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Chapter 1


The wind blew softly through the leaves of the trees. Though it was late at night, Rin was very much awake. Grasping the blankets of her futon she tried in vain to dispel thoughts of him off her mind.

Why do I keep thinking of him? He surely isn't thinking of me…

But then a crazy thought entered her eighteen year old still oh-so-naïve mind.

He could be…Who am I to know?

She still remembered with adoration the last time she saw him.


-Lord Sesshomaru? Is everything alright? Why are we in Kaede's village?

Eight year old Rin asked her hero with her big innocent brown eyes.

-Rin…It is for the best that you stay here. You need to be with your own kind now.

Her eyes darted to Jaken who was leaning against Ah-Un with a somber expression. He looked like disapproving Lord Sesshomaru's decision which was really strange. He seems to agree on everything our lord decided. She looked into amber colored eyes once again.

Realization hit her. Was this the last time she could ever look at those eyes? Was Lord Sesshomaru leaving her life for good? Her eyes watered and she bit her bottom lip. Unable to stand his intense gaze any longer she looked at the ground. She struggled to speak without bursting in tears mid-sentence.

-Are you leaving Rin, my lord?

She moved her foot in the dirt left to right in discomfort when he didn't reply. With a deep breath she raised her watered eyes to his.

-Will you visit Rin at least?

He slowly blinked which only made her more nervous. He then kneeled in front of her and touched her cheek gently making her look more deeply into his eyes.

His eyes…

Though Lord Sesshomaru was the most beautiful and eerie creature she has ever seen his eyes were her favorite. His face was stoic as usual but she could read those eyes like a book and know what he was feeling. His hand was gentle and warm in her cheek yet she resisted the urge to lean into it and seek more of that warmth.

He then removed his hand from her face and she silently whined at the loss.

-I will be nearby, Rin.

Wiping her tears with the sleeves of her kimono she looked at him surprised. She noticed he was taking a package off his long sleeve and handed it to her.

She took it and stared at it.

A present?

Her eyes watered again but this time with happiness. She gave a beautiful smile to her lord.

-Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru!

He only nodded with his stoic expression but she knew he was pleased.

He turned around to leave and took off in the air with Jaken clinging to his soft fur. Ah-Un followed some minutes later. Holding her present tightly to her chest she smiled, quickly returning to her usual self and headed towards Kaede's hut, her new home.

The old woman was preparing tea and when Rin arrived she eyed the child and the package in her arms and smiled knowingly. She offered her a seat beside her and Rin unwrapped her present. Rin gasped delighted and Kaede asked:

-What did Lord Sesshomaru give you?

She stared at the pink fabric in awe.

-A new kimono.

She closed her eyes and smiled.

He will be nearby.

*End Flashback*

Rin sighed. He said he would be nearby but he never came to visit. She missed him dearly. She missed the adventures Lord Sesshomaru, herself, Jaken and Ah-Un shared. Jaken came to her every birthday with a present from her lord. While she was grateful that he even remembered her birthday being the busy man he was she still felt bitter.

The only thing she wanted was to see him! She didn't want fancy kimonos or expensive accessories. She tugged her blanket tighter to her form when a colder breeze blew through her window. She got up and approached it with the intent to close it. When she was about to do it she could swear she saw a glimpse of silver hair near a tree. Her heart skipped a beat.

Could it be?

She didn't have to think twice and before she realized she was outside of Kaede's hut shivering from the cold breeze. She searched the trees with her eyes in hopes she could find him but he wasn't there. She hugged herself.

Great, Rin. Now you're imagining things…

A clawed hand touched her shoulder and she couldn't help it. She screamed, startled. The clawed hand covered her mouth.

-What the hell, Rin? Do ya wanna wake up the whole village?

Inuyasha whispered, slightly irritated. Rin just laughed nervously.

-What are ya doing up this late, girl?

She searched her mind for a good answer knowing Inuyasha wouldn't be happy if she told him she couldn't sleep because of his brother. So she said the lamest excuse that came out.

-I…was just taking a walk.

He tucked his hand in his sleeves and raised an eyebrow, eyeing her suspiciously.

