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A New Breed
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Chapter 14

Darien and Tom had circled each other thus putting Darien's back to
the door. All his energy was on Tom and as he leaped in the air to
grab Tom's throat he never noticed Hobbes coming up behind him until
it was too late. Hobbes brought the tranquillizer gun up and fired
the dart right into Darien's left shoulder.

Darien's momentum carried him forward and Tom was able to catch
Darien. Tom gently laid him on the ground. He gazed up at
Hobbes, "Thanks."

"No problem," Hobbes held up the weapon, "Tranquillizer gun, never
leave the agency without one." Hobbes knelt down next to
Darien, "Sorry, partner, but you looked like you were out of

"He was acting on Dominant instincts, just as I thought. He must
have felt threatened at one point. Did you find Ed?" Tom stood up
and looked around the room. During the skirmish, Lewis had bolted
out of the room as quickly as the last time Tom met up with him. He
looked down at Darien and wondered if he could control his instincts
could Darien be taught to do the same if Ed can't bring him back.

"Yeah, I found him, but he's in bad shape. It looks like he tried to
kill himself," Hobbes said with a worried look on his face.

"Lewis must have done something to him, where is he?"

"Down the hall and to the left, you can't miss him. I have him on a
gurney in the hallway," Hobbes motioned towards Darien, "Looks like
we need another one."

Tom rushed down the hall and found Ed curled up in a ball on the
gurney, he was mumbling to himself, "Ed, can you hear me?"

Ed continued to mumble. Tom looked at Ed with concern, and then said
apologetically, "I'm sorry, Ed, but I need to find out what
happened." He lifted up Ed half way and slapped him hard across the
face. He then held Ed by his shirt and shook him, "ED!! Look at me!!
What happened to you?"

Ed dizzily looked at Tom, "Tom!?!" Ed was confused, when did Tom
arrive? "Where's Sloan?" Ed looked around trying to get a clue as to
where he was, "We're not at the lab. Where are my monkeys?"

"Ed, I need you to focus...did Lewis inject you with the serum?" Tom
shook Ed some more.

"Inject?" Ed looked down at his bandaged wrist that was now turning
red. He turned his gaze back to Tom and a frightened look came
across his face. He remembered some of it, "Methylphenidate." Ed
started to lose his strength, "There's
vial...but you give Sloan." Ed nearly went limp in
Tom's arms.

Tom held him up and shook him, "Why...why Sloan? Ed, stay awake and
tell me!"

"She took a...diluted dose...don't know how...ingested it
someway...must save her...first," Ed passed out.

Tom looked at Ed, his skin was paler and breathing was raspy. Hobbes
came down the hall carrying Darien over his shoulder, "Couldn't find
another gurney." Hobbes looked at Ed, "He's getting worse."

"He was injected with a chemical, the antidote is somewhere in that

"Well, then lets find it. Did he say what it looked like?" Hobbes

"Blue vial."

"It figures," Hobbes snorted and handed Tom the tranquilizer
gun, "If Fawkes wakes up, hit him again." Hobbes turned and went
into the lab. He searched around a bit and found the blue vial lying
on the floor. He came back out and held it up to Tom, "Got it, now
let's get the twin peeks back to the Keep."

"I would suggest the military base again," Tom said looking down at

"He escaped before, he'll do it again. Besides, Fawkes is out cold."
Hobbes pointed down at Darien.

"His metabolism works quicker as a Dominant, the drug will be out of
his system sooner. For all we know, he could be awake now."

"Okay, call Claire and tell her we're heading back to the base
hospital. You sit in the back with Grumpy and Dopey and I'll drive.
Oh and keep the poison apple handy for Grumpy." Hobbes remarked.

Tom stared at him, not understanding why Hobbes chose to call Darien
and Ed those names. Hobbes noticed the confused look on Tom's
face, "What...don't tell me that you people don't watch Disney
films.`Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs''s a classic. You carry
Fawkes and I'll push "Doc". Hobbes snickered, "He's got two names.
Wish Fawkes was awake, he'd appreciate it. Dominants have no
freakin' sense of humor."

The Keep was quiet. Claire was studying Ed's notes on the first
human dominant, Kelly when her phone rang. Startled, Claire knocked
her papers on the floor as she whipped around to grab the
phone, "Yes."

"Dr. Keeply, it's Agent Daniels, we have Agent Fawkes and Dr.

"Oh, thank goodness.."

"Dr. Keeply, where is Sloan?"

"She's here. She was not feeling well, so she is lying down."

"Dr. Keeply, Sloan may have been poisoned."

"What? How? When?"

"Ed mentioned that she may have ingested a drug containing a form of
Methylphenidate. Ed was subjected to the same drug. We have the
antidote with us, we'll be at the hospital as soon as possible."

