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Chapter 28


He woke up to her soft giggles. He shifted a bit and pulled her closer to him despite the soreness he was feeling. He really didn't know where he had gotten the energy to make love to her.

Her fingers were caressing his chest tenderly and he allowed a small smile to form on his lips. She kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear.

-Will you open your eyes for me, my lord?

His smile widened slightly and he complied. He growled in lust as he took in her naked form perfectly pressed against his. She gasped pleasantly as he stole a kiss from her lips. Even after everything she still managed to blush shyly.

-How are you feeling, my Rin?

Her blush deepened. She wiggled her hips a bit not knowing how provocative that seemed to her demon lord.

-A bit sore….

She whispered like it was her dirty secret.

-…down there.

He couldn't hold down his chuckle and Rin laughed with him. The melody that was her laugh died down softly until she stared at him lovingly. But then saddened.

Noting this he frowned and gripped her chin.

-What is it, Rin?

She nibbled on her lip as tears gathered in her eyes. Her hands trembled as they traced the large gash on his arm and then the bandaged torso. She sobbed.

-It's my fault. If I hadn't been there you would have never been this wounded.

She then carefully threw herself on his chest and cried much to his dismay. He held her tightly and caressed her hair not knowing what else to do.

-Forgive me, my lord!

He pulled her up so that she could look into his good eye and know that she did nothing wrong but seeing it only made her cry harder. He huffed.

- Rin…this Sesshomaru regrets nothing. To have you in my arms unharmed is my bliss…my need.

She sniffed.

-Truly, my lord? I still cannot take your pain away or return your right eye's vision…

He growled lowly and kissed her, effectively shutting her up.

-Do not dwell on it. This Sesshomaru is content that it was not in vain and so should you.

She smiled brightly making his heart throb.

They laid there, just holding each other. Of course, the time for Rin to return to her own chambers came and she painfully departed from her lord to leave him to rest.

They slept, empty but satisfying dreams.

The evening breeze swayed and a beautiful man could be seen standing on top of a cliff. Long, silver hair shined beneath the sunrays. His expression stoic and indifferent as he looked ahead.

A leaf, from the tree he was standing beneath, landed softly on his shoulder and he eyed it dispassionately. He shrugged it off and turned his gaze to the waves of the ocean. The sound of them clashing with the rocks lulled him into memories.

They made him almost smile.


She pulled at his hand and giggled. He grunted and frowned, clearly impatient.

-Why do you not tell me where you're taking this Sesshomaru?

She smiled and rolled her eyes.

-If I told you it would lose the surprise effect, my lord!

He huffed but relented. They climbed the grass covered hill with ease. Rin would sometimes look at him and giggle in anticipation. He wouldn't restrain his need to roll his eyes at her. A silly girl no matter what, she was.

Soon, they reached the top and she blushed as they took in the sunset disappearing in the ocean, bathing it in gold. He sighed softly and wrapped an arm around her waist, drawing her body closer to his. She smiled brightly to him and he thought that she was the most beautiful sight he had ever laid his eyes upon, with her rosy cheeks and her wide brown eyes shining with happiness.

He kissed her lips and whispered.

-It is breathtaking.

She snuggled into his embrace with a contented expression on her face as she gazed at the fading sun.

Though it was quite impressive, it was not the sun he was talking about.

The sun sleeps compared to you…

*End Flashback*

He brushed the rebellious strand of silver hair tickling around his blind eye. He looked around, barely moving his head.

This place has not changed at all.

He then looked at the trunk of the large, ancient tree above him and a tiny smirk graced his pale lips. He walked towards it and caressed tenderly the carvings in it.

His smirk softened into a tender smile. He was alone and he would never care about appearances. Not here. Never here.


He flinched and growled as another one of her piercing screams littered the halls. Kami, they said that she would be fine but he was more worried about his poor heart that threatened to burst out of his chest.

He paced relentlessly, only stopping when another scream echoed and then resuming it all over again.

A hand gripped his shoulder, stopping him. Before he could protest he was turned around to look at a serious Inuyasha.

The hanyou huffed and shook his head.

-Calm down, Sesshomaru! I know it is hard but you are just going to have to endure it.

He then shoved the stunned demon lord down one of the chairs and patted his arm in reassurance.

He was just starting to find peace when another scream pierced the air and this time in words.


He shivered slightly. She sounded in so much pain…and anger. He gulped.

Hours passed. He was in so much stress that he could burst into those doors and get his Rin out of there at any moment. Inuyasha kept trying to calm him down along with the silver tongued monk but with her every scream his soul flinched.