She tried to change the subject rubbing her arms. Inuyasha sighed.

-Come on, kid. Ya shouldn't be out in this weather for long, ya could get a cold.

She nodded relieved that he let it go that easily. She just hoped she could fall asleep this time. She stopped at her door and turned around.

-I'm sorry, Inuyasha-kun.

She muttered. He just looked away.


She giggled and entered the hut, heading with heavy steps towards her futon. She finally felt really tired and all she wanted to do was sleep now. She slowly closed her eyes and before drifting to her land of dreams she whispered:

-Goodnight, Lord Sesshomaru…

The sound of the birds singing awoke Rin. She yawned and stretched. She went to her window and opened it, pleased with the sun shining outside. She sighed.

-Looks like today is going to be a good day.

She said to herself. She dressed herself and brushed her brown hair. She didn't like to have her hair very long like the other women. She wanted to be different so her hair was shoulder length. She opened her door and saw Kagome and Inuyasha standing not very far away.

-Kagome-chan! Inuyasha-kun!

She called, running towards them. Kagome gave her a bright smile.

-Good morning, Rin-chan!

Inuyasha muttered a good morning and a "keh".

-What are we going to do today Kagome-chan?

Kagome tapped her chin and crossed her arms.

-Well, we could use a restock on medicinal herbs. Do you want to help me gather some?

Rin nodded and gave her one of her trademark smiles. Even Inuyasha's moody expression softened with that smile. When Rin was out of earshot to grab a basket and a knife Inuyasha turned to his mate with a worried look.

-She was outside of Kaede's hut very late last night. Do ya think there's something wrong with her?

Kagome sighed. Oh she knew what her friend was going through but she didn't think Inuyasha would be happy about it. So instead she lied.

-No, love. Maybe she had a nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep.

He shook his head and frowned.

-Keh…I don't believe that was what happened. Either way I'm going to find out.

Kagome bit her lip. She just hoped her mate wouldn't press on the poor girl. She leaned in Inuyasha's shoulder and closed her eyes. She felt his hand caressing her cheek.

-You guys look so cute together.

She opened her eyes and blushed. Inuyasha blushed as well. They were mated for nine years now but they were still shy in public like it was their first day. Rin was smiling sadly.

I hope I find a love like theirs one day…

Kagome cleared her throat forcing the blush away and took the basket from Rin.

-There's much to do, Rin-chan. Let's go then.

Rin nodded and followed her long time friend. She was such a sweet person. She was perfect for Inuyasha. They entered the forest and started to gather the needed herbs. Kagome thought it was the perfect place to talk to Rin about her problem.

-So, Rin-chan…Inuyasha told me you were outside of your hut very late last night. What happened? You know you can tell me anything.

Rin took a deep breath. Why not? Kagome was her best friend. Surely she wouldn't tell Inuyasha.

-I…keep thinking of him…

Kagome looked away from her work towards Rin.

-Sesshomaru, am I right?

Rin just nodded feeling a lump in her throat. She looked at the herbs in her hand avoiding Kagome's gaze.

So that's what's bothering you, Rin…I somehow knew this was going to happen.

Kagome sat beside Rin and hugged her. Rin accepted but didn't allow herself to cry the tears she wanted so much to shed.

Crying is weak. That's why Lord Sesshomaru never cries.

-I miss him, Kagome-chan…

Those words clenched Kagome's heart. She knew Sesshomaru might have other things to do but at the moment she thought he was a bastard for leaving Rin like this.

-I'm sure he has a good reason for not visiting, Rin-chan.

Rin laughed.

-Maybe he doesn't care about me anymore.

Kagome frowned.

-Of course he cares about you, Rin-chan. Would he send you birthday presents if he didn't care about you?

Rin sniffed forcing the tears back.

-Guess not…

They stayed in silence for some minutes simply enjoying the company of each other. Rin decided to break the silence.

-Why do I feel this way, Kagome-chan? Why do I miss him so much?

Kagome smiled sincerely patting Rin's head.

-Do you love Sesshomaru, Rin-chan?

Rin gave her a confused look.

