So, this is my first Victorious fic. It is a collaboration between myself and MaybeWolf. I do most of the storyline, plot, and dialogue, while he filled in the rest with all of the amazing detail that is like 80% of the story. If it's not in quotes, he probably wrote it. Enjoy!

The sun hangs high above Asphalt Café as the Hollywood Arts students enjoy their lunch break. Excited chatter and roaring laughter blankets the air around the school, infecting most of its students with mirth. As he walks toward his friends, Robbie Shapiro is one of the few students to remain unaffected by the merriment around him. His thoughts have conjured a black cloud over his head, and he's sure the forecast is for more rain.

"Hey guys," He states, slumping into a seat beside Tori Vega. He's trying his best not to let the sadness soak through his words, but it's a futile endeavor. His every action is weighed down by the thoughts plaguing his mind. There's very clearly something wrong with the ventriloquist and it's something that doesn't escape the chocolate orbs following his movements.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Tori asks. The words catch Robbie off guard and he finds his tongue is useless. He's not sure that he'll ever get used to people wanting to know about his problems, but ever since Tori transferred to Hollywood Arts, it's a trend that's become alarmingly familiar. Tori watches Robbie hesitantly as the puppet in his hands begins to twist towards her. She should have known that the confession wouldn't pass through Robbie's lips, but Rex's. She's never quite sure what to expect when she addresses him.

"Robbie's grandmother wants to sell me!" When the words exit Robbie through the wooden boy, several pairs of eyes widen. Robbie's friends had always known how seriously Robbie takes his ventriloquism, but this is wild, even for him. If they didn't know any better, they'd swear that one of their friends was actually being sold.

"Last time I was for sale, this guy picked me up. Who knows who I'd end up with. I mean it's true Robbie's a pain in the ass, but at least I'm at Hollywood Arts with you ladies." Rex continues, trying to inject some humor into his lament. He's sure that everybody will miss him, but he only wants their misery to go skin deep. Anything more permanent and he might begin to feel bad.

"It's okay Rex, Robbie would never sell you. Slavery's illegal, right Robbie?" Cat's voice slips into the air, drenched in sincerity. Her eyebrows are turned toward the sky, and her fingers brush over Robbie's shoulder reassuringly. Though her mind might drift in and out of the real world, Cat's heart is always in the right place.

"It's out of my control. I have to sell him, my mother moved out again, so my grandmother took me in, and she refuses to let me carry Rex." The sad tale of Robbie's life brews empathy within all of his friends. Tori's fingers twitch nervously, the urge to drag him into a comforting hug welling up within her. She's not entirely sure why, but she holds herself in place.

"I don't know what I'm going to do. I've had Rex for so long I don't know what I'd do without him." Robbie crumbles into a heap, laying his head on the table pathetically. He's forgotten entirely about Rex, and the wooden boy sits crushed between Robbie's sternum and his sorrow.

Robbie's lost in the darkest embrace of depression when he feels slender fingers settle on his shoulder. Dragging his head away from the table, Robbie finds himself drowning in twin chocolate orbs that are laced with concern. Their eyes meet for a second and Tori tears her fingers away from his shoulder like a bolt of electricity has ripped up her arm.

"I'm sure it'll be fine Robbie. Change happens all the time. Maybe this is a good thing." The words stutter forth and Tori's not sure when she first began to speak in clichés, but she hopes the words will be of some comfort to her friend. He looks like he's drowning in misery, so surely she can't make things any worse.

"Yeah, maybe I'll finally get someone whose hand doesn't sweat like a wet towel every time a pretty girl walks by." Rex mutters sardonically. His words have a little a little more bite to them than he'd intended, but he can't quite hold the bitterness out of his voice.

"Hey, you said you wouldn't tell anyone about that." Robbie peers down at his little friend, his eyebrows draw together as he realizes that those kinds of comments may not flitter into the air for much longer. He wishes there was an easier way, but he figures both of them having homes, albeit with different families, was better than living on the streets.

"If you're gonna sell me, all bets are off towel hands." Rex counters, twisting his head towards Robbie. Cat's not sure whether he's glaring at Robbie or not, but judging from the look on Robbie's face, she suspects there's nothing resembling a smile of Rex's lips.

The group watch on as Robbie and Rex continue to bicker, each feeling as though Rex's disappearance will be another piece of their childhoods gone astray. Being new to the group, Tori's sense of loss isn't as profound as some of the others, but she still wishes there was a way for Rex to remain with them. Robbie might be a strange kid, but he's always among the first to offer a hand of assistance to her. Tori's mind drifts further and further into Robbie related thoughts, when black nails reach into her head and yank her back into the real world.

"Finally! It's about time you got rid of that damn puppet. Now I won't have to feel so embarrassed whenever I'm around you." It's not that Jade feels no pity for Robbie, it's just that she's hated Rex ever since the day Robbie had first brought him to school. Up until then, she had gotten along fairly well with Robbie. But when Rex had purposely drawn attention to her off kilter fashion sense, and made her a laughing stock for a brief time, they both found their way onto her bad side. With a smirk, Jade recognizes that Robbie's grandmother has managed to do what she's been attempting to do for years. Get rid of that damned puppet.

"Well guys, I don't know when Robbie will find a buyer so, if this is goodbye I just want to say it's been dope hanging out with you guys. Even the sexy witch…" Rex's voice draws a glare from the witch in question. Though as Robbie's lips vibrate softly with Rex's words, Jade finds herself wondering if things might actually change for the better with Rex gone. Maybe Shapiro will finally grow a backbone and say those sorts of things in his own voice. Snarling, Jade grits her teeth and whirls away from the group, abandoning her seat a few short seconds later.

"You'll be fine bro, I promise. Now, let's get to class," Andre states, pouring optimism into his voice, even if he's not entirely sure about what he's saying. Robbie recognizes the flash of doubt the slips through Andre's words, though he's not sure that it matters. It's more concern than what he's seen at home in a long while, and that's got to count for something. As he trails behind his friends, Robbie's not sure if Rex's demise is a blessing in disguise or the death of his dearest friend.

So that's chapter one. Please feel free to leave a review if you liked it or not. I'm trying really hard to get the Rex character right because I feel like not enough people give him credit as a character. Also, I think I'm pretty flexible when it comes to ideas so if there's something you want to see, let me know, and I'll see what I can do. Also be sure to check out MaybeWolf's other stories. If you liked this, I know you'll like those too.