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I didn't have any fucking idea of how to do this. I was raking my brain for some awesome ideas. I wanted this to be different, for this to not be unlike anything else she'd ever experienced. But damn it all to hell if it wasn't so much more difficult than to jump off a cliff into some fucking scary ocean full of rocks. This was going to kill me if I didn't think of something soon.

There had to be anything that could be of good use for me. But I couldn't seem to find it in my head, there were no nice, not even remotely good, things, and it was pissing me off.

What the fuck? She was all the freaking time in my mind, swirling around in the most beautiful images I could conjure of her.

Of course, there were no unbeautiful images of her, ever. So there was no other way around.

So, why the hell couldn't I think of something as beautiful for her as she was? Why not? Why not? I was going to lose my mind, damn it.

I shook my head, I was getting more desperate by the minute.

She fucking deserved the best, and I couldn't come up with something that would be the best, for her? How was that possible, I had no idea. I knew her, I knew her enough at least. She wasn't my best friend, I hadn't told her how I felt about what we had, not directly. I mean, she had to suspect something, anything. Rosalie and Alice must have told her there was something odd about my behavior towards her. For me, it was so obvious.

But of course I couldn't be sure. But, weren't women supposed to have this like additional sense, like a sixth sense? Fuck, like I could know something like that. And I didn't like it.

I just started thinking, I got on the Internet. It would be about fucking time it worked, but it didn't. I was going to flip.

Fancy dinner? No fucking way.

Who was she? Any girl? Yeah, right. She was the most beautiful and brilliant and funny and perfect girl I had ever had the great pleasure of meeting. I was so not going to declare myself to Bella in such a corny way.

Record a CD? Who was I, some lame guy who couldn't come up with something better? It would seem, at this moment, I fucking was.

Do a banner with "I really like you! I want you to be my girlfriend..." imprinted and hang it somewhere, like school? Hell to the no. That was even worse than the last two hideous options.

Write her a letter? And now I was imagining myself with a stupid hat and some last-century-suit like one of those Shakespeare used.

And I had found another no for an answer. It wasn't so hard.

I was running out of fucking ideas, not that I had many to start with. So… I had to think better. I had to make a huge effort. She deserved it. I had to think back to all of our conversations, to all of those where she was with Rose and Alice. There had to be something.

But, why the hell did I seem to not be able to find it? This royally sucked. Maybe…

No, I did not like that idea.

Play for her on my piano? That wasn't so bad, she'd no idea I could play the piano. But I didn't like that so much. There wasn't that special spark I wanted. If at least I had a song written by myself something special and unique for her, it would be different.

I was really trying fucking hard to get some good ideas. I just wanted one tiny and brilliant idea. But nothing useful was coming to my mind.

And I just couldn't believe it. It wasn't as if Bella was the first girl I would ask out and to be my girlfriend. I mean, I was 21, after all. I've had girlfriends before. Tanya was my first one, when I was 13 years-old, the first and the worst one. Fuck, I cringe by just thinking of her. And then there was Jessica Stanley, when we were 15 and I've just moved to Forks. Another disaster I've found with her after Tanya back in Chicago. They were just so fucking alike, that I couldn't believe I had fallen in Jessica's claws after my last experience, but she was just so fucking easy, almost like we weren't in a real relationship, she fucked with me just as long as she could show me off at school. And then, when I was 17, and had gotten tired enough of that Jessica chick, I had gone out with Lauren Mallory. The worst one of all, even worse than Jane in Seattle. Looking back, all those girls were so fucking easy, a whore from head to toe. Jesus Christ! No wonder I hadn't even had to think about a special way to ask them out, they had thrown themselves at me for sex, that was all. Except for Tanya, she had been clingy after our first time, no leaving me alone time any second of the fucking day; if she'd had her way, she would've lived in my house under my parents' roof.

And Bella… well, Bella Swan was completely different.

She had barely seen my way since that glorious night we had been introduced to each other. She had completely ignored me during that night; laughing and fooling around with her friends and the new people she'd met that night, except me, of course. Every other guy in the place had earned a look at their direction without fucking trying, one of her pretty brilliant smiles, a few words or even a conversation. And me? Nothing, fuck.

