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CHAPTER 4: A Commanding Entrance

Sango turned sprinting down the hall keeping her sword held away from her. She ignored the pain that racked through her body and the iron like taste of blood that her breath carried. "This hall leads to the courtyard!" As she reached the end of the hall she kicked the wooden door open and rushed through the crest of the opening before the splinters of the door frame could even land.

Sango entered a massive room the same shape as the courtyard, scattered stone pillars supported the roof. Torches burned in numerous holders, fully lighting the room. Her breath caught in her throat as her eyes meet with dozen of worriers with various weapons and armor who seemed to have been training. "Did I go down to far? I missed the floor with the courtyard."

All training had stopped as the crowd of various fighters turned to stare at the slayer who had burst into the room.

"Who are you?" A large boar youkai twice as tall as Sango asked. His hand holding a hatchet which he pointed to point at Sango.

"I think she is Izumi's new slayer." Another fighter who held two small blades answered. His red hair falling over the shinny armor he wore.

The room was filled with chatter as they stared at Sango who stood just inside the broken doorway, taking staggered breaths.

A skinny warrior, with long arms and legs, who wielded a staff shifted so he was leaning on his weapon. "Just a human female, can't be much fight in her she is already bleeding, beat she'd be a fun toy though..."

"Shut up you stupid monkey..." The youkai with the ax bellowed. "like you could make anything your toy. Like anything would WANT to be your toy." The youkai snorted loudly.

"A commanding entrance slayer." A man slightly taller than Izumi began walking towards Sango from her right side, his purple eyes glowing with each torch he passed. "Izumi told me you would not be ready for combat for some time. Has she changed her mind slayer?" He stopped a few paces from Sango and placed his hands on his hips as he stared the slayer down, his eyes trailing up and down her body. "You still seem injured."

"Hold together body... I can do this, I've fought stronger youkai before. I have to escape... Kirara could still need me, and I have to get back to Miroku." Sango gritted her teeth refusing to give into the pain and fatigue in her body. Sango raised her blade at the youkai glared as if hoping her eyes could kill. "I changed her mind for her. I'm leaving to find my friend, none of you are stopping me." Sango noticed all of the fighters in the room seemed to become tense as they shifted their gaze between her and the man she had just addressed.

The mood in the room became cold instantly as the man crossed his arms, his voice and gaze becoming piercing. "You point that blade like you mean it as a threat slayer... do you?"

Sango shifted readying her body for action. "I do..."

The man's eyes flash as he growled. "You would do wise to watch your mouth and actions human. My sister may see you as fine prize but I do not. I wasted my time pulling you from that pound."

The man began looking over the other youkai in the room. "Since the youkai slayer seems to want to act outside of my sister's wises, she is also outside of her protection." The man turned and pointing at three youkai closet to Sango. "You, you... and you." The man walked away from Sango until he reached a large wooden throne like chair. With his foot he hooked the leg of the chair spinning it to face Sango, before sitting down. "Perhaps the slayer will have more respect from her knees."

Slowly the fighter with the two short blades, the youkai with the ax who Sango realize must have be a bore youkai from his snorting, and the monkey youkai with the staff began to advance on her.

Sango stepped forward giving herself some room between herself and the door frame which offered no real space to fight. "keep breathing." Sango prepared herself, planting her feet into the ground and widening her stance, as the bore youkai charge her.

With a massive diagonal swing, as if attempting to down a tree with a single blow, The boar stepped in bringing his ax forward.

Sango stepped back, pivoting on her back foot as she bought her Hiraikotsu forward to block. She felt the ax glanced off her Hiraikotsu, before seeing it continuing downward at an angle until it buried into the stone floor. "Now!"

"You Whore!" The boar youkai snorted as he was left off balance, the force of his own swing pulling him forward.

Sango simply continued to pivot on her now front foot, coming around her upright Hiraikotsu, and bringing her sword with her in a downward slash across the boar's face. Sango wasted no time as the youkai fell away from her. She twisted her body, using the momentum of her finishing pivot, to step into hurling her Hiraikotsu forward towards the other two youkai that had been assigned to attack her. "Hiraikot-" Sango's breath caught in her throat as pain rocketed through her back and ribs.

