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Here's the second part of this Two-shot... all BPOV! So, enjoy...



I'd been waiting for 15 minutes for Edward to finally decide to make his appearance. And I was getting tired. I was going to see him and freaking punch him for making me wait. If he decided to show up that is. I wouldn't put him past him to stand me up.

I shook my head, a little bit disgusted and disappointed at myself for having such thoughts of Edward.

He'd been nothing but nice and sweet and – yeah, a little bit of a curser – witty and amazing. Except for that first night when I met him.

I shuddered when I remembered the way he'd kissed that whore of Irina Ivanova. And the way he'd touched her. Of course, I also shivered remembering the way he'd looked at me the entire time.

He had been freaking playing with me. He knew I was attracted to him. And how could I hide it? He was freaking gorgeous.

I'd been so damn attracted to him since the very moment I'd seen his picture in Emmett's apartment, that day I'd gone with Rose to ask him if he were taking her to that party she wanted to attend to. Like she couldn't just call him, but she knew it'd be easier to just come face to face with him so he wouldn't be able to say no, like she was sure he wanted to.

So I'd sighed resigned.

As soon as I spotted that picture framed in a simple black frame, I knew I had a crush on the beautiful man beside Emmett.

He had been showing this big and playful smile on his face, his green emerald eyes shining with mischievous, the sun reflecting beautifully on his strange bronze-colored hair. He had been wearing a black shirt that snuggled to his chest perfectly, one of his arms had been wrapping Emmett in a playful hug while he ruffled Emmett's curly hair. I hadn't even bothered looking to Emmett's reaction.

"Who is that?" I asked, without raising my eyes from him. He was so beautiful it almost hurt to look at him, but I found myself incapable of stop staring.

"Who?" Rosalie asked, looking over my shoulder. "Oh, that's Edward. Emmett's brother."

"He's… hot."

Rose laughed. "Yeah, well, that's an understatement," she said chuckling. "But don't tell him that. You'll only make his ego grow even bigger. He's a man-whore, you could say. So don't come any close to him. He'll just want to fuck you."

I had kept that in mind pretty much the whole damn time that night. Disappointed when I'd seen Rose's words were completely true.

I had left that club that night pretty much down. I'd been forced to see Edward leaving with Irina clinging to him every step of the way out of the club with his parting line pretty damn clear: "If you'll excuse me, this girl here can't wait for me to fuck her ."

Later he'd told me that he'd dumped her out of the club as soon as they stepped out.

I checked the time in my cell phone and any probable missing calls, now he was 20 minutes late and no missing calls.

"You're in deep trouble, Cullen," I groaned under my breath.

I started tapping my foot, and seriously considered standing him up. I would have to just turn around and walk into my apartment, lock the freaking door and ignore him for the rest of the day and week if possible.

10 more minutes, I told myself, and then he'll see the fury. He'd seen nothing yet.

Saved by the bell, I thought sarcastically nine minutes later, when a beep from my cell phone pulled me out of my growing rage.

A text.

He sent a damn text. He was so dead.

Meet me at Green Park Lane.

Have a good reason, I swear. E.

I rolled my eyes. You better Edward Cullen.

I took my truck's keys out of my pocket and walked toward the truck waiting parked in front of my apartment. I hadn't really used it since I started going out with Edward, he always insisted on picking me out when we went out, and it was best that way; but to my utter surprise, he'd insisted on driving me around to my classes. I had refused profusely at first, but then he'd won me over with a very seductive and persuasive kiss, well a lot of them, actually.

While I made my way over to Green Lane, I remembered our first date.

And what a first date it had been! He'd blown me away. I hadn't known he was capable of being such a gentleman, and considerate.

I had been so, so disappointed when he told me he'd see me on Saturday Morning, never having imagined what he had in store for me, for us on our first date. And right then and there I'd known I was already besotted with him, and all of his facets, the arrogant ones, the cocky ones – which I loved, I had to admit -, the cheesy ones, even the corny ones, the sweet ones, the witty ones, all of them. He was better than I could've imagined.

And he'd changed, Rosalie and Emmett had assured me. Even Jasper and Alice, who were best friends of him.

"How can you be so sure?" I asked, not believing a word they said.

Emmett and Rosalie, and Jasper and Alice had ambushed me and took me to Alice's and Rose's apartment for an "intervention".

"C'mon, Bells," Emmett said. "He's my brother. I know him better than anyone. He hasn't gone out with any girls, he hadn't fucked anyone. He hasn't drunk, and he's barely smoking anymore."

I paid attention, but was not really listening.

