It was regular Monday Night Raw.

John L. was being the biggest pile of crap ever

John Cena was still not turning heel even though the WWE universe didn't really like him anymore

Dolph and Jack lost another match and still kept Vicky around even though she was just dragging them down into the ground

And Zack Ryder won another match for his Broski's. Another step on his way to being the next face of the WWE

And while all that stuff was really interesting. The real story of the night was with R-Truth and his imaginary friend "Little Jimmy"

R-Truth was in the locker room, talking to Jimmy.

"Haha Jimmy you a funny kid," Truth said

Now it so happens Santino was in the locker room with Truth and asked the crazy man a very good question

"Thuth," he began "I was wondering. If Little Jimmy is always coming with you on Raw. Then dosen't he miss his family?"

It was at this moment that R-Truths crazy mind just went ever more crazy. He started halucinating, and seeing to imaginary parents for Little Jimmy

"Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy?" he said shocked

"What? No. Little Jimmy's fine see. What do you mean you want to take him back home. Jimmy's having so much fun. I'm not a bad example for Jimmy. No! Please! Not yet!"

R-Truth picked up the imaginary Little Jimmy and proceeded to run away from his imaginary parents

"That was a tough match," Zack Ryder said getting a lime beer "Woo Woo Woo I kno..."


R-Truth crashed into Ryder

"Jimmy, you okay?" Truth said "You okay? Great, don't Jimmy I won't let you get got,"

With that Truth ran out to where the ring was. He helped Jimmy into ring

"Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy" he said "Now I know you want your kid back, but Little Jimmy's my friend and..."

Just then John L. came out with David Otunga and said

"Truth, it's apprent that you've finally lost your mind. As the Gm of Raw and Smackdown I have no choice but to..."

"Excuse us sir," a man and woman said walking past John and David

"Who are you to?" John asked

"We are Jimmy's parents, and we've come to get are son," Mr. Jimmy said

John and David were shocked, and passed out. Just then a little boy with a big blue hat and black hair appread in the ring

"Sorry Truth." Little Jimmy said "But I really got go home now,"

"I'll miss ya little Jimmy," Truth said

With that Jimmy went with his family

The WWE universe was very confussed at what just hapened.

See WWE universe, you all thought I was crazy, but I believed in Little Jimmy. And if you believe in something strong enough, one day. It may come true. And that's the truth!

"Whoa," Truth said while alseep on a couch in the locker room

"Little Jimmy I just had the craziest dream,"

The imaginary Little Jimmy said nothing

The End