"Oh, good Lord. I'll check on her right now. We'll meet you there."

Claire ran over to Sloan who was laying down in Lab 2. She checked
her heart rate and her temperature, both normal, "Sloan, wake up."

"Yes, what is it. Did they find Darien and Ed?"

"Yes, we are to meet them at the hospital, but I need to check you
over first."

"Me? Why? I just had a little indigestion."

"Well, it may be more than that. Do you remember what you ate or
drank over the past 24 hours?"

"Why Claire, what's going on?"

"Well, you may have ingested something that contained a form of
Methylphenidate." The look on Claire's face showed concern.

"What!" Sloan sat up on the bed.

"Let me take a blood sample," Claire quickly took a sample while
Sloan was taking an inventory of her diet."

"Ah...let me think, ah…I had yogurt, but that container was
completely sealed. A cup of fruit, a couple cups of coffee, a

"Yes, we ate lunch together, but I'm showing no symptoms. Anything

"Well, I was brought a cup of tea by one of your assistants earlier."

"One of my assistants?" Claire asked as she placed the needle in one
of Sloan's veins.

"Ah...yes…I was in Lab 2 looking over Darien's chart when a
gentleman came by and dropped off a cup of tea..."

"A gentleman? Eberts?" Claire filled to vials and removed the
needle. She placed gauze on the injection site. Claire marked the
two vials and set them down.

"No, it wasn't Mr. Eberts. This gentleman wore a lab coat, but this
man said you ordered it for me." Sloan folded her arm to hold the
gauze in place.

"Me? I brew my own tea, I would never order tea, coffee yes, tea
no," Claire walked over to her desk and picked up her roster, "I
don't have anyone scheduled to help me since Darien and Ed were

Sloan shifted uneasily, "Oh my G..."

Claire grabbed Sloan, "Did you drink the tea?"

" didn't drink it."

Claire breathed a sigh of relief.

Sloan continued, "I was just about to take a sip when your snake
slithered by my foot. It startled me so that I dropped the cup and
spilled it all over the floor."

"Then why is your stomach upset?" Claire put her hands on her hips.

"I felt a little queasy after lunch. I think it was the mayonnaise."

Claire gave a small smile, "Mayonnaise, again."

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing. You cleaned up the tea from the floor?"

"Yes, of course."

"Let's check the wastebasket. I want to test it, and test you just
to make sure. I also want to inform The Official. We need tighter

Hobbes drove as fast as he could to the hospital while Tom sat in
the back with Ed and Darien. Tom had just gotten off the phone with
Claire when Darien started to wake up. Tom kept a watchful eye on
Darien as he stirred.

"Where am I?" Darien said in a groggy voice.

"You're in Agent Hobbes' van. We're taking you and Ed to the
hospital. Do you remember anything?" Tom asked.

Darien tried to move his hands but they were cuffed behind his
back, "Aw crap...what did I do?"

"You acted on Dominant predator instincts. You killed three
dominants including Lynch and went after Lewis." Tom said as he
watched for a response from Darien.

Darien stared at Tom, "How's Ed?" He paused remembering that he was
going to go after Ed, "You've got to help me, I was going to go back
and kill Tate after I was done with Lewis."

"Ed isn't doing well. We have the antidote for Sloan. Can Dr. Keeply
duplicate it in time to save Ed?" Tom questioned hoping that she was
just as smart as Ed.

"She's smart, I've seen her come up with some pretty amazing stuff.
What's happening to me, Tom?" Darien tried to sit up, but his head
hurt from the drug.

"I believe that the counteragent residue in your system acted with
the Dominant drug someway. It suppressed the more violent tendencies
of our species..."

"Our?" Darien interrupted Tom. He leaned his head back and stared up
at the van ceiling, "I can't believe this. Why did I go all nutso
back there?"

"You felt threaten somehow, it's normal for any species to attack
when threatened. You have abilities like no other Dominant." Tom
paused then continued, "I was once a Chameleon trained to blend in
with sapiens and assassinate my targets. I broke that mental
conditioning. All the things that I was taught I learned were lies."
Tom was genuinely interested in Darien. He was just as curious as
any scientist would be.

"What does that have to do with me?" Darien asked. Trying to control
the urge to read Tom's mind was hard.

"I can help you, Darien. I can help you control your Dominant
instincts until Ed can perfect the serum." Tom said.

Darien looked at Ed who was curled up in a ball and soft moans were
coming from him, "He's lost the battle with the drug." Darien looked
down, "I should have gotten him out sooner and given him the
antidote. But he told me he wanted it for Sloan, he sacrificed
himself for her, guess he figured that Sloan and Claire could come
up with another antidote for him."

"What does this drug do?" Hobbes asked from the front seat.

