Chapter 4

Naruto x OC- Hitoko Yamigaki


The next morning after Naruto and Hitoko woke up, got dressed, and had a light breakfast the more than unlikly duo began thier trek to the port near the land of waves to find a boat that would take them to the Land of Snow.


It had been about an hour scince Naruto and Hitoko had left the little trade village that Hitoko called home. By now Hitoko was more than board and being the girl and the only one that would speak right now decided to start a conversation with the new hanyou.

"Naruto can you tell me a little more about the shinobi villages?"

Naruto looked at her for a moment before answering in his usual monotone voice.

"There are five main shinobi villages which are Konoha, Kumo, Kiri, Suna, and Iwa. Each are lead by the respective leaders of the village such as the Hokage, Raikage, Mizukage, Kazekage,and Tuchikage. Each hidden village has its shinobi forces which range from Genin, Chunin, Jounin, Anbu black ops., and finally Kage." Naruto finished his explination.

Hitoko took all this information in and more questions appared from it all and being the instigator of conversation of the pair, asked them and thats how they went for about forty-five minuets.

"What rank were you, Naruto?"


"What village were you from?"


"Who was your kage?"

"The Hokage, Sarutobi Hizurine."

"Did you ever meet anyone from the other villages?"


"Have you ever killed anyone?"

"I demonstrated that when we met." Naruto deadpaned.

Hitoko blinked, "Oh yeah."she said with a finger on her chin in realization.

There was a resounding 'SLAP' from the face palm from Naruto.


Many hours with many uneeded questions later Naruto and Hitoko arrived at the port near wave country, Naruto would have gone to see Tazuna the bridge builder but did not want to bother them with his troubles.

After finding a boat that was heading to snow country, Naruto paied for thier tickets and rooms on the cruse ship that needed to go to snow for supplies to be sold in trading towns and villages.

The trip would take about a week so with that the pair boarded and got ready for the long and boaring travel across the sea.


A day into the cruse Hitoko decided she wanted to get to know her traviling partner, and so with something to do went in search of her half demon conpanion.

Up on deck Naruto was thinking over what element he has total mastery over, so he decided to just pump some chakra into a piece of chakra-paper he bought at one of the venders in the little trade village.

Holding it inbetween his pointer and middle finger he started to pump his chakra into the paper and in an instant the sheet was incased in ice.

And that told him he could control the ice element better than his old friend Haku.

As Naruto was going over the possible jutsu he could make with his new ice element he heard soft footsteps behind him, but with his enhanced hearing they might as well have just been stomping the whole way he still needed to get those under controll or else his ears coud explode from someone shouting beside him.

As Hitoko came to a stop beside Naruto she noticed the sheet of paper covered in ice in his hand.

"What's that you have in your hand, Naruto?"she asked courious.

Naruto looked arround to make shure nobody was in hearing distance before replying.

"As a half demon I gain some of the powers of a full demon such as immortality, a regeneration ability to where broken bones heal in hours instead of days, and I gain total control over an element. I have found that I have control over ice." he finished.

Hitoko staired at him with wide eyes and her jaw to the deck.

"You mean your basicailly invincible and can control ice?"she questioned.

"I'm not totally invincible I can still die by having my body completly destroyed."

"Wow."Hitoko said in wonder.

Naruto just slightly nodded his head in agreement.

So intranced in the information but still getting a little of what she wanted Hitoko forgot to ask how his life was and get to know him.


Afew days later with Naruto practicing his ice manipulation and physical work outs such as pushups, situps, pullups, and crunches, and his chakra control which he found was now purple instead of blue for human or red for youki because, with Kyuubi explaining it, scince he was a Hanyo his chakra fused together thus purple, and because of the same reason has been sevearly out of control but with kage bushins, which he figured out the secret to, he has gotten it to where he can run on water with kuni sticking to him.

And with Hitoko watching him train she got an eye full of his muscles flexing and twiching as he did his daily work out.



Konoha- village hidden in the leaves

Kumo- village hidden in the clouds

Kiri- village hidden in the mist

Iwa- village hidden in the rock

Hokage- Fire shadow

Raikage- lighting shadow

Mizukage- Water shadow

Kazekage- Wind shadow

Tuchikage- Rock shadow

kage bushin- shadow clone