Bee and Strawberry

#Look up at the light of the stars in the night sky above#

It was a desert, a dark desert with only a crescent moon above to light the way.

Name of that desert was Hueco Mundo, the land where abominations of the soul live, eternally trying to find ways of tormenting helpless humans.

Two such abominations appeared from the shadows, and soon disappeared into the air, leaving for the world of humans.

We have no form, therefore we fear it.

They arrived at a riverbank, crashing down on the ground with ease. It was night and the city they were in was called Karakura, an uninteresting place, not much different from other cities of its size.

And because we are formless we revere it.

As opposed to Hollows, the beings that exist to kill and torment humans, Shinigami exist to protect humans and kill Hollows.

Thus we are slain.

One such being was now observing the city from a telephone pole. It was a short woman with dark hair.

"These should do as a challenge." she said quietly to herself and jumped towards the next pole.

"The hell do you think y'er doin' ! You kick Yama-chin down and then tell US to get out of the way?" It was a generic group of thugs, dressed in baggy clothes with rugged looks, they were commonplace in the area; most of them were attention-seeking teens.

On the other hand the one they were talking to was not too different from them, he was tall, ginger and had a school uniform on. The street was empty; there wasn't anyone watching, at least that's what the thugs thought.

"You little..." the thug went forward, rearing his fist to attack, but he didn't get far, mainly because of the foot that was now placed firmly on his face. He fell, at which point the uniformed boy started kicking him rhythmically.

"This is messed up!" one of the remaining thugs proclaimed, after all, seeing this kid beating their friend and Boss with no effort was disconcerting to say the least.

"Quit yappin' and look at that! Which one of you can tell me what that is?" the boy now stopped beating the helpless thug and pointed at a small bottle with some water and flowers in it, it was tipped over.

"First question: what is that? Yes, you in the middle!" he continued pointing to the middle thug this time.

"Uh, Um... It's the tribute... for the kid that died here recently..." he was shaking and cowering as he answered the question.

"CORRECT!" the ginger now yelled as he knocked over the thug with his foot to the thugs chin.

"Second question: why did the bottle fall over?" this time he didn't point to either of the two left standing.

"Well, we were skateboarding and we knocked it over... on accident."

"Bastards! I dare you to do that again!" He now knocked the two over with a flurry of punches.

"I'll make it so that people have to lay flowers for you!" His face seemed like it was on fire, greatly increasing the effect on the thugs. The ones who could still walk picked up the ones that couldn't and they were away in a blink of an eye.

"They're terrified, they probably won't come back here anytime soon. I'll bring you some new flowers tomorrow." he said to the spirit of the kid.

He could see dead people; it wasn't something he wished for, it wasn't some experiment gone wrong, it just happened, he could see them and talk to them for as long as he could remember.

"Thank you mister, I can rest peacefully now." the young transparent girl said.

"You're welcome, now hurry up and go to heaven."

Kurosaki Ichigo, 15 years old

High school freshman

His family runs the town clinic

"I'm home." Ichigo said as he entered his home, he should have expected what would happen next, but he had other stuff on his mind, so he didn't notice his dads jumping spin-kick until it was too late.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Kurosaki Isshin yelled, knocking down his son into a heap.

"You punk of a son! You know that dinner time is at seven o'clock sharp, every night!"

"Damn you! Is that how you greet your soon who went out of his way to help a ghost on his way home!"

"I don't want to hear it! No matter what the reason is, only punishment awaits those who interrupt our family time. Or are you just bragging that you can talk to ghosts?"

They kept exchanging punches and kicks while the two girls in the room were dining.

"Shut up! I never asked for this!"

"Please stop it you two, the food is getting cold." the small blonde girl tried to make the stop from the table, but she was ignored by the men.

"It's no use Yuzu, just let them be."

"But Karin-chan."

With a preemptive kick to the face, Isshin was sent flying into a wall on the far side of the room.

"Besides, making a healthy high school student come home every night at 7 o'clock is madness..."