And as the asshole I was, I had tried to get her attention the worst possible way. Drinking, smoking, making up with some other chick. And she had ignored me.

Yeah, I had to accept it, I'd done it all to get her to at least just look at me, but I didn't achieve my goal, not that time.

But I had listened to every word she uttered, like it was the solution to the end of the world. Yeah, it would've seemed to me like the end of the world when the time a girl fucking ignored me came. And even if I did try to talk to her, she would just plain ignore or only whisper back an "hmm's" or "huh's" to me.

I could clearly remember my frustration that night.

I almost pulled my hair out. I didn't know if I was fucking pissed off or frustrated at this girl for ignoring me or what.

"So, Eddie…" fucking Emmett.

"What the fuck, Emmie?" I growled at him, letting out my frustration on him. "I fucking hate when you call me Eddie, you know that."

Emmett raised his hands as if he were a criminal in front of a police. "Sorry, bro," he apologized genuinely. "What the hell is wrong with you tonight?" he briefly turned his head towards the new girl, as if knowing she was the reason for my grumpy attitude. Which I fucking hated, too. "You've been all pissy all night."

"Back the fuck off, Emmett," I warned him, I didn't want to hear about this.

"Geez, Edward, that girl really got to you," Emmett yelled above the music, but not loud enough for the girls to hear us.

I ran my fingers through my hair for the hundredth time that night.

Because Emmett was fucking right, and there was nothing I could about it. She better looked my way one way or other. But she wasn't going to.

And at that exact moment, no one better could have walked into my path. Oh, yeah, she'll do.

Irina fucking Ivanova appeared.

Exactly who I needed at that moment. She wouldn't care if I just wanted to fuck around for a while, and if at the end of the night, Bella wouldn't still look my way, I would just leave and fuck senseless this girl and myself until I vanish that fucking beautiful face of hers from my fucking mind. She wasn't that pretty… who was I kidding? There was a good fucking reason why I couldn't get her out of my head.

"Now," I said, while standing up, my eyes on Bella, only her. Like I gave a fuck about anyone else. I wanted her to see what I was up to. "There's someone I want to fuck," I said it straight. And walked off towards Irina, who was leering at me now. I left Bella – proudly – with her mouth hanging open after I left known my plans for the rest of the night. And they didn't include her. Not my fucking fault.

I walked over to where Irina was still eye fucking me, and I was kind of doing the same shit with my eyes, but I couldn't be sure. I had drunk a few beers, and I swear to God I was looking at Bella. So I shook my head a few times, I knew she wasn't there, waiting for me, like I would fucking love her to, to clear my mind and see clearly again.

But of course, I would've preferred to see Bella standing in front of me instead of what I found.

I only needed a few words to get Irina to do whatever the fuck I wanted. She had already started groping me, not caring at all the audience surrounding us. I didn't, either; there was only one person in my mind that I really hoped was looking in our direction.

So I chanced a glance back, and to my fucking pleasure, she was.

There was a spark in her eyes I hadn't seen before this moment, which I fucking loved. I smirked back at her, like telling her with my eyes what she was missing for being so fucking stubborn as to not give in to me. I knew she felt it too, the attraction. I mean, c'mon, there was no fucking way she didn't feel attracted to me, even if I wasn't her type… I was Edward fucking Cullen, after all, I was everyone's type. If she resisted me, was because most likely her little friends had told her about my reputation.

Yeah, well, she was about to witness why I had such a reputation. Which I didn't give a fuck. I was the way I was, no changing from me just because of a fucking girl. She wasn't interested, well then I wasn't, either.

I tugged on Irina's arm to lead over to our table, and then when I we got there, I sat back on the chair I was using before I left, and sitting Irina on my lap.

Before I said or she said anything, I kissed her.

And man did I kiss her. I imagined her cold passionate lips were her warm passionate lips, 'cause I was fucking sure she was more passionate than Irina. She was all sex, no more, which I wouldn't have cared at all if it weren't for Bella, who was witnessing my display. As all the others were. I could feel my brother's, Emmett, disapproval all the way.