"Great," I said unenthusiastically.

But, of course, being the stubborn I was, I had to make sure of that for myself. And I had to accept he did seem different. But I'd decided I was going to torture him a bit, and see for myself how badly he wanted to go out with me, or rather if he wanted as badly to date me as I wanted to date him. And he hadn't disappointed, so a few days later I found myself getting ready for the biggest surprise anyone had ever given me.

I was so freaking nervous I didn't even know what I was doing. I skipped breakfast since it seemed like that was what we were going to do this morning.

Damn him, after so much time insisting to take me out, and he wanted breakfast?

I dressed in a hurry, I spent like an hour last night deciding what to wear for this occasion. He didn't tell me where he'd take me. So I had no freaking idea of what would be best. I wanted to look pretty for him, sexy even, but it didn't help me the time of day. He was so going to pay for this. Not even a hint as to what we would be doing, or where. I figured it might be some random restaurant he liked to go to, or maybe a coffee shop. He didn't exactly say we were having breakfast, maybe just a coffee?

I groaned in frustration, and put on a red long sleeved blouse I had, and then put on a black sleeveless pullover, my favorite skinny jeans and my Converse. I decided not wear too much make-up, it was the morning after all. Just a hint of gloss on my lips, and a bit of mascara.

I took a glance on the mirror, and was satisfied with what I did.

I went downstairs and waited for Edward to come and get me. I got even more nervous waiting around for the time to come. Geez, I was almost pathetic. It was just a boy, oh but I was fooling myself, because Edward freaking Cullen was not just a boy. He was the boy.

I'd been driving for five minutes, when I'd gotten another text from Edward.

I pulled over, and checked it.

Meet you at Duck Island, E.

I rolled my eyes. Duck Island previously Swan Island.

He so wanted to make a big show of something. But, what? I had no idea.

I quickly typed a text back.

Fine, I'm on my way, B.

I kept driving, then, and let the good memory of that day, especially, flood my mind while I got to Green Park, where Edward was waiting for me. I was kind of feeling the same nerves I felt that day right now.

A knock on the door startled me, and I jumped to my feet. It was him, it had to be Edward. I looked down over myself one more time before I went and opened the door.

"Hey, you," he greeted me with a sweet smile. I was taken aback for a moment, I wasn't used to sweet Edward yet. But I hoped I was going to have time to get used to it. And then I really looked at him.

He was wearing some random green hoodie that made his eyes stand out, but they were obviously some designer clothing. Under his hoodie he had on a black shirt with some words I couldn't read, and jeans that clung to his long and lean legs. And finally, he wore sneakers, so I knew I chose well.

How could he look so freaking gorgeous when he was wearing such plain clothes?

"Hi," I smiled, and stepped out. I closed the door behind me.

Edward took my hand, and pulled me to him when we got to his shiny silver Volvo. I gasped and was silenced with his lips.

He chuckled and reluctantly broke the kiss. "We better leave, or we'll never get there."

I smiled. "Is that so bad?" I smirked.

Edward shook his head. "Not at all, but I really want to this for you."

And then we were off.

Freaking traffic, it hadn't been that late, had it?

I'd decided to call Edward to let him know it might take me a while to get to Green Park, and he hadn't answer. Instead, sent him another text.

Might be late, sorry. B.

Like immediately, he replied. It's okay. Will be waiting. E.

Meantime, my mind had started to flood with the memories. I'd felt that thrill in my stomach, butterflies flying around, while I remembered. I'd known right then that it hadn't been just attraction and jealousy what drew me to him.

"We're going to Forks?" I asked incredulously.

Edward turned to see me, incredulous, too. "You know Forks?"

I cleared my throat, "Oh, yeah… I was born there. But when I was like six my when my parents got divorced, my mom moved to Florida and I went with her. My Dad moved to Port Angeles, and I lived there the last 3 years before moving to Seattle," I explained, a little embarrassed, and I didn't know why.

"Oh, right," Edward mumbled.


"Yeah, we moved there when I was like 15 years old," he said. I could've met him before. "And then I went to Seattle when I got in College."

"Of course," I answered, looking straight ahead.

I was so stupid, why was I acting like this, all shy and self-conscious all of a sudden? He was going to freaking notice and start acting strange, too. I had to calm down and just be myself, as I'd been so far.

"Hey, wait," I said, suddenly realizing something.

Edward turned to look at me briefly before returning his gaze to the road.

"You said we're going to Forks, what are we doing there?"

"Well," Edward whispered. "We're not going to Forks, exactly."