"Something about making him more compliant or some weird thing like
that. Some doctor in Alaska developed it just for Tate and was
supposed to use it on him but he escaped...does that ring a bell
with you?" Darien asked Tom.

"Yes, it does. Ed was kidnapped by Dr. Copeland, a dominant; he took
Ed to Alaska to help him come up with an antidote for the Spanish
Influenza that he was going to release on the human population. Ed
escaped, but came down with the flu instead and almost died."

"That dude has as much bad luck as I do. We are brothers more than
he knows." Darien looked in Hobbes direction, "Hey, Hobbes, we there

"Tom, you can take the cuffs off, its Fawkes."

Hobbes reached the military hospital after Claire and the others had
arrived. Tom opened up the back doors to the van and Darien came out
carrying Ed. They pushed their way through the double doors and
walked quickly down the corridor.

Tom and Hobbes pushed open the double doors to the lab and held them
open for Darien to rush through. Sloan and Claire turned their gaze
towards the doors when they suddenly burst open. Sloan gasped when
she saw Ed, "Oh my God, Ed!"

Claire, Sloan and Walter ran up to Darien. Ed's scrub shirt had
dried and fresh blood on it. Dried blood was streaked down the side
of his face where Hobbes had tried to clean him up. The bandage on
his left wrist was red in color as the self inflicted wound opened
up again during the struggle at Lewis' lab. Ed was limp in Darien's
arms, one arm hanging down and swaying back and forth as Darien
walk. His head leaning back in an awkward position.

Sloan grabbed Ed's head and held it up. She was shocked at how cold
he felt, "Ed, please don't die, you can fight this, I know you can."
Sloan whispered in his ear.

Claire hurriedly had Darien put Ed down on the gurney. The Official
glared at Hobbes, "Why isn't Darien restrained?"

"Don't worry boss, I won't bite, unless of course I'm threatened."
Darien looked down, he recognized the tone in his own voice, he
looked at Hobbes, "You better do as he says, I don't want to hurt
anymore people."

Hobbes escorted Darien back to the isolation room, "I'm sorry,

"Wait, Darien, what happened to Ed?" Claire was examining Ed's wrist.

"He tried to kill himself," Darien said.

"What?" Sloan looked up in surprise.

"Yeah, he thought that Lewis had injected him with the Dominant
serum. Ed decided that he would rather die than help Lewis.
Whoa...wait...what about you? Lewis said that you ingested the same
stuff he put in Tate."

"No, I didn't. I'm fine, I dropped the cup of tea with the drug in
it. Claire did a blood test and it's negative," Sloan looked down at

"Well, we have the antidote; let's give it to Tate now." Darien said.

"I can't, not until I get the bleeding to stop. The drug is not life
threatening, the bleeding is." Claire worked fast on the open wounds.

Darien went into the isolation room and sat down on the familiar
bed. Hobbes stayed with him. "Hobbes, I..."

"You'll be normal again," Hobbes said reassuringly.

Darien chuckled, "Normal...Hobbes, I don't even know what normal is
anymore. I can't explain to you how this all feels."

"I understand, my friend. That's how I felt when I was smart."
Hobbes smiled at Darien, "Now I guess you're the Superman."

"No, Hobbes, I'm the Invisible Dominant Man." Darien got up and
watched Claire and Sloan work on Ed. "It's going to be awhile you
know before Tate can come up with a serum. Looks like I'm going to
be this way for a long time," Darien tuned to Hobbes, "Can you
handle that?"

"Yeah, I've dealt with you QSM, this is kind of like the same thing,
except with out the red eyes. Bobby Hobbes can handle it."

"Hobbes, there's no counteragent for this. Tom said that he'll help
me control it. But..."

"Hey, there are a lot of people out there to help you and one in
here. You'll do it, you're stubborn enough." Hobbes said hitting
Darien on his shoulder. Darien smiled back.

Tom and Walter talked about what happened with Darien. "Do you think
you can help him, Tom?"

"I'll have too. Agent Fawkes will stay locked up for so long and
then the instincts for survival will take over." Tom looked over at
Darien and saw him talking with Hobbes.

"He could prove to be a valuable member of this team. He's a new
kind of Dominant, the only one actually with his special talents."
Walter looked in Darien's direction, "See what you can do to help."

Sloan walked over towards Tom and Walter, "Well, Claire got Ed
stabilized and she's going to give him the antidote. All we can do
is hope for the best."

"How do we know that that's the right antidote?" Walter asked.

"We don't, but Claire is going to run a few tests on it first. She
feels that the drug is not life threatening. It wasn't meant to kill
Ed. It's more like a brainwashing drug then anything else."

"Will Ed be back to normal once the drug is flushed from his
system?" Walter was concerned for Ed's mental health. He needed Ed
on his team.

