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The Second : Get Over

a Magical Diary fanfic by Mizumori Fumaira

Disclaimer : Magical Diary © Hanako Games & Spiky Caterpillar

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage

Lao Tzu

After many months suffered heartache that came every time Cesia at Violet and Grabiner' closeness, she then realized the day had come.

It had been 1 year and 1 day since her marriage. They could divorce, and they could live separately, thinking their own business. But she swore, she didn't want that. She knew that she was selfish for feeling like that, but she was really grateful that she had married with him, and never thought to end it that soon. So, before Violet appeared, she actually had a plan to beg tohim to continue the marriage. She had spent all of day—included the Christmas' holiday, to rehearse it, because it was harder than teleported to England.

And the day finally came. The day after was when Grabiner decided whether the marriage would be continued or not. So, she only had a chance in that day, which (maybe) the last day of her marriage.

She looked out through the window. The dark winter sky accompanied her when she walked through the corridor. It was really cold in the end of January, but she completely ignored it.

But, she stopped and hid herself, right before Grabiner' room. It was because she heard a woman voice inside his room. She could hear them laughed as Violet continued to talk about their past.

"…Are you sure you've made him happy, as his wife?"

There, she lost her confidence again. She never heard him laughed as free as that time. Even, she couldn't make him smile as often as these lately—because of Violet, of course.

All she could do was just inviting trouble for him.

'Should I… let him go?' she thought bitterly, clenching her fist tightly.

'Are you sure you want to give up?' a motherly voice came through her mind.

'Professor Potsdam? How…'

Another farspeak connected to her.

'You don't have to give up! You won't give up, because you don't want to, right?' Virginia shouted.

'Just do it, Cesia. We want you to be happy!' Ellen said sweetly.

'You had done a craziest thing ever that I never predicted—to teleport to Japan in the last summer! Just grab the chance, and do it, Cesia!' Raven said, trying to cheer her up.

'I don't want to be an official witness for your divorce! I want both of you happy!' Minnie threatened.

Cesia sighed, and smiled widely.

'Thank you…'

After Cesia made sure that Violet wasn't in his room, she walked to his room, knocking the door politely.

"Who is there?" Grabiner' voice rang through the door, much like he was annoyed since it was already eleven in the night. Cesia just smiled.

'Ah... it's been a while since I visited him…'

"Cesia's here!"

Grabiner quickly opened the door, not expecting that she would come, especially at that time.

"Cesia, should I inform you that it was really late to wander around?" He was unpleased when Cesia just gave him a silly smile.

"You remember what day is it, right?" her smile became a bitter one when she said that.

"It still one hour too early to ask my decision about our marriage," he replied with a sigh.

"Then… Can I borrow this last 1 hour?" Cesia pleaded.

Grabiner knew, even he declined her request, it wouldn't change everything. She was too stubborn to be rejected.

"Fine…" again, he sighed.

Cesia gripped his hand. She quietly murmured a spell, and her plan began…

When Grabiner opened his eyes, he couldn't believe what he saw.

"You remember that scene? It was the first time we met. Not a proper meeting since me quietly cursed you when you suddenly gave me 10 demerits when I just took my first step on this school," she grinned.

"How could you…"

"Ssh…!" Cesia cut him off. "The only one who has the right to speak is me!" she smirked. "Let's continue!"

With her magic, they adventured passing the time. The memory that they created together appeared one by one. When he helped her in her first exam, since she couldn't teleport herself perfectly, but he gave her merits nonetheless. When he spanked her because she didn't pass the second exam with the foulest way he'd ever thought. When he took her to Glen after she nearly fainted because of exhausting fundraising. When she saved him without thinking the consequence of her action which made them to get married. When she brought him the soup once he was sick. When he gave her April fool's joke. When she told him that she felt out of place once she was with her family. When they kissed for the first time, because she told him that she had never been kissed before. When he saved he saved her from the darkness. When he slapped her because she didn't want to accept the truth.

Cesia' breath became unstable. She became exhausted because of the magic that she did.

"Cesia, stop! You can't do this anymore!" Grabiner shouted, much more like he worried her. He tried to hold her, but she finally could cast another spell.