"Ichi-nii, you have a new friend." Karin said, not even looking at him as another ghost appeared, this time it was a middle aged business man.

"The hell? When did you... I keep exorcising but they just keep coming back!" he yelled as he flailed his arms around trying to make the ghost leave.

"I'm kind of jealous of you two, I can't see them but I can feel them sometimes." since she couldn't see the spirits but could feel them that left Isshin as the only member of the Kurosaki family that couldn't interact with ghosts.

"I don't really believe in ghosts and all that stuff anyway." was Karins cold answer.

"Forget it, I'm not hungry, I'm going to bed." Ichigo left ignoring Yuzus pleas that he should eat something.

"This is all your fault dad." Karin accused Isshin.

"What? But why!" Isshin tried making a hurt reply, but it only made him look even more childish.

"He's been having a rough time lately, he said that he's been seeing them a lot more."

"What? He tells you that sort of thing? He didn't tell me..."

"Of course not, you're over forty and act like a kid; who'd wanna talk to you about anything?" Karin was once again the one with the cold reply.

"Masaki!" Isshin stumbled towards the big poster of his late wife, "Because of puberty our daughters are being so mean lately, what do I do?"

It was morning, Ichigo was dressed for school. As he came for breakfast he saw the news. There had been an explosion nearby.

"What's wrong?" Yuzu being the motherly one of the two sisters was always worried about all of them, so she's the one that asked.

"That's nearby... where's dad?"

"He said he has a meeting and won't be back tonight."


His path to school led him close to the place where explosion happened and he saw the yellow tape making out the perimeter of the scene. He made a short detour to place the flowers for the girl spirit.

The girl was no longer there, but he did hear a girls scream in the distance. He ran right away to see what had happened.

When he arrived to the street he heard a loud scratching noise and saw a lot of people running away from it. A loud explosion covered the area with smoke, when it started clearing, he saw a monster unlike anything else he had seen. It was big with scythe-like arms and a body of a centipede. It had a terrifying white mask and was apparently chasing the little girl for which he had brought flowers.

They ran together away from the monster that was chasing them. But she tripped and fell.

Ichigo didn't need time to think, dead or not, this girl was the same age as his sisters, and because of that he would try and save her from that monstrosity. He wanted to just grab her and run, or if that wasn't possible throw her away so that she could run away on her own.

But he froze. He looked up at the monster as he realized that there isn't enough time. And then he saw her. A short black-haired woman, dressed in some sort of an old-fashioned uniform appeared right above the head of the monster and sliced downwards with a sword that was in her right hand.

The monster disintegrated and she landed on her feet nimbly, turned away from him without even making eye contact and disappeared from sight.

It was late evening and Ichigo was lying in his bed, still in his school uniform.

'What was that thing, why was it chasing the girl, who was that girl with the sword... so much stuff I don't understand. I don't usually care this much about stuff I don't understand but that thing was going to kill me so I think I deserve to know at least what it was...'

He turned around so that his back was facing the open window next to his bed.

And then he heard it, the same noise that he heard when that armed girl left.

And then he saw it, her crouched shadow on the floor made by the moonlight; she just appeared on his windowsill.

She jumped over his still form and landed in the middle of the room, her back towards him.

A few seconds passed as she looked over the room, still not facing him, before she placed her hand on the hilt of her sword.

Ichigo on the other hand was more than nervous, a girl just appeared in his room, a normal teenager would look at this as a gift from the heavens; but this was Ichigo, he saw her weapon and after remembering what he saw when she destroyed that monster he knew she was a skilled fighter. With her small body she would probably be quicker than him, if he had a chance to win a possible fight, it would have to be hand-to-hand.

She was standing only a few feet from him, to the side of his bed so he decided on trying a kick with his right leg to possibly stun her so he could get up from the bed.

It didn't work as he had planned, he aimed for her right shoulder since she seemed to be right handed and injuring her right arm might give him an advantage. Even from his lying position he didn't have to aim high since she was really short.

His foot made contact, but not with her right shoulder, she raised her right arm and took the blow with the back of her hand.