The man sitting in the throne watched attentively while the boar youkai rolled on the ground foaming at the mouth and squealing as it lay dieing. "Poison?"

Sango's vision faded, her chest clenched, and her legs failed her as she dropped to one knee. "No! I will not lose!" She raised her head, her vision clearing in time to see her Hiraikotsu make contact with the youkai with two blades, his red hair waving as he was blasted backwards onto the ground.

"Damn that thing is heavy!" The youkai shouted as the Hiraikotsu continued on blasting through one of the pillars that held up the roof, sending large sections of rock tumbling down around the downed youkai.

"Whatever! I always knew you and that pig were weak!" The monkey youkai bolted forward passing the youkai with red hair who was rolling back to his feet to avoid falling debris. As the lanky youkai charged he spun his staff, the red fluff at each end of the staff blurring as it was spun with great force. In the same direction of the spin the youkai brought the staff down at the kneeling slayer.

Sango rolled backwards as the pole slammed into the ground, breaking apart the stone floor were she had been kneeling. Sango had barely made it back to her knees from the roll when the monkey youkai flipped the staff forward using the embedded end as a pivot. He placed a foot on the staff and stepped forward with all his strength and weight sending the staff crashing downward.

Sango barely managed to move her head out of the way as the staff slammed into her shoulder, first striking the protective shoulder armor she wore before sliding onto were her neck and shoulder joined. A cry of pain slipped past Sango's lips as her grip on her sword was lost and it scattered away. She was forced to place one hand on the ground and use her other to try hold the staff and stop it from crushing down further.

The monkey youkai leaned his weight on the staff to keep Sango pinned down in the awkward position, holding her off balance and trapped under his staff. "What now slayer? Say you'll be my little toy and I'll let you up."

"Look out!" The Red haired yelled as he began to stalk towards the two.

The monkey youkai turned just in time to see the Sango's Hiraikotsu spinning towards were he was. He ducked backwards out of the way with a yelp of fright.

Sango took the opportunity to slip from the staff and step back as she rose to her feet to catch her weapon.

The monkey youkai hooked his staff with his foot pulling it back into his hands as he jumped a few paces away from Sango. "Lucky bitc-awww." The monkey youkai was cut off as he began to scamper out of the way of Sango, who spun with the Hiraikotsu before beginning to step forward to throw the weapon with both hands.

The monkey lunge to Sango's right as she began to throw the weapon from over her left shoulder. Sango gritted her teeth as she was forced to hold on to the weapon a split second longer and twisted to flung the weapon in the direction the youkai had dodged.

The monkey youkai was only a few feet form Sango and barely had a moment to bring his staff in front of him to block.

The follow through of Sango's throw left her airborne, stretched out in a sideways dive. Sango watched mid fall as her Hiraikotsu smash threw the youkai's staff before plowing into his chest.

The man in the chair was forced to quickly step forward and knee as Sango's Hiraikotsu continued and ripped the chair in half. The man stood as the Monkey youkai rolled to a stop in front of him, the monkey youkai's chest crushed as he lay gasping his last breaths.

Sango manage to turn in the air so she landed on her shoulder as she hit the floor. She was able to make it back to her feet before the youkai with red hair reached her and brought both blades down at her.

Sango brought her left arm above her, supporting it with her right hand as the blades meet with her forearm sinking into it only a fraction before the sound of metal on metal echoed through the large room. Sango's hidden arm blade sprang forward and she tucked her left wrist as she let the red haired youkai's blades slip off her blade before stumbling backwards.

The red haired youkai straightened up as he glared at the slayer. "You should kneel slayer... For me there is little glory in cutting down a warrior who is already so injured... and for you little shame in admitting you when you are weak.

Sango stumbled backwards until her back meet the cold stone of the room's wall. "I will not bow demon." Her breaths came in short gasp as she cradle her left arm which bleed from were the youkai's blades had barely meet her skin. "I'd never seen the poison work before... the Boar's death was worse than Izumi's. Still after her death... me bowing won't stop this. If I lose I'm dead."

