Lasting No Longer

There wasn't any pain, none. It'd happened so quickly that he'd nearly missed it, nearly watched it go by without any second thoughts.

That's when the pain came like gushes of frigid ocean waves. It lapped against his skin, sending fire licking through his nerves.

Something, something grotesque and utterly inhuman, exited his lungs, straining towards the forest canopy, begging for release just like his blood was.

The sound of the blade dislodging itself from his ribcage came next, the crack of bones against steel echoing upon the hungry foliage. Those green leaves, which cased the area in a fabricated beauty, swallowed every scream and rustle, stealing it away from the very air.

Slumping to the ground, crimson flooded forth. Nothing he did would keep the foul liquid inside his veins. Noting he did would stop the searing sting engulfing his shattered cavity. Everything was fading to red, the few words he could manage twisting out of his blooded lips, "why…did you…how…"

Earth was muddling his vision as a dull thump of scrap hit the tender brown. "No…" scattering sounds assaulted his ears, the jutting red burning through him as he was moved, face gazing towards the all-consuming foliage. "No, no, don't go…"

As everything began to slip farther from his chocking grasp, stinging dots of hot sprinkled upon his face. Words that had once meant something to him landed on his ears, meaning nothing now.

An intense chill frosted over him, pulling him close, holding him tight. It refused to let go, to release him to breathe. As it sweetly suffocated him, vague words caressed his ears.

"I'm sorry…so sorry."

Hate welled up inside his rotting soul, casting its black hand over his troubled heart. It was going to end this way, both at odds with each other as well as themselves. Before, they would have worked it out, resolved the differences that kept them apart. Now, fighting for two different causes, they could no longer come together.

It had changed them, both of them.

He was destine from the beginning to die by his hands, die at the hands of the one man he told himself he'd never let himself lose. As everything withered from sight and sound, only one thought remained in his quickly depressing mind. It terrified him, this thought, as he was whisked away by the cool touch that graced his cheek.

The final words came to his ending world, "brother, no, stay with me."

He would have laughed had he still been able too. For like him, his dear brother Kratos was as gone as he was.

Both were gone now, lasting no longer.