They were both looking at each other with surprise written all over both of their faces.

He was surprised that she managed to block him even though he was attacking from behind.

She was surprised that he attacked, or rather, that he could see and attack her at all.

In an instant he was throwing a punch with his left hand but she was already out of the reach, her hand now resting on the hilt of her sword.

She was glaring at him while he took his stance and glared back.

'He can see me in my spiritual form, and he made physical contact. He was also there today when I killed that Hollow.'

"Why did you attack me?" she kept her glare, not faltering for a bit.

"Why did you break into my room?" He kept his glare up too, although he kept switching his attention from her face, to her sword and back to her other hand.

"I didn't break anything." She let go of her sword and crossed her arms, still glaring at him.

"Who are you then, and why are you here?"

The other monster was now chasing the same girl from before, she was doing her best to run away but the giant had huge legs and would soon catch up.

"So, you're a Shinigami." both of them were now seated at a small table in the room, the tension from before barely visible in their slightly apprehensive stances.

"Yes." She acted like she was better than him, a lot better.

"And when a human soul has a lot of sorrow or regret or something like that, it turns into one of those monsters."

"Correct." She was cold and detached.

"As a Shinigami it's your job to send the pure souls to Soul Society, which is the closest thing to heaven, and defeat those monsters."

"That's right" He was taller than her even while they were sitting, but she still looked down on him.

"Alright, that's... COMPLETELY UNBELIEVEABLE! How the hell am I supposed to believe that?"

"You can see ghosts but you refuse to believe in the existence of Shinigami? That's just stupid of you."

"I've never seen a Shinigami, I don't believe in stuff I can't see."

"I'm standing right in front of you and yet you refuse to accept the truth?" She stood up as she said that.

"You might as well be sitting down, I wouldn't notice the difference, midget." She was pissed now, there was no one alive that teased her about her height, whoever tried it was already dead, she had made sure of that.

That was not to say that she hated being short, it was a very good advantage in a fight. But she hated everyone who would underestimate her only on the basis of her height.

"Bakudo no 1: Sai!" she pointed at him with her middle and index fingers making him fall under the spell.

His arms twisted behind his back, and his knees bent making him fall to the ground in front of her.

"Not so cocky now, are you?" she smirked at him, "I should probably give you a haircut too, but I feel good now; maybe I'll put that off if you stay nice."

"The hell... did you do?" He said, struggling under the effects of the spell.

"Kido, Shinigami magic. You can't move now and it will last until I release it. I would kill you but I am under orders to not kill unless needed." She was acting even more like some royalty looking at a simple peasant.

"Dammit..." He continued to struggle despite the spell firmly holding him in place.

She then drew her sword and swung downwards, making him blink in surprise when he heard a whimper from his side. The same ghost from yesterday was there with the pommel of the sword on his forehead.

"P-Please, I don't want to go to hell..." he almost cried.

"Get a hold of yourself, you're not destined to go to hell." He then disappeared and in his place was a black butterfly.

"W-what?" Ichigo gaped.

"He's going to Soul Society. I would explain it further but I am under no obligation, standing orders concerning sensitive humans are to explain the basics so that they know not to interfere in the matters of the Shinigami. Besides, I'll be in this city for the next month, so you might prove useful as a source of information."

'That's just great, this isn't the last time I'll see her...' he thought sarcastically, hoping that it would all just be over for the night and he could get some rest.

She turned to leave him,

"Wait! Why is that Hollow thing after the girl?" She turned to look at him.

"They are called hollow because of two things, first is the hole they have through their 'heart' and the second is the emptiness they feel inside, that emptiness makes them feed on human souls, dead or alive, it doesn't matter to them."

The Hollow was now catching up to the girl, she couldn't run anymore. She tripped and fell for the second time that day as the Hollow came closer. It stopped.

"I can smell... a tasty soul, and a Shinigami..." It's voice was deep and eerie, befitting a creature such as it.

"Second one is still around somewhere."

"Then hurry up and kill it."

