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A/N: This is my first fic to ever focus on Sango... I'm am starting to write with next to no premise other than the title and have absolutely no plot in mind... let see how much of a train wreck of a plot I can manage. So yeah here we go...

CHAPTER 1: Before The Fall

Since Naraku's defeat the world had seemed more peaceful. Sango however hadn't been able to settle down as she had thought she would. The death of Naraku had left her feeling empty and without purpose. She had decided that she would remain a youkai slayer for hire, and that if she could, find a way begin to rebuild her old village.

Miroku had even seemed to be like the idea with an added condition that he be able to treat part of it as a monastery. The idea didn't seem completely out of place to Sango, so as the days had drug on her training had become more and more harsh.

Kirara watched her master training alone in the heat of the day. Throw the bone boomerang, draw sword, slice left, slice right, block, step and slice forward, sheath sword, duck, reach up and catch bone boomerang, step back and repeat. Several hours went by, with only slight variation in form. Any flaw in form, the slightest imbalanced earned self scolding from the slayer as she panted for breath.

"Stop stepping with you feet so close together idiot. You're off balance, you'll stumble if you have to block a hard attack."

Several hours passed until Sango could no longer throw her weapon with enough force to insure it would return. "Come on... Kirara, we should get back before... the sun sets all the way." Sango panted for air, out of breath and sore from her training.

The fire cat happily transformed with a blaze of fire, leaping to her master's side to be greeted with a hug of affection.

Sango smile as she rubbed Kirara's face, barely having the energy to pull herself onto the fire cats back before it took to the air. "I think I over did it..." Sango petted the side of the neko's neck as they flew. "If you spot a hot spring stop, a bath would be good right now."

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Sango sighed as she rested her large weapon against a tree, taking a moment to untie her sword from her side and place it against the same tree. "Good spot Kirara, It looks perfect." Sango watch steam slowly drift from the very small body of water.

Several large stones with flat tops just a few yards from the shore look the exact place for her to be able to sit on and rest a bit without dealing with mud from the embank meet.

"No moss... and they don't look slick." Sango walked to the edge of the water before hopping to the first stone. She jumped to the next one and then to another and another until she was on the largest one in the middle of the hot spring. She knelt, feeling how warm the stone was from the water, as she also dipped one hand into the water to test the temperature. "A little hot but it will do for a short bath." Sango heard Kirara's growl and turned instantly to look at the Neko. "What is it Kirara?"

The neko stood at the edge of the water growling.

Sango dropped to all fours as the stone she was on lurked forward. "What?" A moment later the stones in the water shot up with roars. Sending Sango tumbling into the hot spring.

Sango's head broke the surface of the water with a gasp as she winched from the heat of the water on her body. She wiped water from her eyes to see the stones were in fact the backs of youkai. Sango's eyes grew wide as the youkai stood and loomed over her. Her feet didn't make contact with the bottom of the spring leaving her treading the open water in front of the massive youkai.

The face of the turtle youkai looked like rough stone. Their green eyes opened and focus on Sango with rage. "Do you wish to slay us human and take our water!"

"No, I didn't-" Sango didn't get to finish as an arm of one of the youkai smashed into the water beside her. The rock like arm clipped her, driving her under the water before she could get a chance to draw breath. Sango's chest burned as the hot water filled her throat and her left hip ached from connecting with the monster's arm. "Air!"

Sango's already exhausted musicals drug her arms and legs threw the water pulling and kicking her to the surface of the water. Sango sucked in a breath as her head reached air. She looked up to see the largest of the turtle youkai reaching for her. She brought up her left arm, the hidden blade springing forth and stabbed at the youkai's hand.

Kirara had already transformed and took to the air trying her best to distract as many of the youkai as she could. She watched as one youkai reached for her master only to be stabbed in the hand by her master's blade.

The blade buried in the youkais palm. Sango's victory of making contact with the blade was short lived as the youkai snacked it's hand back, the blade sticking, pulling Sango into the air leaving her hanging from youkai's open hand.

Kirara immediately dove for her master but in her haste failed to see another youkai reaching for her.

Sango screamed as she saw Kirara caught, saw the youkai grip tighten on the neko, heard the braking of bones before it flung the fire neko deep into the forest and out of Sango's vision. "KIRARA!" Sango only had a moment before the youkai she was hanging from closed his grasp around her arm. She clinched her teeth as it's hand covered her forearm so tight she was sure at any moment it would be crush.

"You will not have our blood or our water Slayer!" The youkai roared as it swung the arm it held Sango by.

Sango screamed as the monster opened it's hand and her blade broke form the force of the motion. She hurled through the air, her side connecting with a tree. Air rush out of her lunges in a gasp as she bounce of the tree and tumbled onto the rocky muddy ground were the forest began. With one arm she tried to push her self up. She looked across the spring in the direction were Kirara had been flung. "Kirara... please... be alrig..." Sango's world faded to black with the pounding of the turtle youkai's steps closing on her.

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