Hi there, i'm currently posting my first fanfic of Total Drama on FF.N

This fanfic take place after Total Drama World Tour and before my upcoming season Total Drama A-MAZE-Ing.



When Total Drama World Tour ended, the contestants returned home on a McLean and Chef Hatchet took an helicopter since their boat have been destroyed by Ezekiel.

"Woo! That was one heck of a blast" Chris said

"Yeah," said Chef "but with what have occurred during the season, i think we will be in trouble."

"What make you said that"Chris Chris's cell phone ring so he pick it up and answer it.



Later,Chris and Chef are in the Total Drama Headquarters

"Thanks to you,we being sued because of what you did."the executive producer said

"What do you mean,i did gave the audience what they want : action,suspense and specially drama."Chris said

"That and an unfair double elimination and money that been thrown in lava."

"What! It's Ezekiel's fault for the money in lava."

"Ugh,let's forget you want to continue to host this show, i give you this challenge: You and Chef gonna visit a fan who willing to pay for everything you done..."

"You can count on me-"

"...in one day!"

Chris gulped

"If you succeed,you keep your make it quick."

Sierra's Interview

Sierra is shown sitting on a boat with her pizza box laptop.

She then notice the camera crew.

"Is this for the interview?"Sierra said

"Yes."The cameraman said

"Well, hi, I'm Sierra, one of TDWT contestant. You viewers at home probably want to know a little about me."

"So how was your first experience on Total Drama?"

"Well,it was great, you may know that i was here to interview the contestants myself for my Total Drama websites and win Cody's heart. It didn't go well but at least, i got more of his respect at the end.I hope that one day we will meet each other, it was fun to interview Chris until i realize he was a all i have to say for now."

At that case,the camera stop rolling.

"That's a wrap."the cameraman said

Then the camera crew jump out of the boat to interview another contestant.

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