Like always my dad had a stupid party to go to or throw, this time he was throwing it. I hated attending, people were just nice to me because of the title he had but they never knew who I was. That is until today, my dad was going to announce to all the Mai attending that I was the Uniter. I hated the attention and now my dad has set up some extra "protection" around me, more like baby sitters. I hated being watching, I hated having people always around me and I especially hated my dad treating me like a 5 year old. You must think I'm a brat, I'm not really I just like to have "me" time. I was in my room getting ready for this circles with one of my best friends Amy.

"Chloe, did you find your dress?" she asked me

"Why did he have to do this like a old style ball?" I asked

"Come one, those huge puffy dresses are nice. I love them" Amy said smiling

"Amy, you like anything that makes you feel like a princess and girly" I said sitting on my bed

"And you? Miss I am to good for dresses so give me basketball shorts and a tank top" she told me

"Hey those things are comfy as hell" I said

"Let me see" she told me

"Show me yours" I said, she pulled out a super puffy light pink dress strapless. It was a sweet heart, really tight to the body and once it hit the waist, BAM! Out like a cupcake. The dress also had little glitter flower designs all over the dress.

"Now yours" she said, I got up and walked to my closet.

"My dad had it made" I saw pulling it out

"Chloe, its beautiful" Amy told me. My dress was a ivory, it was off the shoulders, it went down to my elbows and then a see through lace would open out, tight on the body and puffed out once it hit the waist, the border where my waist was were little pink roses also around the top where the shoulders are, the back was a corset. (this was my 15th dress)

"I think it's a little over board" I said

"No, its perfect" she said

"Ok Cinderella lets get dress before my dad sends up the Cat SWAT" I said, Amy started laughing and went to do her make up. When she was done she did mine and my hair, there was a knock on the door once I had my dress on.

"Yes?" Amy said, the door opened and my main protector came in

"Miss, your father is waiting down stairs for you" she said

"Thank you Stacy, I'll be right there" I said, she nodded and walked out

"Ready?" Amy asked

"Yeah lets get this over with" I said walking out

"Stacy" I called, she walked over to me

"Yes" she said

"My dad?" I asked

"He walked in already but he said for you to be introduced" she told me

"Wow, he is really going all out in the ball room thing. Why is he having the party again?" I asked

I knew but I was hoping they would say 'because he feels like it'.

"To introduce you to the Mai as their Uniter and to see if you find a mate" she told me

"A what?" I asked

"A mate, the Uniter has to have one" she said smiling

"NO!"I said

"But Miss" she started

"But my fanny, look I am not looking for no mate or partner. I'll go along with this hell but I will find a guy on my own time and in my own way" I said

"Miss, there are a lot of really nice and good looking guys there" Stacy told me

"Don't care" I said. Come on my dad knows me and he knows that I don't like to be set up with no one, I'm not the hot girl or anything. To me I am average but come one this is stupid. I walked up to the door and waiting to be introduced

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you my daughter Miss. Chloe King" my dad said, I walked out and saw all eyes on me. I started to blush and walked down to the floor with my father.

"Dad" I said once I reached him

"Chloe, smile" he said low enough for only me to hear

"We will talk later" I said

"Shy with the eyes on you?" he asked

"You know I hate attention" I said smiling and looking around

"Yes but because of who you are your going to get it" he told me

"Dad, can we just get this over with please" I said looking down. My whole life my dad has told me 'Mai are the best at what they do, they never fail and they always get what they want'. But I liked doing things a regular teen does, but he didn't understand that. Mai were confident and they carried them selves high, me I was shy and I liked to keep to my self.

I spend most of the night talking to people and shaking a few hands, the normal that we always did.

"Chloe, you can go off with the young Mai" my dad said after about on hour. Every party my dad had there was a separate space for the young Mai to hang out and dance and have fun, I was stuck with the adults until the moment my dad said I can go.

"Thanks dad, see you" I said smiling

"Chloe, remember I will call you when the announcement will be made" he told me

"Yes Dad" I said and walked away.

