Kurt sits impatiently in the baggage claim area, fiddling with his luggage tags on his bags. It's been exactly 47 minutes since his flight landed and Finn still isn't here to pick him up yet. He should have known better than to trust Finn with the simple task of picking him up. He wish that he had asked Finn for his address so he could go get a taxi instead of having to wait around in baggage claim like a vagabond.

Kurt sighs and pulls out his phone again. 53 minutes. Finn was almost an hour late and all Kurt wanted to do was shower and take a nap. The 6 hour flight to California from New York was grueling on his back and he could never sleep on daytime flights.

"Where are you!"

This is the 8th text message that Kurt has sent to Finn's phone and he thinks that it's only fair considering that he had told him on several occasions the time that his flight would be landing. Even with the slight delays, his flight had came in within 5 minutes of the expected arrival time.

Kurt kept twisting at his luggage tags and once again reconsidered his decision to spend a month and a half of his precious summer with his stepbrother and his best friend. His dad and Carole had decided to go on a cruise to the Bahamas leaving Kurt with the choice to either come home to an empty house or find another place to spend his vacation. When Finn offered one of the rooms in the house that he shared with Puck and another one of their band members, the offer seemed better than staying in his own studio apartment. Alone. It was bad enough that he had to spend his 19th birthday with Rachel Berry of all people, who had decided to spend the entire night whining about some audition.

So Kurt had accepted Finn's gracious offer and here he was waiting for him to pick him up. An hour and 3 minutes.


Kurt looked up and glanced around for the person calling out his name. He hoped that it was Finn and not someone looking for another Kurt.

"Kurt, over here!"

Kurt followed the direction of the voice until his eyes settled on a very tan giant with shaggy hair.


"Dude, I'm so sorry I'm late but we had an emergency. Our keyboarder just got hired at some accounting firm and he quit the band this morning and we have a gig tonight and I-"

"What the hell happened to your hair!"

Kurt knows that this probably isn't the best way to great his stepbrother that he hasn't seen in months but there is no way around confronting what he sees in front of him. The tan is understandable, after all he is living in California, but the hair is just inexcusable. It looks like Finn just decided to stop getting haircuts as soon as he moved out and also decided not to style it in the slightest.

"Wha-? Oh! Yeah, I forgot that you hadn't seen me for a while. Haircuts are expensive, ya know?"

Finn runs his fingers through his hair and grins down at Kurt. They stand there for another moment before Finn reaches out for Kurt's luggage and practically yanks it from his hands.

"Is this all you came with dude?"

"Yes, I decided to pack light. I didn't know how much space you guys would have available. Or how much I might want to bring back with me."

"Dude, our house is amazing, you gotta see it!"

Finn starts walking in what Kurt assumes to be the direction of the exit.

"I'm guessing I will, since I will be staying there for a month."

"Right! That's totally right!"

Kurt shakes his head as he struggles to keep up with Finn. His fast New Yorker pace is nothing compared to Finn's long strides. They walk out of the airport and to a long line of cars. Before Kurt can ask where Finn parked at, Finn has thrown his bags into the back of a gold Mercedes SUV.

"Is this yours!"

The car is nice, used, but nice. Even if it's used, it's still a Mercedes and that's still way out of Finn's price range. Especially if he can't afford a haircut.

"Well, kinda. Not really. It's the band's. We all kind of share it. Just watch out for.. the stuff."

Both boys climb into the car and Kurt can see exactly what Finn means "the stuff". Several fast food bags and containers litter the inside of the car. Besides the obvious trash, there are two guitars and a drum kit in the back seat that are pushing towards the front. Kurt doesn't even want to look and see what's in the back of the car where his bags where thrown.

"Well, at least the outside of the car is nice."

Finn smiles over at Kurt, oblivious to the insult, before speeding off. Literally, speeding off. Kurt barely has time to put on his seat belt before Finn has sped out of the parking lot and onto some unnamed road. He keeps up the ridiculous speed all down the highway before he gets stuck in a small traffic jam.

"Aw, fuck." Finn's curse is abbreviated by him smacking the horn.

"What's your problem, speed demon?"

"What?" Finn looks over at Kurt, as if he was just remembering that he was in the car too. "Oh, well, we were kind of in the middle of a very important band meeting. And I left to go pick you up. And now I need to get back. Quickly."

