For HedwigBlack's Weekly Challenge



It started out as a dare, as so many things with Sirius seemed to do.

Lily had mentioned offhandedly to James that no one ever went in the second floor girls' bathroom, and when he asked, gotten that glint in her eyes and refused to answer why. So, naturally, James had dared Remus to find out why – and Remus had, of course, said no. Sirius, on the other hand, wasn't one to turn down a dare.

The thing that's starting to scare Remus, though, is the fact that Sirius has been in there an awfully long time, and he isn't coming out.

"James, should we…?"

James shrugs from his position against the wall. "I'm sure he's all right."

But Remus isn't so sure, and when Sirius still hasn't emerged ten minutes later, Remus makes up his mind. "All right. I'm going to see what's keeping him."

Pushing off from the wall in an elegant manner, James straightens up, sighing. "You're such a worrier, Remus."

"James, you just sent an eighteen-year-old bloke into the girls' room. There are so many things that could go wrong with that."

"An unused girls' room!" James protests. Remus shakes his head. He glances up and down the corridor before hesitantly pushing the door open.

Sirius is backed into a corner by a girl with brown pigtails, and his face looks absolutely terrified. She's got her hand on his cheek and she's very much in his personal space.

Remus' first though is Lily lied. Then he realizes that the girl has a strange silvery sheen – she's a ghost.

Sirius is stuttering and stammering awkwardly. "…Um, Myrtle, look… As much as I, er, appreciate the offer, it's just that, well… I don't really think it would… Er, work. We're just too different."

Remus stifles a laugh. It's not too hard to figure out what Sirius is attempting to turn down.

Sirius catches his eyes and mouthes carefully, Help me. Remus suppresses another chuckle.

"Hello," Remus says softly. The girl – Myrtle – turns around.

"Oh, hello!" she says cheerily. "Have you come to visit me, too?"

Remus can see Sirius nodding vehemently behind her, so he carefully says, "Yes, I have."

She beams. "Wonderful! I don't get visitors very often, you see."

"Why not?" Remus asks.

Her expression drops from cheerfully to angry in a split second.

"Why not? Why not? Because nobody ever wants to visit ugly, moping, miserable Moaning Myrtle!"

Remus freezes – he has no experience in situations like this. Sirius, though, has a bit of experience with emotional girls, having broken up with his fair share of them.

"Oh, no, Myrtle. Surely that's not it. They just don't know how pretty you are."

His voice is slick and smooth, the way it gets when he's flattering teachers, too: people he just wants to get off of his back. But everyone falls for it anyway – except Professor McGonagall, who seems to have a weird immunity – and Myrtle is no different.

Her eyelids flutter as she bobs up and down. "You think so?"


She floats closer to him. "You're a nice boy, Sirius Black."

Sirius tries to take a step back, but he's already against the wall. "Thanks, Myrtle," he says, his voice strained – though Remus thinks he's probably the only one in the room who can tell, as Myrtle seems oblivious.

As amusing as it is to watch Sirius be practically assaulted by a ghost with a crush on him, Remus decides to take pity on his friend.

"Um, Myrtle? I'm sorry, but Sirius and I really have to go."

Her face falls again.

"Don't worry, Myrtle. We'll come back," Sirius promises.

She nods fiercely. "Yes."

Sirius slides out from behind her and follows Remus out. "Bye, Myrtle!" he calls behind him.


As the door shuts behind them, Remus asks, "Are you really planning on going back?"

Sirius laughs. "Not on your life."