That didn't stop me, though.

My hands flew to her hips, and then to the sides of her breasts. They were fucking huge, so plastic and fake, but they felt good. I imagined what it would feel like to touch Bella's. I bet they were completely hers, never touched by a scalpel to make them "better".

I imagined the body sitting in my lap, touching, and groping was hers. The cold and too-used hands touching my body in return were her little, warm and soft hands.

I felt myself fucking reacting to my too-good fantasy.

Irina moaned in my mouth when she felt the result of her touching, or so she thought. And then kissed me harder.

I was getting tired of this.

I knew she wasn't Bella, and my body seemed to know that, too. How? I had no fucking idea, since I had never touched Bella, so my body had no fucking reasons to miss her or to recognize what he didn't know.

Someone cleared their throats in the same moment when I felt Irina's hand descending down my chest to where I most needed a touch right fucking now.

I growled, and deepened the kiss, which was not a kiss anymore, was tongue fucking.

"Edward! Stop that shit, man," Emmett was the one who had cleared his fucking throat, I guessed. He fucking needed to find a better use for it. A shame he couldn't get past first base with Rosalie.

Irina broke the kiss, breathless and panting. Yeah, I wanted her panting for a whole fucking better reason.

"Disgusting," I heard someone whisper, and I turned to find out it'd been Bella.

She was glaring at me, and I just smirked harder. Your fucking loss.

Yeah, I hadn't been too good that night, and it had cost me quite a bit to get in her good graces after such a good first impression.

But I hadn't known in that moment, it was our loss.

It had been a freaking ridiculous battle to get her to have a first date with me. It had taken me to convince her like three fucking weeks. And she'd said I had been lucky. Yeah, I liked to say we both had been lucky, she was reluctant to agree. Fucking stubborn.

But I fucking loved her just the way she was. If not, why would I have gone through all the hell I went just to get her to say yes!

"C'mon, Bella!" my voice sounded fucking whiny. I did not do the begging thing, never. And here I was, begging Bella to fucking go out with me. Why was she so special? What did this girl fucking had that was driving me insane? One thing I knew for sure, she had rejected me, that was one fucking good reason. "It's just one night out. I won't eat you."

Bella had snorted. "You sure?"

She was so fucking confident about that. But she was right. I would devour her if I could, if she let me that was more accurate.

Fuck, I hated this situation. I had no freaking idea of how to do this properly. I didn't ask a girl out since forever. They were always the ones who come for me asking for a date, or whatever they thought they were.

And Bella fucking knew that.

"I'm sure," I told her, anyway. "C'mon," I was using that fucking word too much today. "Just let me take you to dinner. We'll have fun," I couldn't help wiggling my eyebrows, and she smacked my head.

"See?" she pointed out scornfully. "I knew I was right. Forget it, Cullen."

And she had walked out on me. Walked out! I was left gaping like a fucking fish. Karma was a bitch, I fucking knew that.

I shook my head when I remembered my first failed attempt at asking her out.

I had known right then and there she was fucking worth my time. I wasn't going to give up on her just because she had rejected me at my first attempt. I wasn't going to get tired, if I had to ask her out like a hundred fucking times, so I would. And I did ask her out like 15 times before she said yes. About fucking time. I had started to believe I was actually going to give up when she accepted. I had almost pulled her into my arms and kissed her the way I'd been wanting to since I first saw her. But I didn't, she would have fucking punched me in the face.

"Jesus, Bella, why won't you say yes and finish all of this?"

Bella raised an eyebrow. "What 'this'?"

She was fucking playing with me.

And if she wanted to play, so did I. I walked up to her, almost touching but not quite. Then, I leaned down and barely grazed her earlobe; I was rewarded with a shiver. "You know, we could be fucking in a better, more fun and more pleasurable way?"

She just shivered again, pushed away and turned around to leave. "Not yet, Cullen."

Not yet, not yet, that was all I thought I was going to hear from her at the time.

I was fucking trying to remember something that could help me. Something to do and finally ask Bella to be my girl. Not that it was necessary, every fucking male sheep in this school knew she was mine. I've made sure of that. She was fucking hot and sexy and so desirable.