Kurt nods and lowers his head slightly. "Sorry to be such an inconvenience"

Kurt really wishes that he would have just stayed in New York, but Finn had offered.

"Oh no, it's not you! It's York!"


"Our keyboardist. Well, ex-keyboardist. He went and got a job!"

"At the accounting firm?"

"Yeah! How'd you know?"

Finn looks over at Kurt with his eyebrows raised. Kurt laughs and pulls the pair of sunglasses that he had hung on his shirt and puts them on.

"Just a lucky guess."

Kurt sits back and watches Finn navigate through the traffic until they manage to reach their exit. Finn drives around for a while before they reach a small neighborhood. Finn pulls up to a house that is quite nice.

"Did you have to make a stop first?"

Finn gives Kurt that funny look again and shakes his head 'no'.

"This is your house!"

"Well it's not mine, technically. We rent it."

"You mean you and Puck make enough to rent this house!"

"And the other guys, yeah."

Kurt gives Finn a ridiculous look as they step out of the car. The house is by no means gorgeous. It's a two level yellow stucco with a shed clay roof. It has a few palm trees around that look like they are desperate for some water, but other than that the landscaping is beautiful. It's a great house, but it's too great. Kurt knows that a house like this in this area of California is probably ridiculously expensive even if it was in a bad neighborhood, which it definitely isn't.

By the time Kurt has gawked at the house, Finn already has his bags out of the car and is heading towards the front door. Kurt races to catch up with him and nearly slams into Finn's back as he stops suddenly right in front of the large wooden door. Kurt can hear heated voices on the other side and guesses that the band meeting is still going on. Finn turns around and looks Kurt in the eye.

"Dude, you have to promise me to be cool."

Kurt can't help but be reminded of the first time one of his classmates took him to an after party for some fashion event. He made him promise to "be cool" and not freak out. He didn't see why Finn was acting the same way now.

"Be cool? Finn, I'm 19, not 9. I can handle myself appropriately."

"I know, just.. Remember that none of us are in high school anymore. We've all changed."

Kurt raised an eyebrow at Finn. So this is what he was freaking out about. Puck. Kurt knew that Puck had done surprisingly well in California. No one had expected Puck to get off to such a great start. Kurt had pinned it all on Finn, having a best friend tag along and support him might have been the push he needed to succeed. Kurt wondered if Puck was doing better than he had heard. With the car, the house, and Finn's sudden nervousness, Kurt was starting to see things fall into place.

"I can obviously see that you all have greatly matured, Finn. Remember that you aren't the only one living on your own now. I've been in New York you know. I can handle myself just fine."

Finn nods once, and turns back to the door, pushing it open with his side. He steps into what appears to be a very large living room. To the right, is a spiraling staircase that Finn sets his bags down next to.

"You can take those up later. Come meet the guys first."

Finn shuffles off on the hardwood floors leaving an awestruck Kurt to follow behind him. The massive windows on the house let the sun shine and illuminate the entire house. As they reach a small set of stairs leading down into a carpeted room (Shag carpeting? Really?"), Kurt can hear the voices getting louder. One sounds all too familiar.

"There's no frickin' way that we could find somebody to play the keyboards for the gig tonight, man!"

Kurt steps down into the room behind Finn, oddly comforted by Puck's voice. As Kurt steps in he sees Puck immediately. He's practically fuming as he stomps around the room. Kurt looks around the room at the other two guys. One sits slumped over on the couch and looks up at Kurt curiously. The other has his back turned to the room and is staring out of the large window into the backyard.

"Hey guys, I'm back. Rew, this is Kurt, my brother. Kurt, this is Rew our bass guitarist. You already know Puck."

"Hi, Rew. Puck."

Kurt waves and looks at both of the guys and turns to the third that still hasn't turned away from the window.

"Who's that over there?" Kurt turns to Finn who has suddenly seemed to shrink down three inches.

"Well, he's .. that's our lead singer. Yeah."

"Does he have a name?"

Suddenly the guy turns around and Kurt can feel his blood run cold.

"Why Kurt, don't tell me that you've forgotten me already!"

Kurt tries to regain his composure, but he thinks that he's failing.

"Of course not, how could I ever forget you, Sebastian."