I'd spotted the Park and groaned. I'd no idea why, but I'd been feeling more nervous and edgier as I'd driven closer to where Edward waited for me. It might have to be the expectation of what he'd been planning.


Why did he have to be so damn freaking… perfect?

But, I didn't wish him to be otherwise.

Edward stopped a while later, that had to be a much shorter time than what it'd take me if I'd been driving. I was a little bit shocked.

"Where are we?" I asked, and waited by his request, while he rounded the corner to open my door. He held out his hand for me to take it, and I did, stepping out of the car.

"We're not there yet," he said, pulling me into him, and kissed me. "C'mon, let's go!" he pulled along with him into the woods, I noticed he was carrying a basket with his free hand. His arm was now wrapped around me.

I looked up at him, and smiled. "Thanks, Edward."

He stopped, and said, "For what?"

"You didn't give up on me," I told him honestly. "And I didn't want you to give up on me. But I was so difficult. You could have anyone, why me?"

He grimaced. "I don't want anyone," and then he whispered lowly and huskily. "I only want you. You're ready, I'm ready, remember?"

I smiled, and stood on my tiptoes, so I could kiss him. He helped me by leaning down and pressing his lips on mine. And God was it magical to kiss him. I had never felt as I did when I kissed him, and this was barely the third time since our first yesterday. I didn't want to know how it'd be to be with him, to let him make love to me, fuck me if he wanted to… what was I saying, I did want to imagine.

I moaned, and Edward deepened – if it was possible – kiss even more, and groaned, pressing his chest against mine. His arms wrapped around my waist, his touching and memorizing my back, my hands were in his hair, pulling him to me and never wanting to let him go.

"Jesus, Bella," he said panting when he pulled away. "We better keep going, or I don't know what we'll do."

I was still gasping, so I only nodded.

I'd finally stopped in a free parking space, it was too freaking away from the place I was headed. At that moment I'd been who was pretty much later than Edward. But started walking, either way. What was I supposed to do?

I decided to just look around while getting quietly and slowly to where he was waiting. I mean, he wasn't leaving. I knew he wouldn't do that. I laughed out loud, he'd done so many stupid things for me the past 4 months, and I loving him more… wait, what?

I shook my head, and better returned to my memories.

Edward noticed I was getting tired and frustrated, and we had barely walked like one mile.

So his next words took me by surprise.

"What's your favorite color, Bella?"

I looked up at him, and smiled. "Green."

He smirked. "Oh, yeah? Since when?"

I blushed, obviously, but decided to be honest. "Since I met you."

Edward only smiled sweetly, instead of the smirk I had expected him to show me.

"Mine's brown," he said looking straight into my eyes, and making me blush harder. I knew why his favorite color was brown, too.

"So… English Literature?"

He continued, and I knew he was trying to make small talk while we got to the place he was taking me, which intrigued me.

I nodded. "Yeah, I've always loved reading and stuff," I turned to see him. "You?"

"Medicine School," he said, and to be honest, it shocked me a bit. "My Dad's a doctor, so…"

"Right," I said, and decided to ask something myself. "First kiss?"

He laughed out loud. "You really want to know that?"

"Why not?" I asked him back. "I'll tell you mine, too."

"Okay," he nodded. "I was 13, and it was with a girl named Tanya," he shuddered at the end a little, and I frowned.

Luckily he didn't see me. "15, his name was Seth."

"Mountain or beach?"

I scoffed. "Mountain."

"Me, too," he said. "Going out to party or staying at home reading a book?"

I sighed. Really? "You shouldn't have to ask that one."

Edward laughed. "I know. Staying at home reading a book, correct?"

"Correct, and you?"

He scoffed. "You should know that. Partying, though I do enjoy much more often than you think of a good book."

I nodded. "Blond or brunette?"

This was a tricky one, I knew, but I wanted to know so badly. Edward stopped abruptly, and turned to see me, his eyes glinting with amusement and something more hidden in those pools of green.

He pouted, "Guess?" he whispered so seductively, low and raspy that I had to close my eyes for a moment. Next thing I felt, were Edward's warm and soft lips grazing over mine so softly it was barely a kiss. "Brunettes," he said, kissing me deeply and leaving me breathless.

Damn, damn, and damn again. I was going to get a massive headache if I didn't get there quickly. And I was getting a bit – well, honestly, a lot – frustrated at Edward for making me do this. He could've called me time ago and saved all of my frustration and a bit of rage against him. But, no, he had to do things the hard way, as usual.

And then I was damning him again, because as much as things were difficult, he made me fall for him, and I was pretty darn glad he did.

