Chapter One: Curiosity

It was only Aqua's second week at the Mental Health Treatment Center, and already she had decided that it was hell. She could see how the nurses alienated her, how they treated her like a disease, something to stay as far away from as possible. She hadn't really bothered associating with the other patients yet; she refused to even talk with Olette, the head nurse and a therapist. And she wouldn't even see Eraqus or Ansem.

I don't belong here. The blue-haired girl thought bitterly. It wasn't her fault that she and her older brother, Terra, had gotten kidnapped and only she made it out and back home. Alive. The doctors diagnosed her with severe PTSD-who could blame her? She had seen her own brother, among others, die—and her parents decided to send here to the Center. But no, they didn't understand what it was like there.

At that particular moment, she was walking back to her room after going to the shared bathroom. It was night, and although they weren't supposed to leave their rooms, patients didn't follow that rule. It wasn't that odd, she heard them regularly, but this time she was next to the door where they were coming from. She looked at the old oak door, and, not seeing Olette or Saïx, the security guard, she pushed the door open and looked in.

Standing with his back against the wall was a patient, one Aqua hadn't seen before. He had a crazy mane of raven hair and the oddest yellow eyes, like a cat's. His eyes were wide and glancing around frantically and panicky; he hadn't even noticed the girl yet.

She directed her gaze towards him worriedly. "Are you—"

"He's coming for me!" The boy shrieked. "Don't let him get me!" His eyes focused on a certain area of the room. A noticeably blank area. Olette mentioned a schizophrenic patient. Aqua thought. She didn't know much about schizophrenia, but she knew that it included seeing things not there.

Aqua moved into the room, towards the patient. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"XEHANORT'S COMING FOR ME!" He screeched, eyes still locked on that one empty spot where he obviously thought someone—or something—was. "DON'T LET HIMGETME!" Aqua stepped over to him, gently touching his arm. He jumped and turned to her. "Who are you?"

At least he wasn't screaming at what Aqua assumed the top of his lungs was. She rubbed his shoulder gently. "I'm Aqua. What's your name?"

The boy then pulled away from her touch. "Vanitas." He said. "Now get out."

Aqua was instantly shocked about his sudden shift in behavior. "Um, but—"

"But what?" Vanitas asked, pushing the blue-haired girl towards the door.

"Who's Xehanort?" The raven-haired boy froze, as if Aqua had slapped him, and finally pushed her one last time, and slammed the door.

Aqua stared at the door for a moment, and then started walking back to her room. Little did she realize that her curiosity would start something special between them.

Destiny: New short challenge/story. It's short and sweet and easy. And it's a prequel to a story I'll write eventually.
Aqua: Really? I'm important for once?
Destiny: Well, actually, this is just a side story. So I don't have to explain you and Vanitas's relationship.
Vanitas: Shut up.
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