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The Second: Get Over?

Mizumori Fumaira

People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget how you made them feel.


The autumn scent surrounded Iris Academy. Autumn had begun, so the school activity had begun too. While Ellen and Virginia decided to take a part in the initiation, Cesia just wanted to relax, because she had managed the entire budget and some documents for the initiation before it started, since she was the one who could do that while other member of 'student council' still enjoying their holiday, and it made her exhausted.

She walked slowly to the west part of academy. She wanted to practice some spell that she had read for this year's lessons. She took a deep breath first, ready for a simple spell to gather the fall leaves as the warming up.

But soon, sounds from the bushes near her distracted her. Cesia approached it, slowly but surely, held her wand firmly so she was ready if anything would harm her.

Behind the bushes, she saw a beautiful woman. She was as old as Grabiner, because her long indigo lock had 80's hairstyle; layered and feathery—Cesia noted, but she didn't seem too old, even she looked younger from her age. Her violet big orbs lit up when she saw Cesia.

"Ah! You're a student of Iris Academy, right?" she smiled.

"Ye…yes I am," Cesia stuttered. She herself didn't know why, but the woman's beautifulness really made her… speechless. "Is there anything that I could help you with?" Cesia smiled politely.

"Actually, I want to meet someone…"

Grabiner just finished his breakfast when he heard a knock from the door.

"Who is it?"

"There is someone looking for you, sir," a girl voice with a slight of Japanese accent replied. Cesia, he thought. Then he opened the door, looked at his student-slash-wife's face was plastered by… a silly smile, he noted to himself.

Then they walked to the staff room, where the guest was waiting for them.

"Who was it, Cesia?"

"Apparently, I forgot to ask her name," she replied honestly, rubbed her orange lock sheepishly, "But she is as old as you, and very beautiful!" she told him excitedly.

Grabiner thought for a bit. He only knew a few women as acquaintance and colleague. Then who is the one that Cesia mean? As far as he knew, all of them—for lack of a better word, was not beautiful. And little frank Cesia would tell her honest impression of someone that she met.

"…she had beautiful long indigo hair and her big violet orbs are beautiful too," she chirped.

Suddenly, Grabiner stopped and frowned. Cesia turned and realized that her professor face as pale as a sheet. There's only one person that matched the characteristic.

"No way… That shouldn't be her…" he mused.

"Ne, Prof…"

Before Cesia finished her sentence, Grabiner rushed passing her to the staff room.

When he opened the staff room, he stared at the woman in disbelief. Cesia kept glancing at both of them, had no clue about what was going on there. As the woman smile, Cesia felt her stomach made a knot, and she could felt that the atmosphere went unease for her.

"How are you, Hieronymous?"

Grabiner quickly managed his emotion, but still, he didn't believe it.

"How do you get here Violet?"

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