-Of course I love him. I love him, you, Inuyasha-kun, Kaede-sama…

Kagome laughed at her ingenuity.

-No not like that, Rin-chan. Like the way I love Inuyasha.

Rin blushed and looked away.

-Well, do you?

Kagome teased, suddenly liking the way this was going.

Rin's heart pounded in her chest.

I can't love Lord Sesshomaru that way. He would laugh at my face for even considering he could love me back…

But alas, her mouth betrayed the resolve in her mind.

-I…I think I do, Kagome-chan…

Inuyasha was waiting for Kagome and Rin bored to death.

-Keh…Ironic how I wanna even another Naraku to happen. This village is as interesting as picking flowers.

In fact he was kind of happy Naraku did all of those things. In a not very right way, of course, those things were horrible. Without him he would have never met Kagome. He smiled lovingly remembering the days when she would sit him to hell. He no longer had the subjugating beads, she said they were no longer necessary. She had other ways of controlling him anyway. He cringed at the thought.

Suddenly he felt a very powerful aura nearby. It seemed familiar but the astounding power made him doubt. That is, until he saw long silver air swaying at the breeze. His big golden eyes widened when they met cold narrowed amber ones.


He stopped at a considerable distance from Inuyasha, far from trusting his half-brother. He acknowledged him with a nod.


Inuyasha nodded too.


He couldn't believe the amount of power emanating from Sesshomaru's aura alone.

What did he do to get so damn powerful? I bet the bastard has surpassed father's power already.

He shivered. He hated to admit but he should be careful with his brother now.

Sesshomaru blinked at his half-brother's state of deep thought. He spread his aura searching for Rin. When he couldn't find her he glared at Inuyasha.

-Where is Rin?

He crossed his arms and looked at the ice prince with challenge in his eyes. Powerful or not this was "the bastard" and he wouldn't kneel at his feet just because his power surpassed his. He still answered him.

-Keh, Rin is with Kagome if ya must know.

Sesshomaru growled lowly at his mocking tone.


-What was that?

Rin asked her friend, worried. Kagome frowned.

-It came from the village! Let's go Rin-chan!

They both ran to the village. The battle shouts were becoming clearer the more they approached.

-You fucking bastard!

Kagome groaned.

Must your mouth be so foul, Inuyasha?

-You fight like a pup, half-breed.

A well known deep and smooth voice said. Rin started to have trouble breathing. She stopped running.

-Rin-chan? Come on, Rin, we have to help Inuyasha!

But Rin could only think of one thing.

He's here! He's here! HE'S HERE!

Kagome started to worry. Rin didn't seem to be breathing right. She got close to her friend and touched her back.

-Rin-chan? Are you alright?

Stop this, Rin!

Rin shook her head, freeing herself from her shocked state. She looked at her friend and nodded before she misunderstood her gesture earlier. When they arrived she could see him clearly.

He hasn't changed a bit…

His long silver air was still swaying behind him. His beautiful face was still severe and youthful. His tall body was still muscular. His movements were still graceful.

Sesshomaru was tired of playing and used his whip to hold Inuyasha letting his poison flow to cause some pain to teach him his place. He finally caught the sweet scent of Rin and they locked eyes.

Rin gasped. Oh he hasn't changed. But his eyes did. Looking into his eyes she saw a coldness and harshness like never before. She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. What happened to those eyes?

Kagome ran to help Inuyasha and Sesshomaru released him from his whip. He walked towards Rin. Her heart was beating so fast that she could hear it. He was just an arm's reach and she was a pile of goo already. His gaze melted her and kami, he smelled heavenly. She was disrupted of her musings by his voice that sounded more seductive as ever in her ears. Maybe because of her sudden change of feelings towards him?

Was this the feelings that the other women at the village talked about when they were with their lovers?


Her name sounded so good coming from his delectable mouth.

-…are you listening to me?

She widened her eyes.

Oh kami, he said something and I wasn't even paying attention! He'll hate me for sure…

-I'm sorry, Lord Sesshomaru, could you say it again?

He simply raised an elegant eyebrow.

-I will talk to you later.

And with that said he left towards the village. Rin stood stupidly wondering what the hell she was just thinking back there.