And truth be told, she wanted just me.

"Get away from me, Mike," I heard her shouting weakly but with conviction.

I hurried over towards the sound of her voice. What the hell was happening? It fucking better not be Mike Newton she was talking to.

"Why?" he fucking was. "I know you want me, Bella. I've seen the way you look at me."

Bella snorted, and laughed mockingly. "Oh is that what you think?"

Mike didn't answer, at least not vocally.

"Well, you know what?" Bella's voice was seductive. What the fuck? "You're fucking wrong, asshole. Now let me go."

I sighed in relief. That was my girl, well not yet, but will be.

I walked faster to get to her voice, and then I turned a corner and saw her against a wall, being pushed by Mike and her body being touched by those filthy hands of fucking Mike.

She spotted me, and silently told me to go on.

"You bitch," he growled, pushing harder against her. She grimaced.

"Get off her, fucker," I snarled and gripped his shirt, pulling him away from Bella and throwing him against the wall behind us.

I went to him and pulled him up by his neck, he couldn't be breathing right now.

"Leave him, Edward," Bella's voice asked me from behind. And I was distracted for a moment. It was the first time she called me by my name and not Cullen. But I wouldn't let this asshole to go without first leaving pretty fucking clear to not bother Bella ever again.

"Now you listen to me, you fucking douche bag," I warned him through my teeth. He looked fucking scared, I bet he peed on his pants. "You ever think of touching Bella again, and I swear to fucking God I'll kill you, or at least I'll leave you to fucking walk in one leg."

Mike knew me pretty well, he knew I fucking didn't care about suing me threats or any of that bullshit.

So he nodded quickly, looking fucking scared.

"Good, now het the hell out of here," I kicked him away and turned to see Bella.

She was glaring at me. What the hell was wrong with that girl? "You didn't have to do that, Cullen."

And we were back to Cullen.

She had been pissed at me, but I could see behind her glare a grateful note. So I let it pass. Not caring at all about her words, I'd do it again if I had to.

This girl was like no one else I've ever encountered. And I fucking loved it. She was different, she was a sweet challenge, and I was oh so glad to take her. I raked my brain again to find the key in my memories. There had to be something, anything I could work with.

"Fuck, Edward," Emmett told me, after that incident. "Bella must be freaking pissed at you."

I nodded, but smiled, either way.

"You gotta know that's not the way to get her," he whispered, sitting on his couch in front of the big Plasma on his living room. "That girl won't be easy, you must know that already," he threw a pointed look at me.

"I fucking know that," I snorted. "Give me something of use, Emmett."

He rolled his eyes. "She's smoking hot, of course," it was my turn to roll my eyes. Like I didn't know that! I was no fucking blind. "Don't give me that look," Emmett growled. "I know she is, you know she is, her friends know she is, but she doesn't," I looked at him incredulously. That couldn't be true. "Yeah, believe me, that girl has no idea how pretty she is."

"You mean beautiful," I said before I could stop myself.

Emmett smirked. "Right. You can't get into Bella's heart by being… normal. Something you're not. So I guess you're on the right track."

And, no, she wasn't easy. But I had taken into good consideration Emmett's advice.

I hadn't tried flowers, post-its in her car, waiting for her outside of her classrooms, none of that corny shit. I hadn't insisted on going to dinner, due to the fact that was normal, like Emmett had pointed out. I'd learned she loved reading, she was majoring on English Literature, she liked comfy clothes, she never wore make-up – unless Alice played with her as Barbie Bella – and she didn't need it. She was from the small town named Forks, where I've lived. But her parents had divorced, and she'd lived with both for a few years before moving to Seattle. She was funny, and pretty damn smart, she was sweet and faithful, loyal. Her friends loved her and protected her. So I was in deep trouble by wanting her.

And all of that I had found about from her friends and mine, not from her. Which was such a fucking shame. But I convinced myself that what mattered was that I cared enough about her as to want to know her.

I felt her before I saw her. I had been trying for 10 days so far, and so far nothing. She gave no sign of being about to utter those words I so fucking wanted to hear from her.