We had been walking for like an hour, and I was starting to get impatient and freaking hungry. Edward had told me we were pretty close, so I was really, really trying to be patient and wait.

But oh was it worth the wait when we got there!

We stepped together, hand in hand, into this beautiful meadow. There were flowers everywhere, they took my breath away, I couldn't look away for a very good five minutes. Taking it all in. The colors, the textures, the sounds… they were mesmerizing, almost overwhelming, and to feel all of this with Edward by my side, I found myself unable to describe how incredible I felt.

"You like it?" Edward asked, grazing my earlobe with his lips; I shivered, because I hadn't even realized he was that close.

I nodded. "It's beautiful."

With my hand still in his, he tugged at it and started walking to the middle of the meadow. "Come," he said, and we were there, he placed a blanket on and then sat down placing me between his legs.

I sighed contentedly.

He took out a few contents, and I started open-mouthed.

I turned to look him in the eye. He had to be kidding me! How did he know, I had no freakish idea.

"What?" he asked, genuinely confused.

"Jelly butter and peanut butter?"

"I know you like it," he said so matter-of-factly he left again gaping.

Then, he took out some bread, and some strawberries, apple juice, a few plates and cups. And I was left astounded. To anyone else, it would've seem stupid, my reaction. But I didn't care. All of those things were favorite of mine for breakfast, and I hadn't told him anything, and he knew! I was starting to get skeptical, and thought about asking Alice or Rosalie if they'd told him what to bring. Or maybe I was being paranoid, and Edward had really been paying attention. I mean, I knew what his favorite breakfast was, he preferred a bowl of Cheerios than an omelette, he preferred orange juice than milk, he preferred a slice of melon than one of papaya. I knew all those things without him saying them to me, what wouldn't he know, either?

"This is really nice," I told him, snuggling against his chest when we were finished. "Thank you. Best first date ever."

I felt him smile then heard his chuckle. "Glad you think so. That was my main goal."

"Yeah, well," I whispered, turning around to see him, and kissed his neck. "You succeeded."

Okay, I had been on a rage since the very drop of sweat I felt when walking towards Duck Island. Why the heck did he have to choose such a far-away place?

Not even my memory of our first date calmed me down. And it had been a perfect one, he had blown me away with his details and desire to make it perfect and special, and he had done so well, I couldn't believe I was so lucky. I couldn't believe I'd found such a perfect man for me. Because he may not be perfect, but he was for me.

I had also been glad I'd seen his picture before and had a warning before meeting him. I would've fallen for him that same night and we could've had sex, a one-night stand and then he would've forgotten me and I would've been heartbroken. He had fought for me, he had felt more than just lust, and he'd proven me that he was worthy of a chance, so I finally gave in. I had to be honest, I wasn't going to last much if he kept going with all those details and the innuendo we threw at each other every time we met.

I smiled broadly, he was the best thing that had happened to me ever, and I wasn't letting him go.

My bad mood forgotten for a moment.

Until I felt the hot again, and the sweat dropping down my face, neck… I tried to wipe it away, but wasn't very successful. And then I was mad again.

I needed to exercise a little bit, so I decided to take a run to the park. And darn, there he was. Why did he always appear out of thin air everywhere I was?

"Are you freaking stalking me, Cullen?"

"You wish, Swan," he fired back, his eyes raking all over my body. And I damned Alice for buying me this outfit, but then thanked her silently. I wasn't telling her that, of course.

"What are you looking at?"

He smirked. "What?"

I didn't believe for a second his innocent tone, and he was staring at my cleavage.

"Don't play fool, isn't it enough to do it on a daily basis?"

"Ow," he mocked being hurt. "You like it, so you don't play fool."

"Huh," I snorted. "Again, you wish."

"I wish we've been working out together, that's fucking different," Edward whispered all huskily, his eyes once again running all over my body. "It'll be so much more worth it, and we'd enjoy it. I mean, that body doesn't need exercise, but good fucking sex. I can provide that."

He talked too much sometimes, and I wish, I really wish I could say yes. Every single freaking time.

"In your dreams, Cullen," I responded, not letting myself show how he affected me.

"Every night," he said using that tone of his, a crooked and freaking sexy smile on his gorgeous face. "So much that my bed is too lonely and my hand too tired."

I gasped, and then trotted away. I felt wetter at that moment than before finding Edward.

Darn him and his piercing green eyes.

I had finally made it to Duck Island, but saw nothing.

I sighed exasperated, and fished my cell out of my pocket, dialing Edward's number, but he beat me to it.

Look ahead, E.