I got the garden, where my dad had said for the 'Young Mai Lounge' like he likes to call it to be set up. Everyone looked amazing, the dresses and tux where beautiful. I looked around to find Amy and like always with the London pride boys. She has a thing for boys with accents, I walked over the New York pride.

"Hey guys" I said as I got to them

"Chloe, how are you?" Ashley asked, she was the pride leader's daughter. We hung out before, along with a few of her cousins.

"Good, how are the rest of the clan?" I asked

"Good, they are around. You knew them, guys every where they need to be every where" she told me laughing

"Who are they following this time?" I asked

"Aleksander Petrov" she said

"Who?" I asked. I hardly meet guys since I really didn't know how to talk to them and when I liked a guy I would go black and stutter.

"The guy from San Francisco, Valentinas nephew" she told me

"Ash your talking to me" I said

"Sorry, well he was part of the London pride but went to live with Valentina in SF. Now he's like big and buff and the big man on campus at his school" she told me

"Jock" I said, she laughed and nodded

"Yeah and he doesn't stop looking at you" she told me nodding behind me. I turned and looked but I didn't notice anyone as I was about to turn around a set of beautiful chocolate brown eyes caught my attention. I pulled my sight back to look at the face and it wasn't bad, neither was the body that went with it. I smiled and nodded my head, he did the same thing.

"Girl, he has been clocking you since you walked in here. Did you see him?" she said

"Ash no, I didn't. But he isn't so bad him self" I said looking at her

"Girl please, he's hot" she said laughing, I started to laugh with her I loved when she tried to talk Brookline.

"God we need to hang out more" I told her

"I almost forgot to tell you my mom and dad have this island, since we are having spring break they thought it would be good for a bunch of us to go and just relax there for a bit" she said

"I would have to talk to the Sergeant and see what he says. Who's going?" I asked

"Well New York Pride, a few from Seattle, Montana, and San Francisco" she said wiggling her eye brow

"Shut up" I said blushing

"Ahhh! Chloe's blushing!" she said pretty loud. We got a few looks and I just wanted to die.


We were on our way to the ball that Mr. King was holding for in honor of his daughter. He had a announcement to make and all the leaders and their families had to be there, also he was finding a mate for his daughter. Valentina had send her RSVP before the invitation had arrived. She also told us that we would be heading from there to an island owned by the New York pride for spring break. The party was pretty much the same as it always was, the meet and greet, the talk and hand shaking.

"Miss. King is about to come out" Jasmine said, I turned and looked at the top of the stairs. I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, she was coming down and it was like I was watching an angel. Her blond hair, her blue eyes and the smile that made the room look brighter.

"She's beautiful" I said

"Yeah well try to get her" Jasmine said smiling

"Come on she has all these guys, but I will make my self known" I said with a smirk, we walked out to the garden where all the young Mai were.

"See you" I told Jasmine as I walked over to where the other guys from our pride were at

"Hey Alek, have you seen the daughter?" they asked

"Yeah I did" I said

"You going for it?" Matt, he was one of the hunters asked

"I think I will, Why?" I asked

"Nothing man, there are only a hand full of guys that can court Miss. King and you being Valentina's nephew you got picked" he told me

"Picked?" I asked

"Yeah, tonight you get to dance with her and talk to her. There are about 6 of you" he said

"Who else?" I asked

"You, Zane, Dave, Austin, Jessie, and Daniel" Jake told me, he was also a hunter

"So SF, New York, Seattle, and Montana" I said

"Yeah plus all of you are going to the island along with the Miss. King, but there if she dates you she does and if she turns you down then your turn down. Non of the guys can fight physically or use dirty tricks to get her. Some one will be reporting back to Mr. King with how the day went and who has caught her eye the most" Matt said

"Damn" I said, I turned to look at her and all of a sudden she looked at me. She smiled and nodded, I did the same thing but I couldn't take my eyes off her. She turned around and kept talking to Ashley, I just had to get to know this girl.