Chapter 6

Prompt: The Past
Title: One Day at The Stream

"Ah ha ha ha ..."

Clear laughter of young boys traveled over the stream along with the sound of splashing water. Depending on the direction and the force of the wind, the sweet aroma of honey suckles filled the air.

Alexander and Hephaistion had been playing in the stream. The cool water was shocking at first to the heated skins that were baked in the early summer sun, but it felt rather refreshing after their bodies became used to it.

They locked their hands, and squeezed the water in between the palms while trying to hit the other body. Cheerful laughs broke out each time when they made a clear hit. The strings of water in the air, the droplets on the tips of their hair, and the young boys' wet skins, everything shone golden reflecting the rays of the sun. Yet, nothing shone brighter than their vivid eyes.

Although the stream that came running down from a high elevation was too chilly and freezing to stay in for long, the two boys fought against the cold until their lips turned purple, and their teeth chattered with uncontrollable shivers. It was not until the shivers became too violent to even speak a word, they finally got out of the water.

They stretched on the soft grass by the bank to dry their wet skin under the sun while soaking up the warmth.

"Look, Alexander! Don't you think that looks like your teacher Leonidas?"

Hephaistion pointed up at a cluster of clouds in the sky.

"Yeah, you are right! Especially those bitterly curled down lips are just like him."

"Oh no, his ear is breaking."

"And his eyes are popping out."

Another cheerful laughter echoed in the air.

"Come on, Hephaistion, let's go back to the water."

With this, Alexander jumped into the stream followed by Hephaistion. As soon as their bodies encountered the cold water, their hearts sped up, and their muscles tensed with sudden change.

"Agrrr! It's too cold!" Hephaistion screamed.

"Not any more!"

With this, Alexander grabbed Hephaistion who was rushing back to the shore, and dunked him by the head into the water.

"Take this!"

Hephaistion whipped his hair while splashing water in all directions as he came out of the water to make Alexander run away. They chased each other until they were both out of breath and had to stop to gasp for air.

Many years from now, this day would become one of their happiest days in their memory. Yet at this very moment, there was neither past nor future for young Alexander and Hephaistion. Only the present existed, and living in the moment was the only thing they had in their mind.