A New Breed

Authors: IWOMAN and ALLI

Spoilers: They should be in here, but we won't go
surfing to find them.

This is a crossover fic, I'm sure you can
guess, but we'll tell you on the next part.
*evil grin* ;)

Disclaimers: We own nothing... "Darien, stop pointing
that gun at Arnaud!" As we were saying, we own
nothing.. Just our own imagination.

Rating: PG-13 for violence

Special thanks to the readers... We hope you enjoy
this fic... :0)


Emerging from the shadows, Lynch watched his prey,
ready and hungry for the kill.
His target wasn't looking too good. Apparently the
doctor made a miscalculation on the formula, which had placed
their whole project in jeopardy. Lynch melted back
into the shadows, fighting back the urge to lunge at
the unsuspecting man.

"You will die, but not yet. Not yet."


The day was bright and sunny, but it didn't matter to
him anymore. He stared at the floor mourning what he
had lost.

"Man, I hate this," his voice echoed, filled with

"Okay sir, your haircut is all finished," the barber
announced obviously pleased with his handiwork. "That
will be ten dollars, please."

He remained starring at the floor deep in thought, "If
only she hadn't made that last remark about how unruly
my hair was..."

"Excuse me sir?"

"Nothing. Thanks."

He pulled out his wallet and paid the man continuing
to mumble to himself as he walked out onto
the street. His mind now focusing on the case at
hand. As he approached his van, he felt a sharp sting
in his back.

"Ow, what the...." his voice trailed off as he fell to
the ground. A face came into view. A man was smiling
at him.

"Ah, it's so easy to catch a 'Fawkes'," Arnaud said

Before he could protest, he faded into the


Two days later...

Bobby raced over to Fawkes' apartment. He tried
calling Fawkes for over an hour with no luck. `He's
always late for work, that's normal.' Bobby thought to
himself. But when he learned that Arnaud was back in
the area, he feared "Dr' Demento" may have made a

Standing outside Darien's apartment door, Bobby picked
up his cell phone and hit redial.

"Come on kid, pick up the phone. I leave you alone for
one freakin' weekend, and look what happens." The
phone continued to ring, yet there was no answer.

Bobby found Darien's car in the parking lot before he
came up. He couldn't help but think the worse about
his partner. "Okay, so what, he grabbed him at his
apartment?" Banging on the door. "Open up Fawkes,
it's Bobby."

There was no answer at the door. Beginning to worry,
Bobby pulled at the door handle but found it safely

`Okay, maybe he's just late. I still
have to check it out though.' Bobby reasoned with

Bobby used his key that Darien had given him for
emergencies; saying that he was a little tired of
fixing the door lock every time there was a crisis.

Bobby opened the apartment door and walked in.
Finding it in its usual state of disarray, except the
bed looked like it had not been slept in the night

Worried, Bobby looked over to the bathroom door,
finding it cracked, but the light not on; Bobby pushed
the door open and gasped. There was Darien in the
bathtub, fully clothed and unconscious.



"Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter.
No, you got peanut butter on my chocolate." :)