The red haired youkai charged Sango, bringing his blades forward towards her chest.

Sango eyes widen as she saw a chance for victory coming. Just as the youkai reached her she sliced with her arm blade knocking both weapons to the side as she stepped to her left and turned to face the youkai.

The youkai turned to look at Sango as her right foot made contact with the armor on his chest pushing him back a step but, before the slayer could pull her leg back he dropped one of his blades as he grabbed her leg. His other arm raised bringing his blade towards the back of Sango's knee.

Sango screamed as her Hiraikotsu slammed into the youkai's shoulder crushing him into the wall and pinning him there, but also pinching her ankle between the folds of his collapsed chest plate. She was stuck standing on her left leg, balancing, trapped with her back against the stone wall, and racked with agony.

The echo of the impact bounced through the room hushing what cries and cheers the other youkai had been making. Sango put one hand on her Hiraikotsu were it was embedded in the wall, pushing and pulling but it wouldn't budge. "No... I have to get loose..." Sango

"Three of my warriors..." The man with purple eyes said from across the distance as he stalked towards Sango. The other youkai in the room seemed to backing away from the area. "Trapped?" The man seemed to fade into a blur before appearing again a few steps from Sango. "Come Slayer you are not finished yet are you? You said you were leaving? Why are you not?"

"Bastard..." Sango brought her left arm up, trying to raise what little defense she could, the blood from her left arm ran down the blade before dripping onto the floor. Sweat ran down her brow and into her eyes burning her vision, she didn't even realize it as she blinked. Before she could open her eyes the slap rang out as her face was turned by a sharp backhand.

The man with the purple eyes kicked Sango's left leg in the side of the knee.

Sango's leg buckled out from under her and her upper body dropped, leaving her to hang upside down by her trapped right ankle. She couldn't help but scream from the pain that shot from her trap leg, the new injury to her knee, and her exhausted, sore, and bruised body.

The man's eyes were glowing brightly now as his foot slammed down on the slayers left arm pinning it, and the blade attached to it, to the ground. "The exit is on the other side of this room. Stairs that lead up to the courtyard gates. And yet you stay here. Have you changed your mind?"

"No... Bas... tard..." Sango spoke through gritted teeth and between sharp breaths. Her hair a wild mess but as she opened her eyes they remain fierce.

"Stubborn fool." The man pressed down on Sango's arm until she clenched her eyes in pain, then removed his foot and bent grabbing her by the front of her uniform with one hand and her left arm with the other hand. He lifted her up the wall, bending her forearm so that her own arm blade was at her neck.

"Awww Coward!" Sango cried as her right leg bent at an odd angle causing more pain, Her eyes remained shut.

"You just cannot show any form of respect for your betters can you? And further more you throw your little insults in front of my warriors." The man started to push her own blade towards her neck.

Sango opened her eyes when she felt the metal. She was using her right arm and all the strength she had left to fight the youkai's one arm. "No..."

"Are you asking Slayer..." The man pressed the blade harder into her neck earning a gasp and a faint red line of blood.

Sango brought her free left leg up striking the man between the legs. In the moment of shock that follow she wrench her left arm free, reaching as far as she could and delivering the smallest of slices to the mans face. She then brought her arm back across her body slicing down into the mans arm that held her uniform. As the man pulled his arm back Sango caught herself on her left leg. "I'm telling you no..."

The youkai knelt for a moment, his blood dripping to the floor, before he stood, and in one movement his left hand grabbed her by the neck pulling her to the side with such force her right ankle came free. He let go of her as he seemed to blur from sight.

Sango was airborne for a moment before the youkai appeared over her his right hand connecting against her temple in a back fist that sent her tumbling across the ground. Sango could barely focus as tears of frustration and anger ran down her face. She could just make out the feet of many youkai walking towards her. There was a female voice and the youkai that had just hit her was yelling something but she couldn't hear him and didn't care at this point. Before she passed out she felt many hands on her back pulling and lifting her upwards.

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