"There's something strange hindering my senses, it might have the ability to hide itself or it could be some kind of a hidden source of power in the city."

"!" Ichigo could hear the Hollow scream and it was close to the house, the Shinigami seemingly didn't notice.

"Did you hear that!"

"Hear what?"

"The Hollow! I just heard it scream, it's close!"


"!" She heard it this time too, and it was right in front of the house too.

She ran towards the door and opened it. She was greeted by a wave of malicious reiatsu flooding over her.

'How did I not feel THIS?'

A pair of female screams was heard from downstairs and Yuzu came from behind the corner, falling in front of Ichigos door.

"Karin-chan is... please save her..." the amount of reiatsu in the air rendered her unconscious.


The Shinigami ignored Ichigos pleas to let him go and instead rushed downstairs to face the Hollow.

She saw the hole in the wall that the monster made to be able to take its food. The thing was big, a lot stronger than the last one, and it also had a hostage. Her thoughts were stopped when Ichigo came falling downstairs.

'How did he get here?'

"Stand back, there's nothing you can do here!"

Ichigo needed one look at his captive sister to figure out what was happening. The monster wanted to eat her soul.

The amount of willpower he had at the moment was so great that in his mind only saving his sister mattered, he forgot about the house, he forgot about the Shinigami, all he saw was the monster, his sister, and the spell holding him back.

It took him a good few seconds and some effort to break the spell with nothing but his hands, but he managed it, he took the closest thing that resembled a weapon and charged straight in.

He ignored the shouts of warning from both his sister and the shinigami as he jumped at the Hollow.

He got hit hard with a fist that sent him rolling over the pavement.

"I've found you." the hollow said to no one in particular and launched another fist towards the boy.

Ichigo dodged by rolling away from it, and the shinigami jumped into the battle, managing to place a deep slice on the arm that was holding Karin in the air. Ichigo caught her as the Hollow screamed and disappeared.

"Karin!" he didn't know what the Hollow did to her, could it have already ate her soul?

"Calm down, they're both fine."


"You heard him didn't you? He was looking for you, and traces of your constricted spiritual pressure must have passed on to the young ghost of a girl so they were after her because of your contact with her."She turned to look at him over her shoulder. "It's you they're after!"


The Hollow chose this moment to reappear with its wound healed.

"Take your sister and get out of-"

"You're saying it's my fault that girl is in danger? It's my fault that Yuzu and Karin are hurt?"

He ran straight in front of the great beast.

"You want me? Come and get me then!" The Hollow roared and lunged at him. The shinigami also lunged, jumping in between the two and slicing her sword down at the head of the Hollow.

The shinigami was the one that got hurt more, the sword struck on the head of the hollow but the cut was shallow and only a piece of the mask was broken off; although it was enough to make it scream and back away.

Shinigami, however, was nowhere near the condition to be able to walk away, she fell to the ground, bleeding from the wounds on her upper body, her sword falling from her hand.

" really think, that... it would all end well... if you gave it your soul?" the tone of her voice told him enough; she treated him like he was a kid that didn't know how the world worked.

Her wounds were fatal, she knew that much, she wasn't adept enough at healing Kido to fix an artery in time, she would bleed out in a few minutes. After crawling to the nearby pole and propping herself on it, she asked,

"Do you want to save your family?" Her voice was weaker than usual but still held that commanding tone in it.

"Of course, is there a way?" He would jump at any opportunity to save his sisters.

Reinforcements wouldn't come fast enough, she could ask for the seal to be released, but it would take too long, her shoulders were injured and holding her sword was the best she could do, swinging it was not an option.

"Only one, it might not work, and if it does we will both eventually end up dead, but it's the only way." She didn't know why she didn't tell him that she would bleed out soon, what reason was there for her not to worry him?

"I'll do it." He didn't hesitate in his decision, that was a good sign, he might make a good shinigami.

"You must become a shinigami; thrust my sword through your heart and I will give you the power to protect your family." He was both shocked and afraid when she told him about becoming a shinigami; but he heard the Hollow screaming in the background, trying to recover from it's wounds, and then he decided.