He needed to see her. Even if for just one second. With a frustrated growl, he opened the doors to be met with another scream. But this time…another one followed. Fresh, vibrant with life.

His Rin sighed loudly in relief and tears of strain were replaced with tears of happiness. He was mesmerized as the royal midwife cleansed the newborn and immediately handed it to its mother. The demoness bowed and congratulated him for fathering a healthy and chubby girl. He snapped out of his trance when the door closed behind him and he made his way swiftly towards his beloved.

He kissed her head and gripped her hand.

-You did well. I'm so proud of you.

Rin gave him a tired and watery smile and handed him his daughter. He bit his lip and his trembling arms welcomed the precious bundle. He smiled down just for her.

The hanyou yawned showing a small set of fangs and lazily opened expressive brown eyes. He gasped at the perfect replicas of his Rin. His daughter cooed as she saw him and gave him the smile that won his heart. He nuzzled her little neck, tickling her. It was his way of acknowledging her as his flesh and blood.

He returned it to her mother and stayed as his daughter fed from his Rin's breasts.

This right here…he knew he had something that surpassed millions of Tensaigas.

-Faster, my lord! We're going to miss the sunset!

He rolled his eyes and in the blink of an eye he had his Rin on his arms, standing at the top of the hill. She giggled.


He simply put her down and kissed her passionately. She moaned and slyly pressed her breasts close to his chest. He growled and nipped her lip, the look on his eyes making her blush with promises for later.

She then stole a glance at the tree near them and gave him an unreadable look. She unsheathed the protection knife under her kimono and he arched an eyebrow, wondering what she would do now.

She stabbed the thick trunk and drew in it. He stepped closer and saw a clumsily shaped heart with what looked like a small, simple addition.


He shook his head and hugged her. He never wanted to let go.

-Father! Wait for me!

His smile faded and he looked as a pair of twitching, doggy ears emerged from the edge of the hill. A panting, chubby body followed, practically crawling its way to the demon lord.

He arched an eyebrow in amusement as the drama queen that was his adorable daughter gave long, audible gasps for air. She clutched at the bottom of his hakamas with a tight grip. For a moment they just stood there, the only sounds were of her breathing and the whisper of the gentle ocean breeze.

She then looked up and gave him a cute, childlike grin. She stood up and dusted off her soft green kimono. Under the critical eye of her father she then, with an embarrassed giggle, brushed some unruly locks of her silver hair. He grunted in approval and scooped her up in his arms.

She promptly wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled him.

They faced it then, with sharp intakes of air.

Under the elderly tree.

He hugged his daughter closely to his fast beating heart.


Her dull eyes searched his. They were filling with tears.

-Please…don't look at me like that…I need to see who you really are…

He frowned and the grip on her wrinkled hand was relentless. She smiled bitterly and caressed his eternally youthful face. Her entire form was shivering and the tears finally slipped from her face. Her trembled voice whispered.


He hated himself as he couldn't help the lost, doglike whine that slipped from his mouth.

She sobbed and brushed away some silvery strands from his face.

Her voice trembled and became a little higher in pitch with her crying.

-I love you…please…do you love me?

He rested his forehead against hers and rubbed their noses. His voice was firm as he finally said it.

-This Sesshomaru loves Rin.

She slowly nodded.

-I…always knew you were real…lover of my dreams...

He placed a small kiss on her lips, her last breath.

*End Flashback*

It was just a simple stone with her name on it. She didn't want anything grand. He respected her wishes.

This way made his heart lighter. It felt like she was still with him, right by his side.





He put his child down and walked towards the stone. He took a deep breath. He was ready.

Slowly, painfully, he produced from his haori a simple white rose. It seemed to be glowing in a strange bluish hue.

He kissed the soft petals and laid it down in front of the tombstone.

It stopped glowing.

It wilted.


He looked at his dear daughter. Her brown eyes tearful but she was smiling.

He smiled back.

-Mother loves us.

The little girl was hugging the tombstone of her mother. With a shaky sigh he replied.

-Always, my little Aiko…

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P.S: In case you were confused with the white rose bit check out Sesshomaru's flashback at Chapter 2- Changed.

White Rose- Sometimes called "the flower of light", one of the meanings of white roses is everlasting love - love stronger than death, an eternal love, undying and all sustaining. White rose speaks of a love that is sustained more by loyalty, reverence and humility than by red-blooded passion. So, in its capacity to worship someone till death, the meaning of a white rose is unchanging loyalty that endures beyond all else.