"The… last one!"

Then, he was startled by a sound of fireworks. It was the last time they had a time together.

"I always treasure them… every moment with you. All of them really make me feel alive, make me want to study harder and harder, to make you proud of me, to become a proper wife for you…" she managed her breath, and then looked right into his eyes.

"I am grateful that I've been married with you," she said without hesitation, smiling at him sincerely.


"Thank you for your protection and wisdom in this one year and one day, even I couldn't make you happy, even I am really troublesome, even all I can do just invite troubles to you…" the tears suddenly ran down her pale cheeks. "I just can say… I'm sorry…"

Cesia couldn't read his face. Was he mad? She wasn't sure of that, his face was really unreadable. But, she bravely stood on her tiptoe, and kissed his cheek.

"And even I am not a proper girl for you, even I didn't know you so well, I always love you more than anyone," she said confidently, with a teary smile. "It means that I will be happy, even though you'll be with someone else."

She felt an unbearable pain which tried to break her heart, but she managed to smile. She wiped her tears, casting the last spell so they came back to the hallway in front of Grabiner' room.

"Well, we have to get ready for today. Sorry for borrowing your time, sir." She said casually, as it was nothing happened before. "Good night, have a nice rest."

She then teleported to her room.

'Can I get over this feeling?'

In the same dungeon when the marriage was held, Cesia stood beside Grabiner. Beside Minnie and Professor Potsdam, there was also Ellen, Virginia, Raven, and—of course, Violet. Not to mention about the students in the grand hall that saw it by a help of magic.

Cesia just stood there with a poker face. She didn't cry all the night, since her friends managed to keep her smile. She wasn't desperate either, even she still hoped that their marriage would continue, even the probability was near to zero.

"After one day and one year I had spent with my wife, I've decided…"

Silent occupied them. Then, Grabiner took Cesia' hand, and pulled her to his side.

"I decided to continue the marriage, for now and forever."

Tears ran down Cesia' cheek. All of them clapped their hand, including the students who had knew that Cesia didn't steal another boyfriend—thanked Minnie and Virginia to make them understand. Violet just gave them a small smile, and she left the dungeon.

"So, Cesia, do you agree of this decision?" Professor Potsdam smiled softly to her daughterly figure.

"Yes…" she smiled happily.

'Please, take care of him…' Violet' voice rang through her mind.

"Who had taught you that spell?" Grabiner asked her out of sudden.

"Which spell?" Cesia replied casually, as she placed two cups of tea on the table and took a seat.

"The spell you'd used that night."

"Oh… that…" she smiled, sipping her tea. "I found it in Professor Potsdam' book about white magic which she lent to me, for helping me in the white magic' class. Then, I tried it by myself, no one knew about that. Since it would be used as a way to continue our marriage, I should master it with my own power. It was kinda hard to control the magic power to make such illusion.

"Beside, isn't that spell will be tested in the final examination for the 2nd year students? I just learned it faster than others since the examination will be held in about 2 months…"

Grabiner looked at her quizzically.

"Who said that?"

"Eh? The book informed me about that. I myself surprised why this important lesson hasn't been taught yet…"

Grabiner just chuckled at her lightly.

"What's so funny?" Cesia pouted, sending a sharp glare to him.

"Cesia, that spell will not be tested until you graduated. It has not been tested in almost five years…"

"W…WHAT?!" Cesia shrieked in disbelief.

"Since it is really hard spell, it is also a spell that only could be mastered by someone who possesses a large amount of Mana and also needs skill of controlling Mana. If someone couldn't control it, that spell will make someone's body got worse. Many students failed this exam, even the student who passed it got sick after this examination in one week straight," Grabiner explained, trying not to continue his chuckle.

Cesia just grumbled incoherently, when Grabiner just smiled lightly.

"But you did a great job. Keep studying hard, Cesia, I will be pleased if you become the best student here," he said, patting her head as he walked to the door.

Cesia just stared at his back in astonishment. Just a mere second later, she smiled widely at him.

'I will keep studying, to reach your back, or even pass it!'

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