She turned around a corner and walked straight towards me, but without realizing. She had her eyes hidden from view, her nose almost stuck to this book she was carrying in front of her face. She didn't even seem to be looking down at the ground she was stepping on.

So I didn't move. I waited for her to realize I was there, looking at her. I mean, my stare must have been forceful. I wanted her to see me, to feel I was there. But she didn't, and she walked straight against me. She crashed into me, my chest feeling the warmth of her body, her stuff falling onto the ground with a "thud".

"Oh, sorry," she mumbled, trying to get out of my grasp. She hadn't looked up to see who I was.

So I didn't let her. This was the closes I had been to her. And God, did I want to be even closer. Which would be fucking fabulous.

She struggled, "What the hell?"

I smiled, and finally she looked up, so I grinned at her. "Hello, there."

She gasped, and struggled even harder. "Let me go."

"I knew you wanted to be this close to me, and it was you who came to me, you know?" I smirked down at her. She was so tiny, and fit in so perfectly with me.

"Oh, shut up, you cocky dick," she demanded, glaring now. Fucking sexy. And she had no idea.

I raised an eyebrow, showing off my best cocky face. "Thanks. I'll pass on that compliment."

"Let me go, Cullen, NOW," oh there it was her feisty side. And I loved it.

I released her, remembering when she said the same to that asshole of Mike. I didn't want to be like him.

She sighed, and stepped away a few feet from me. Then looked down at her books and bag on the ground in front of me. Deciding whether or not she wanted them enough as to get closer to me again.

I saved her from her dilemma by leaning them and took them.

"You want these or not?"

She eyed them carefully, and stepped forward. "What do you think, you fool?"

I smiled. No, she wasn't easy, but she was the best that could've happened to me. And I wasn't letting her go without fighting.

"When are we going out?" I asked, not giving any signal of giving her back her stuff.

"Today's not your lucky day, Cullen," she said and then snatched back her stuff so fast I didn't even realize it until she was walking away from me. Again.

Of course, next she was the one who found me. And not in my best moment. I had just received a call from Mom and she wanted me for the weekend back in Chicago. Emmett had already agreed, so I had no fucking chance of refusing.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I whispered aloud. I was so fucking mad.

I was going to lose like three days of chances to ask Bella out. It'd been 2 weeks and still nothing. She hadn't said yes, she was sticking to her stubborn attitude, but so was I.

"You know," her sweet and sultry voice sounded from behind. "If you stopped swearing so much, I'd consider it."

I knew what she meant by considering it.

I turned around and saw her standing with her hands on her hips. Oh delightful.

"I'd stop," I said, raising an eyebrow to make it clear. "if you would with me."

"Oh, really?"

She fucking knew! She knew I didn't mean stopping the swearing, and she was challenging me.

"I'm freaking serious," I answered her, pouting a bit.

She laughed, and turned to leave. "We'll see on Monday," and then she was gone.

I'd been grateful for Mom's insistence. She had given a good piece of advice.

And I'd decided I was so going to use it. Better than Emmett's fucking words. But I was most definitely not going to give her flowers.

"So, what you're doing on the weekend?" she finally fucking asked me.

But I was going to trust Mom's instincts. "Going out," I said as if it was the most obvious thing, which it was. I hadn't stopped going out because she didn't go out with me.

"Pick me up at seven?"

Damn it. My Mom better be fucking right.

"Sorry," I said, leaving by that moment. "Have plans already."

I didn't turn to see her face, but I have a fucking idea of her expression.

I smiled, remembering she hadn't talked to me for days. But yes, mom'd been right. I sent her the book she'd been reading when we ran into each other, or rather she ran into me. Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare.

And I wrote every 5 pages or so like one or two words that completed a phrase at the end.

First part: I am…

Second part: freaking…

Third part: waiting for…

Fourth part: you…

Fifth part: always…

Sixth part: When…

Seventh part: you are…

Eighth part: ready…

Ninth part: I will…

Tenth part: be…

Eleventh part: ready for…

Twelfth part: only…

Thirteenth part: YOU!

I got a call from Emmett that same day, Rosalie had called him telling him Bella had been so thrilled after she read my message.

