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Nothing is More Common on Earth than to Deceive and be Deceived.

~Johann G. Seume

The man smiled, enjoying the feeling of cool, night air on his face. The sky seemed completely at peace, its stars winking back at him. The clouds delicately brushed past his cheek, ruffling his wavy, blonde hair. He wished he could stay up here forever. But he knew Zaci would get disappointed in him. He could handle a sad Zaci; a mad one, even. But a dissappointed Zaci was something you never wanted to cross paths with.


Shaking his head at the thought of the old man he came to love like a father, he titled his head down, focusing on the calm waves beaneath him.

Any minute now. . .

And- there it was.

Perched on a small island made of rock sat his home, the one place he loved even more than a starry night sky.

The house was not large, but it wasn't tiny, either.

It was mostly gray; not a nasty gray, though. A delightful gray that would remind a person of a small kitten, or perhaps a glistening moon stone.

The stones twinkled in the moonlight, bringing another smile to his face.

It was two stories high with a large, hidden basement underneath of the house. The wooden roof was a golden brown, and all of the colors of the plants surrounding the house made the magnificent gray seem even more magnificent, if possible.

Zaci never explained to him, or his two brothers, how he got this house, he just had it.

"A family heirloom," he recalled the older man saying with a twinkle in his clear, blue eyes.

He shook his head, bringing himself back to the present, and slowly tipped his large wings down, being mindful of the speed he was going at.

Zaci had always nagged him about the speed he flew. What's the point of having wings if you can't use them? He thought, a mischief grin forming on his face.

Decision made, he did a flip in the air, squeezing his body tight so he resembled an arrow, and started to rocket upward.

Only when he reached the top of the general area of the troposphere did he stop and begin to propel himself downward, his arms now gracefully spread to their respectful side.

He laughed, a deep, jolly laugh, that ended up getting caught into the wind. Tears pricked at the corner of his eyes, the onslaught of air beginning to perplex his vision.

Seeing the rocky ground below, he felt no fear like his older brother. That guy was such a stickler for the rules, always making sure he followed them.

As if, he thought dryly, feeling free and youthful as he titled his wings upward and leaned his body back, getting in his landing position.

Now, his younger brother, who he had accepted into their family only a couple months before, was a mix between the two of them.

He was brave and as curious as he was, but he still followed the rules. Well, some of them, he thought, smirking once more as he thought about his brother trying out his new wings, despite Zaci's strict instructions to not do so until they were fully developed.

Not that anyone could blame him; he remembered his own experience when he woke up to a new world, feeling lost and scared. Then Zaci had come, and introduced him to his extraordinary abilities. Sometimes, he asked where the old man had found him and if he had a family or anyone else.

The man had developed a sad frown, looked him in the eye and said that he was his family, along with a young man older than himself, and he accepted that. If he didn't have anyone to care about him, then he would stay with this kind stranger.

Seeing the ground coming closer, he curled himself into a ball and tumbled into the lush, green grass. Laughing softly, he rolled onto his back and enjoyed the feeling of the soft grass.

Its bristles swayed softly with the chilly breeze, brushing his dirty fingers.

He reluctantly got up to his feet, brushed off his blue jeans, straightened his large hoodie and ascended up the stairs and came face-to-face with a beautiful, white door.

Patting down his pockets, he sighed as he realized he had forgotten his key. Again.

"Hey, Zaci! Can you come open the door? I may have misplaced my key. Let me in?" He knocked on the door, suddenly feeling like something was wrong.

Looking through the dark window, his heart sped up a bit. The lights were usually on when he came back from his midnight-flight.

"Micheal? Dude, c'mon. Open the door," But despite his pleas, the door remained shut.

"Zaccheus. I swear, if this is a prank-" His words were cut off by a loud crashing noise.

Going into panic mode, he yanked the door open- finding it surprisingly unlocked- and barged into the living room, scanning the dark room.

A tall shadow suddenly stood up, and he immediately tackled it to the floor.

No one was going to hurt his family without getting through him, first.

Then the lights flicked on, and he found himself staring at his younger brother on the floor underneath him.

"Uhm," Zaccheus said, uncertain, "Happy Birthday, Isaac?"

"Oh, my gosh! Dude! You scared the crap out of me!" He stood up and helped Zaccheus stand as well, giving him a large bear hug once he got to his feet.

"Isaac, calm down. You're crushing the poor boy," Zaci commented, a large smile plastered onto his aged face. His short, curly hair had hints of gray at the top, but he was considered handsome for his age.

"Oh, uh, right. Sorry, Zach," he apologized, clearly embarrassed.

Checking to make sure he did not break or damage his brother, he looked around the room.

Streamers of various colors were strung around everywhere, giving the room a very festive mood. Balloons decorated the carpet, and he noticed the table where his brother was hiding under was tipped over.

That kid was such a clutz.

His older brother, Micheal, was casually leaning against the wall in his usual dress-shirt and jeans. Black wings peeked out from the slits in his shirt, gracefully stretched out slightly, but not to his full wing-span. His short, black hair was neatly swept to one side, not one hair out of place. The grim line on his face showed his displeasure for his younger brothers' immaturity, but the warm amusement in his dark eyes told another story.

He looked down at his younger brother's brown, curly hair that he had recently cut- the same length as Micheal's and also swept to one side but some rebelious curls sticking up. His white wings were growing gradually, but they were still a bit small. His youthful face was gazing wistfully at the large, chocolate cake in the kitchen area.

"Is there any cake?" Isaac asked smirking, his tone amused and carefree.

Micheal turned his dark eyes toward him, "You know, you could try and act your age. You are thirty now, Isaac,"

"Yeah, and you're, what, fifty?" he tossed back.

"I'm thirty-four, not fifty,"

"Could have fooled me. Do I see some gray in your hair?" He walked towards his older brother and playfully ruffled his hair, acting like he was searching for any gray strands.

Zaccheus suddenly stepped in between them with his gangly arms held out, "Did you know that Erwin Griswold was US Solicitor General for 6 years, from 1967 to 1973? During a Senate hearing in 1972, he estimated having argued approximately 100 cases, to-date, in his official capacity. Literature indicates he argued at least 11 more cases while in private practice. Griswold, who was Dean of Harvard University for many years, has been described as having argued more cases before the US Supreme Court than anyone else in the 20th century; however, none of-"

"Alright, fine! Let's have some cake before he makes my head explode," Isaac pushed past his brothers and ran into the kitchen.

He plopped into the kitchen chair, eagerly waiting like a young child for his family to come in so he could eat this delicious cake.

Micheal looked down to raise an eyebrow at his brother's adolescent behavior, but Zaccheus was already running into the kitchen.

He looked over at Zaci, and quietly asked, "So, when are you going to let him. . .-"

But the older man had held up a hand, effectively blocking his question.

"I'll tell him tomorrow. Just let him enjoy his birthday," He slung an arm around his eldest's shoulder and led him into the kitchen.

His work and his "son's" mission could wait until tomorrow.

Right now, he had a cake to enjoy.

I hope this was okay. I wanted to write like a background with some happiness in it before I get into the nasty stuff.

Name Definitions:

Isaac: Laughter.

Micheal: Man of God.

Zaci: God of fatherhood.

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