Korra sat on a dark green bench, trying to overcome her irrational fear of public speaking. This nervousness was unlike anything she'd ever faced before. When Korra would be tested on her bending (water, earth, and more recently: fire) Korra felt exhilarated, confident, and powerful; yet here she was trembling before speaking in front of many in Republic City. Korra reckoned there would be more people than she had ever seen at one place. Korra tried to calm her thoughts, and when she took a deep breath, she hiccupped. Embarrassed, Korra's head turned quickly, in case someone heard her. Unfortunately, someone had.

The Chief of Police walked with perfect posture, and was trying to hide her smirk as she approached the Avatar. Lin eyed the Avatar, and the two were silent, until Korra hiccupped again. Lin's smirk faded as she saw how evidently distressed Korra appeared to be. Lin sighed, thinking how this wouldn't do.

"Something wrong?" Lin asked as firm as possible. Korra was about to respond before another hiccup escaped her throat.

"I, I've never spoken in front of a crowd before, let alone see so many people at once, how can I possibly go out there and speak to the world?" Korra demanded. Lin pursed her lips, now was an opportunity to-to what? She asked herself. Lin still couldn't explain her feelings for Korra, but she figured she might as well assist the Avatar- this once.

"Speaking in front of a crowd is nothing. Just find one spot in the distance and focus on that, it makes it a lot easier." Lin advised.

"Are you sure that's all it takes?" Korra asked, not satisfied. Korra looked up at the older woman and blushed as she admired her figure. Korra's eyes darted, she didn't want the Chief to notice.

Lin nodded abruptly. "I've had my fair share of speaking publicly. And besides, both Tenzin and I will be out there with you, you have nothing to worry about." Lin added, meticulously. Korra sighed a breath of relief as she stood up.

"Thank you Chief!" Korra said as she started walking to address the people she needed to protect. Although Korra was several feet ahead, she could hear the Chief mutter, "It won't happen again," putting a confident smile on Korra's face.

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