"Mimi" I said

"Hello Alek" she said walking close to me

"What are you doing here?" I asked her, I didn't want anyone to know what Daniel had told me

"Well I heard you were here, my parents came on vacation and I thought I would stop by here and visit" she said smiling at me

"They are here or on the main land?" I asked

"Main land" she said pudding her hand on my shoulder, I grabbed them and pulled them away

"Mimi, its late and I don't think you should be here" I said

"Hey Alek, I thought you were getting food already" Daniel said while walking out of the room

"Not yet, I'll meet you there" I said

"Ok, see you" he said before walking pasted us

"How about I wait for you in your room" she said trying to sound sexy

"Mimi, things are done between us ok? I don't want anything with you at all. Please just leave" I told her

"Your not going to get this girl, I promise you that" she said before walking away

I wanted to scream out of frustration but I walked to the kitchen where Daniel was waiting with two plates full of food

"I win" he said

"Yeah I'll do the dishes" I told him but he could tell I wasn't in the mood

"Was that her?" he asked

"Zane's cousin? Yes" I told him

"Damn I didn't think she would get here so fast" he said

"I'm going for a walk just call me if anything ok" I said before getting up and walking outside

I needed to clear my head and figure out how I was going to get Mimi and Zane out of the way so that I could be with Chloe, having them around was bad because they were not going to let us be happy together.

Ring, Ring, Ring

I took my phone out of my pocket and saw Daniel was calling me

"Hey" I said

"Hey when are you coming back Chloe already came back from the date with Zane" he told me

"Really? Did she say how it went?" I asked

"No I haven't seen her but he came and I don't think it went that good because he didn't have a nice face" he told me

"He never has a nice face" I said

"Yeah that's true, well he was talking about the date so I am guessing it didn't go so good" he said

"I'll be home later, did I get a paper for a mini date?" I asked hoping that it would be my turn

"No Austin got it" he said

"Oh ok, well I'll be home soon" I said hanging up. If Mimi didn't leave soon things were going to get messed up, I mean come on we broke up 8 months ago. She cheated on me with a guy from the New York pride, some new guy that just started transforming. Really? A newbie? It doesn't matter who it was the point was that she cheated, that's it nothing else. If you really care about some one you don't cheat on them, just break up with them but don't cheat on them. I was walking back to the house already it was late. I got to my room and found Daniel sitting at the desk that we had there.

"Hey man, that girl was looking for you again" he told me

"I wish she would leave" I told him

"Why don't you like her, I mean don't get me wrong she looks like a slut but she's hot" he said

"Look its long history we meat a few years back and dated during the summer, then a few months back she came the San Francisco and we started dating again but I found out she cheated on me with some guy" I told him

"That's a bummer" he said

"Yeah that's why I cant stand her, its been 8 months and she is still after me" I said sitting on my bed.

"Well Chloe is out with Jessie now so I think that's it for today or maybe one more guy" he told me

"I wish it was me" I told him

"Who knows" he said turning back around. I sat on the bed for a while thinking when he heard a knock on the door

"I'll get it" I said, when I opened the door I found Stacy

"Hey" I said

"Alek this is for you please be ready in one hour and outside in the back yard" she told me handing me a paper. I nodded and then closed the door

"See man I told you" he said getting up and walking to me

"Thank Basset" I said opening the paper

"Dear Alek, I would love to see how fast you can think on you feet you have 1 hour starting now to plan a mini date for us to get to know each other. Think fast and think good. See you soon Chloe" I read out loud

"Oh snap! Dude hurry" Daniel said

"Let's see what I can do" I said grabbing my phone, I'm not use to this place so I had my limits cut down but I do remember when we came with Valentina she took us to this place that was really nice and it had good food. Plus it was close, we can walk there and maybe walk on the beach and see the stars.


I was walking on the pier with Jessie talking, he was a nice guy and like the others he was good looking but Alek had won me over and that I cant change no matter what, its like my mind and soul called for him only.

"Chloe look I know that Austin told you he was interested in some one else and you took it pretty good" he said

"Jessie, let me be honest with you ok? I like all of you guys but I never wanted this whole hook up thing the happen. It was my dad's idea and I was against it from the start but I thought I would give you guys a shot any ways" I told him

"So non of us are you type?" he said something in his eyes told me he had hope but for what I don't know.

"No Jessie your not my type" I told him giving him a side smile

"That's ok, your hot and everything but your not my type either" he said

"That's cool, believe me when I say I don't take it personal" I told him, thank Basset! I thought

"So how is this going to work?" he asked

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Your dad did this for you to find your mate, what if you don't?" he asked

"Well I talked to him and told him that if I didn't find my mate he would let me find him my way and he agreed" I told him

"That's cool, I hope you find him Chloe. Some of us have been trying to hard to get your attention that we didn't act like how we were suppose to and from my part I want to say sorry. I have been a jerk and that's not right" he said

"It's ok, I don't take it personal and I understand you. Friends?" I asked extending my hand to him, he smiled and took it

"Friends" he said

"Let's get back home, I still have one more date tonight before meeting up with the person that gets back to my dad" I told him

"Come on" he said, we started to walk back home. Stacy had texted me and told me she send out the mini date to Alek so I had about 20 minutes to get ready and meet him in the back yard.