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Harry Potter was adorable. As much as Severus detested the word, no other could describe the child as well. Severus was the the boy's apparent cuteness was the only reason Severus allowed him to do the things he did. Why else would he allow the four-year-old to climb onto his lap and play with the buttons on his shirt?


"Yes Child?"

"Why do momma and daddy kiss?"

"Because they love each other." Severus said with no small measure of disgust.

"So Remy and Siri love each other too?"

"Yes." Severus responded, trying desperately not to imagine what Harry could have caught the two mutts doing.

Harry stared at the middle of Severus' chest intently. Then he looked up into Severus' eyes and asked, "Do you love me Sev'rus?" He had such a look of hope and longing in his eyes, Severus know he couldn't say anything other than the truth.

"Yes Harry, I do."

"Then why don't you kiss me?"

Severus nearly choked.

"Because the love" (oh how Severus detested the word) "I feel for you is a different sort of love."

"So you don't love me like daddy loves momma?"

"No Harry."

"But Sev'rus," The boy said with tears in his eyes. "I want you to love me like daddy loves momma!"

Severus didn't quite know how to respond to that.

Twenty years later


"Yes brat?"

"Do you love me like dad loves mom?"


Harry gave him the kicked-puppy-dog look. Severus was proud of himself. He resisted it for a whole thirty seconds before sighing, and saying,

"I love you infinitely more."