two sleeping toddlers.

We were going back to the jungle.

And I was nervous as hell.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" I whispered against her hair as the plane started to land.

"I'm ready Edward. I want our children to meet the rest of their family," she said and I took a deep breath and prayed that we were doing the right thing.


"Davi!" I yelled as we maneuvered through the busy airport.

He looked much the same as he had the first time I saw him years earlier, just a few more lines on his face.

"Edward! Bella! I am so happy to see you and your little ones," he said, smiling widely as he pulled me in for a hug.

"Introduce me," he ordered as we parted.

"Esme is our oldest, and then the twins, Embry and Elizabeth. And this little guy is our youngest…his name is David," I said and I watched as his eyes glazed over.

"You honor me so," he rasped as he accepted the gentle weight of our son into his arms.

"Without you, I would never have gotten my girl back," I whispered, clasping his hand tightly in mine.


"Everyone has their bug spray on, right?"

"Yes, dad. If you ask again I think I'm going to scream," Esme sighed dramatically as she walked through the thick foliage in front of me.

I was a worrier, can you blame me?

"The tribe has moved several times over the past eight years, but they made their way back to the site where you first stayed with them," Davi explained as he used a machete to clear the path for us.

We each had a child strapped to our back, while Esme helped to carry our overflowing pack.

We made quiet a picture traipsing through the Venezuelan jungle.

And then suddenly…the trees cleared and we were there.

Everyone came out of the shabono when they heard us approach and I searched the faces for my mother.

Eight years was a long time in the savagery of the jungle.

Anything could have happened to her.

Yamet and Yaose were among the first to greet us with exuberant hugs and smiles all around.

The kids were a little overwhelmed, but took it all in stride.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when my mother came rushing through the crowd of people.

She covered her mouth with her hands as she looked at our little family.

And then she wrapped me in her arms and wept.


"Do you remember this place?" I asked her quietly as we walked, hand in hand through the jungle.

"Of course I do. I was so nervous when you brought me out here. I wanted you to want me so badly. I had never felt that kind of desire before," Bella whispered as she stopped right where we had first made love.

"And then the next day you broke my heart," I joked as I looked down at her.

She was just as beautiful now as she had been all those years ago.

It was amusing to watch her jealous streak come out when Yanya had come over to greet us.

She had definitely grown up.

But my eyes were only for my girl.

We had changed into traditional clothes once we arrived and her bare breasts were a temptation I just couldn't resist.

"I'm so glad we came back here. Can we do this every few years?" she whispered as I peppered kisses over her nipples and down her belly.

"If it means I get to see you in your loincloth, we can do it whenever you want," I laughed quietly as I reached behind her and grabbed onto her bare ass cheeks.

"You don't look too bad yourself," she giggled as I slowly removed the scrap of fabric covering her.

"I love you…so much," she sighed as I slowly lowered her to the pile of furs.

"You have no idea how much I love you," I said vehemently as I spread her thighs and gently thrust my way inside her.

I was home…in more ways than one.

When we were lying spent and sweaty, staring up at the stars, she snuggled into my side and started to laugh.

"What's funny?" I asked, running my hand through her tangled curls.

"We're never going to be able to get the kids to wear clothes again!"

"If that is the worst of my problems…I'll take it. I'm just glad this culture didn't come as such a shock to them. It is very different from what they are used to at home," I said, sitting up and pulling her into my arms as I stood.

"Edward, I learned a long time ago that home is where your heart is. You can adapt to anything as long as you have someone there who will support and care for you. For me…that was you. And leaving here was the best thing I have ever done."

"Well…that and poisoning my first husband."

"Ha! Really funny, Bella."

The End.

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