The ghost girl that stalked her home.

I could not sleep at night. So, during the night, I got dressed and crept downstairs.

I took a nighttime stroll. I did not know how much I was walking or where I was going , it must have been 2 maybe 3 miles.

When I turned around.

I was not scared. But as the night went on, I started getting scared. There was an eerie chill going down my spine.

I turned around for a second. I saw a figure, staring at me. It disappeared. I turned around, to go home. But I could see a ghost girls face, staring into my eyes.

I ran, the ghost ran after me. As I approached home, the girl was behind the driveway.

She disappeared.

I didn't tell my house maid until about a week or 2 later.

She told me the history about a girl who died by getting ran over.

She still haunts the area.

That ghost girl I encountered a few weeks ago, did not disappear, guess where she is!

Right behind me.

She heard EVERY word I said.

I feel the heavy breathing, on my neck, and down.

I hear all the painful screaming and moaning behind me.

The hair is standing up.

Death is 2 minutes away!