My head snapped up, and I saw this little boat getting closer to where I was, and I gasped. Because Edward was coming my way, in that boat, and it was blue and there tons of letters painted all over it. I couldn't see what they said across this distance, and then as I looked up at Edward, I gasped once again.

I took my hand to my mouth, trying to hide the shock expression on my face, and then the big grin that I couldn't help but feeling.

I took off my sunglasses, and though they left me blinded for a few seconds, and felt my eyes starting to well up, I didn't take my eyes off the amazing man who was coming my way. I couldn't believe my eyes, but it was there.

Finally, when the boat was close enough for me to see what the letters on the boat read, Edward pulled some strings and then a big kind of blue blanket flew away and into the water, but I was distracted by the most awesome sight my eyes could ever hold, leaving me breathless once again.

Because all of a sudden, dozens and dozens of balloons went flying away, but before they could get too far, I saw Edward holding his arm out up, and like this thing straps, it was like the image of a guy selling balloons in a park, except that Edward looked like someone who belong to the movies.

I was speechless, and my heart was on override.

He really looked like he belonged to a movie, not the real world, not to me. He was grinning hugely, his eyes glinting, his hair reflecting beautifully the sun on his bronzed hair, he looked almost like an angel.

The boat parked on the dock, and Edward climbed off, walking directly towards me. And by the time he reached me I was gaping.

"What…" I spluttered, because I couldn't find the words. "What are… when… how did you… what… what is this, Edward?"

God, finally a coherent sentence.

And then I noticed his t-shirt. And my eyes almost rolled out of my sockets.


I stared at the letters embedded in his green t-shirt like I couldn't really read the words there, like I couldn't understand what they said. I was a bit confused, and it showed in my face.

He only grinned wider, and pointed up to the balloons he was holding down.

I looked up, and then gasped out of surprise.

They were like… 10 dozens of balloons of different sizes, colors, shapes and they all had some phrases imprinted on them.

I like you! You're hot! I'm into you! You're beautiful! You're my world! I want you! I need you! I'm yours! I love you! You're perfect! I'm made for you! I cherish you! You're awesome! Let's stay together! Let's love! I adore you! You make me crazy! I'll always be with you! We fit in!

I couldn't take my eyes off of the all balloons… and then…

I looked down, my eyes huge.

"What you say?" he asked me simply, his eyes so green they took my breath away, his face so expectant I couldn't let it down, his smile so perfect I smiled back.

Be my girlfriend?

There were two balloons at the front, and I stepped forward and kissed Edward.

He kissed me back in earnest, and I moan and tugged at his hair. This the most awesome, spectacular, and all I could think of anyone had ever done for me. I felt like the luckiest girl alive.

I reached out, slowly opening my eyes. I could see the two balloons I was looking for, and kept kissing Edward with all the passion and desire and… love, I had for him.

I finally reached the cord I wanted, and pulled the balloon down.

And then I broke away from Edward, he looked at me confused, and I tried very hard to look serious; he hadn't noticed the cord in my hand.

"Please, say something, Bella," his voice shook just a bit.

"About what?"

He frowned, but pulled another cord, and it was the prettiest balloon I'd seen before.

But when he reached it, and pulled it down so I could read the words, I gasped. It was a perfect copy of the meadow he'd taken me three months ago, and the words "Be my girlfriend?" could be read.

I pretended to think about it, and then pulled down my own balloon.

Edward noticed, and looked up, before releasing all of the balloons, and went flying all the way to the sky. He pulled me to him, kissing me deeply and hungrily.

And when he released me, I mumbled, "Yes, yes, yes," throwing myself at his waiting arms once again.

He kissed me, then…

When he pulled away to catch his breath, he looked deep into my eyes, a strong emotion making them more overwhelming than what they already were.

"I love you, Bella," he said so softly and gently, I almost cried.

Jesus! We had barely been going out for three months, and was telling me he loved me already!

I knew now that in this pretty same instant, I was the luckiest girl ever to have the pleasure of finding love this way. I knew without a doubt what my answer should be. I felt it in my bones, making me shake with the feeling inside me.

"I fucking love you, too," I whispered fiercely and he laughed.

I shut him up by pressing forcefully my lips to his, and responded just as forcefully. Kissing me like he'd never kissed me before. I felt like fainting at any moment.

"You swore?" he asked incredulously when we pulled away, but were still pressing into each other.

I winked. "Well, I just said, what the fuck?"

He smirked.

Yeah, and I thought again. What the fuck? He loved me, I loved him. Who cared if he cursed or not, he loved it when I cursed, too. So…

What the fuck?