" I got one left…" Sho muttered not only to himself, but also to the man in from of him, whom his gun was trained at.

"Me too…" said Son, nodding. His gun was pointed at Sho.

"On a count of three?"

They counted.

A single shot rang out.

A large bloodstain began to spread on Sho's chest.

"No!" screamed Son. "You didn't fire!" He stared at Sho, watching him smile at him before he swayed back and forth once, twice, then fell onto his back. Son dropped to his knees, crying. Had he killed one of his only friends that he had left? Why, why didn't Sho shoot?

"No…" Son crawled over to the fallen man, tears still staining his face. "I'm so sorry… Don't die. Please don't die…"

He heard a rustling noise behind him.

"Kei!" He screamed, spotting the vampire. "Save him! Please, save him…" His voice cracked, sobs interrupting his plea.

Kei froze. He took in the sight before him, the sight of his best friend bleeding from a gun wound, the sight of his former friend crying, before hastily rushing over to Sho's side. He checked him over; the wound was fatal. He hesitated for just a moment, before he bent over Sho's neck and began to drink, Son watching him with a broken expression on his face.

"Thank you…" Kei heard. "I'm so sorry…" The last two words were whispered. Kei ignored them and kept drinking, careful not to take too much, in case it killed the dying man. Eventually, he pulled back, a weak smile on his face, and stood up.

"There. Done."

Son began to openly sob. "Thank you, thank you thankyouthank…" he whispered over and over, relief and guilt evident in his face. Sho was alive. He was glad he had not killed one of his last friends after all, even if Sho did hate him for not preventing Shinji's death, or for avoiding him after Kei's true identity was revealed.

Kei just looked at him, then began to walk away. "I didn't save him because you asked me to," he muttered in Japanese so the Chinese man wouldn't understand the rather bitter words. Then his face softened, and he smiled softly.

"Let's go home."


It had been six months since the incident. Son, since the Chinese mafia boss had been killed, had become the new boss, though he had made peace with most of the Japanese. He even fixed the relationship between himself, Kei, and Sho. Life had been good. He had been given a chance to fix his life.

"Kei, Sho!" Son yelled as he entered the two men's apartment. It was the same one that they used to live in, the one before they had met Son. Now that they were both children of the moon, neither of them could go out during the day and Son took it upon himself to visit them so they didn't have to go find him instead.

"Hey," replied Sho, who had just woken up. He stretched. "What's up."

"I thought you two might want to come to the beach today. It's raining, so you can be outside even if it is daytime. The view might not be as beautiful as it would be if the sun were shining, but it's better than…" he hesitated. "You know…. Last time."

Sho hesitated for a moment, remembering the last time they had went to the beach, when Toshi and Yi Che were still here with them. Then, he nodded. "Sure. Let me get Kei. We'll be ready in a minute."

After all, the last time the whole group had been together, it had been raining.


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