"You freaking made it, sucker," Emmett yelled at me through the phone. I wanted to fucking punch him for almost leaving me deaf.

"What you're talking about?"

"She read the book and the code," he whispered it as if it were a secret. "And she loved it. Rose just called me."

And of course, I had immediately called Mom thanking her. She hadn't exactly told me what to do, but told me to search and find what would make Bella fall for me.

"I told you, honey," Mom's sweet voice answered me. "Now go get her. She's a catch if she made this of you."

I laughed at that, 'cause she was right.

"Oh, and Edward?"

"Yeah?" I was wary now, that tone was a scary one.

"I want to meet her."

I hadn't thought I would ever do something so cheesy, but I'd do it for her over and over again. I didn't fucking care if I seem whipped. I didn't care if I had to take a girl home to meet the parents.

I didn't care, because she had liked it.

I waited a few days, because in a few it'd be like three weeks since the first time I saw her. And I wanted her to want to see me. That could work to my advantage. And by Thursday, I went out of my apartment. I felt as I didn't need to go looking for her, like I'd just run into her if I was out. And so it happened.

I had been walking down the street where I'd just gotten a coffee, and thrown away the cigar I'd been about to light up – she hated them – when I'd spotted her.

She'd seen me at the same time, and smirked.

God damn it! Couldn't she just give up? She was going to make me fight and struggle until she considered it enough. Well, I had been doing it for three weeks now, what were a few more minutes, or even hours? I never knew with her.

"Hey!" I mumbled.

She looked up at me, and smiled. "Hey."

I rolled my eyes, and she laughed.

"What?" she asked innocently.

"So, hum…" I didn't know how to do this now that it was easier. I wasn't used to easy with Bella. "You got what I sent you?"

As I didn't already know. Fuck, this was harder instead of easier.

Bella only nodded, her eyes dancing with amusement. She was fucking enjoying this.


"What?" she fucking used again that fake innocent tone.

I groaned in frustration. "What you think?"

She grinned. "I loved it."

About time she said it straight.

She then bit her lower lip, and I was distracted. "God, you have no fucking idea how much I want to kiss you."

Bella didn't say anything, she just licked her lips in response.

"Well…" I said when I finally raised my eyes to hers. "Morning Saturday?"

She frowned, she clearly didn't expect me to ask her out to have breakfast. But that was so not the fucking case. I didn't want to be her friend. But I was not doing normal, I was doing special.

"Wait, what?" she mumbled incredulously.

"Yeah," I said, and then pulled her into my chest. She gasped, but didn't fight with me. I smiled, thankful. I wrapped my arms around her, and leaned down so close to her face that I was almost kissing her, barely grazing her lips now parted, waiting, I could feel her warmth and her sweet breath entering my own parting lips. "But first this."

And I kissed her.

I groaned remembering the best fucking kiss I ever gave and received. I didn't know how I hadn't found her before. But I wasn't going to waste my time with anyone else anymore. It was just Bella now.

It all had been perfect ever since that same moment.

We had been going out for three months since then. Not officially, and Mom was getting desperate, she wanted me to take Bella to Chicago, but I hadn't even been to Forks with Bella's father, Charlie. And Bella would first kill me if we didn't meet her Dad first. So I had been stalling, waiting for the day when we would be official.

But it seemed like Bella was a little bit old-fashioned. I learned from Emmett who at the same time learned from Rosalie that Bella was waiting for me to ask her to be my girlfriend.

She wanted it to bad, she could barely keep her mouth shut and not ask me herself to be his boyfriend instead.

No need, of course.

I started walking, then. I was getting a headache for so much worthless thinking. Well, not much worthless, they were fucking awesome memories, but I hadn't gotten anything useful from them yet. I kept looking but I just didn't find anything. I knew there was something waiting to be found and used. Bella deserved any headache I got from thinking, just to come up with what she deserved.

Unique and special, or fucking awesome according to her standards.

I got to the Green Lane Park and saw all the people walking around, the children playing and running everywhere, heard the laughter and whispers and talks, the birds singing somewhere.

And then I saw it… and I had the most fucking awesome idea I could come up with.

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