"Give me the sword, Shinigami."

The Hollow recovered.

"My name isn't Shinigami, it's Suì-Fēng "

He took the blade in his hands as the Hollow finally started running towards them.

"And I'm Kurosaki Ichigo."

As the sword entered his body and touched his heart great light emanated from his form. The Hollow was blinded and before it could do anything it lost an arm.

Ichigo was now wearing a shinigami uniform, and holding a giant sword in his hand. He swung the sword and rested it on his shoulders as he looked at the Hollow.

'How did this happen? I intended to give him enough to kill the Hollow, I thought much more would destroy his soul but he took all my power anyway? What the hell is he! He confused my senses, broke a Kido and his Zanpakuto is gigantic!'

Ichigo charged at the Hollow, dodging it's foot and cutting it off in a clean slice, making it howl in pain.

"For harming my family, I'm sending you to hell!"

He sliced downwards and cut the monster clean in half and it disintegrated.

Kurosaki Ichigo

15 years old

High school student/Shinigami


So here she was, sitting in an awkward position on the ground, bleeding out. Ichigo fell unconscious as soon as he defeated the Hollow, the strain being too much for him. Karin and Yuzu were still out and she was sitting there in the middle of the street wearing nothing but the white undergarments of her specialized uniform and her captains haori over them.

And then she heard loud footsteps behind her. They sounded like the old-fashioned geta clogs.

As she turned around, she saw one person she didn't want to see; now or ever.

Urahara Kisuke. There he was, slowly walking to her, his cane in his hand, clad entirely in green with a striped bucket hat on his head. She could still see his messy hair underneath.

The thing that changed most about him were the eyes, the look in his eyes was dead-serious, he wasn't acting all goofy as he did all the other times she would see him.

He calmly walked past her towards Ichigo. After only a few seconds of examining him, he turned and walked to her. Still with his serious look he talked down to her, something she never thought she would see.

"You'll bleed out and die." no humor in his voice.

"I know"she did her best to glare at him, but after all she's been through and the blood she's lost, it was hard and not at all effective.

"I want to help you." once again, completely serious.

"Why?" She was suspicious of him, she always had been.

"You won't like the price." He ignored her question, "What would you do if I were to heal you and leave?"

"I would head to Soul Society as soon as possible and turn myself in."

"And what would you do about Kurosaki-san?"

"I would plead for his case, he would probably be left alive... for a while at least."

"The price is: you will stay in the human world, you will hide from the Shinigami, you will train him, you will teach him, but most of all you will keep an eye on him." It took her more than 30 seconds to some up with an answer.

"Two conditions."

"I'm listening."

"I fight her as soon as possible and you tell me everything."

'She screwed up, the blood loss is probably making it hard for her to even realize how she said her request.'

"The 'everything' part isn't mine to decide, it might take a while to get an answer to that part of the request."

Urahara was a patient man, he was also a very intelligent man, he knew what her choice would be before even she decided on it, and besides, he had at least a few tricks to get her on his side.

"...Alright, I accept."

#wishes from the past reach the future without losing their color#

Authors Note:

Alright, so this fanfic is mainly gonna be the entire bleach story rewritten with Suì-Fēng instead of Rukia. So here's a few 'heads up' warnings:

-Pairing is Suì-Fēng x Ichigo

-There will be no lemons (explicit content of the erotic nature)

-I am going through all of the episodes 3-4 times before I even start typing out the chapter so deja vu is highly probable if you haven't seen the earlier episodes in a while...

-Each episode of the anime will be adapted to 1 chapter (could change in the future)

-Kon will probably NOT make an appearance

-Ichigo will get more than just the Getsuga Tensho as an attack

-Main motivation for this fanfic is the fact that both Suì-Fēng and Ichigo have similar characteristics as characters

-Do NOT expect periodic updates, it might happen that I update the story in a few days but that does not mean anything.

-I have placed a total of 3 references to other works, one is from a game, the other two are from a movie; first to guess gets a cookie

-I need a beta reader

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