"We won't know that until later," Sloan looked back at Ed. "We can't
lose him, not at this time," Sloan hugged Tom as tears fell down her

Darien watched and heard the whole exchange. He concentrated on Ed's
mind, "Come on bro, you can do this."

Claire finished her tests. She stuck the needle into the vial and
pulled back on the plunger. Claire tapped on the syringe to get the
air bubbles out. She swabbed off the injection tube on the IV line
and injected the contents of the syringe into the line. Claire
looked up at everyone staring at her, "Now all we can do is wait."
She looked down at Ed and rubbed his arm. Claire thought to
herself, 'Come on Ed, pull through...for me.'

Darien's eyes went wide, 'Whoa...I've got to learn to stop

Ed didn't wake up for a couple of days. He had been weak from the
blood loss and the pain he'd gone through. At first his eyelids
would flutter open and Sloan would get excited, but then Ed's eyes
would only shut again. Claire figured that he was trying to wake up
but it was taking strength that he didn't have yet. Finally, he
opened his eyes and they stayed open for longer than a few seconds.
He smiled when he saw Sloan, he tried to say her name but only a
raspy sound came out of his mouth. Sloan had leaned down and told
him not to try and talk. Ed promptly went back to sleep.

During this time, Darien was let out of his cage and Tom began to
work with him under the watchful eye of the Official and Walter.
Hobbes was asked to stick around with a dart gun, just in case. Tom
would have to get Darien into a threatened state in order to work
with him. At times it proved dangerous and the two dominants would
have some serious knock down drag outfights. Hobbes used his dart
gun when things would get a little out of hand, but only when Tom
gave him the signal or when Darien used the gland.

After a week had passed, Ed was able to get up unassisted, but he
was still weak. Walter decided that it was time to go back to LA
where Ed can recuperate at his own place. Claire agreed that it
would be best for Ed to be in his own bed and in familiar
surroundings. Walter also wanted Darien to go with them to continue
working with Tom. He liked the progress that Tom was making and was
privately considering not giving Darien the serum if Ed was
successful in perfecting it. He hoped that Darien would come to
terms with what he was and would chose to remain a dominant. Walter
knew that Darien would be a powerful ally in what he knew would be
an upcoming battle with the Dominants. Darien may even be used for
the push for co-existence. There were many possible ways to use
Darien and Walter was making a list of them all. There were two
things he had to worry about, Darien reading his mind and the limo
lady. She had been behind Tom's abduction and it took all of his
connections in Washington to get Tom released and the lab given back
to his control. There would be nothing he could do if she abducted
Darien. Tom's release was a one time deal and she had agreed to
leave Tom alone, but that deal didn't include another dominant.

The Official was not happy about his most valuable agent been taken
away, but Walter reassured him that the agency would be compensated
and if needed, Darien could always return to San Diego. Hobbes was
sent along to keep an eye on things and report Darien's progress to
the Official.

Sloan opened up the back of Ed's van for him to get so he could make
the trip back to LA lying down. Claire was there to help him in and
closed the door; she then sat in the passenger seat while Sloan sat
in the driver seat. Claire was going to LA to help them with the
serum while Ed was recuperating. Ed quickly went to sleep before
the two hour drive back to LA even began.

Darien, Tom, and Hobbes loaded into Golda. Tom felt better if he
stayed near Darien for the trip. Walter and Ray hopped in the
rental car.

Darien poked Bobby and nodded towards Ed's van, "Now that's a sweet

Bobby looked at the powder blue van, "What, are you blind my friend,
that's a girly van."

"What, and 'Golda' isn't?"

"Well, the name may be girly, but my she kicks ass."

"Yeah right. This girly van broke down in the middle of a chase,

"But that's only because the Fat Man was too cheap to have her


"Watch, as soon as we hit the highway..."

"...we'll break down."

Tom just looked at the men, 'Very strange.'

Darien replied to Tom's thoughts, "You think this is strange, wait
until he forgets to take his Lithium."

"Hey, no need to get personal there." Hobbes retorted.

"I'm just saying..."

The two men continued on their playful rant. Tom looked out the
window wishing he were in the car with Walter and Ray, 'This is
going to be a long trip'.


Stark sat behind his desk doing some paper work when someone knocked
on his door, "Come in."

Connor walked in with files in hand. Stark leaned forward and folded
his hands, "Tell me."

"Here is the information you asked for regarding a Dr. Edward Tate."
Connor handed Stark the file on Ed.

"Go on," Stark said.

"He's a medical researcher for the Department of Bioanthropology
Genetics Lab at Whitney University in Los Angeles. Here are his
achievements and his work dealing with the Dominants."

Stark opened the file and saw his picture, "I can see why Fawkes was
mistaken for Dr. Tate. Find him and bring him to me, he might just
serve my purposes. Oh and have a cryopod handy for our guest. He
might be staying for awhile."

The End.

…or is it????

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