"summon speech"

[summon mind-speech]

Seven Forbidden Summons


Naruto squinted at the Kanji. It spoke of a Blood Seal. It said something about mixing his blood and Chakra to unlock the … 'what is that word... looks like... Ryju?'

Naruto bit his thumb, slashed the blood over the blank space on the page, and thrust his chakra into the paper... or that is what he tried to do. It was more like a chakra bomb went off. Just his luck that a chunin's focus burst flashed over the page.

A burst of light blinded the boy, and when he see again, he saw the biggest bird hovering above him.

"Whoa, Look at you! No other bird can match your Awesomeness! Believe it!"

[No mortal bird can. I would be insulted if that was not your first thought.] Naruto could hear the laughter in the 'voice' in his head. [I see. You carry another Wind Lord. Oh, you do not know? Oh this promises to be fun. Okay, I accept you as Summoner.] before Naruto knew what was happening the massive beak stabbed into his right shoulder. [let the world tremble at your awesomeness.]

As the bird pulled back, Naruto looked at his shoulder. His jacket was untouched. Then his shoulder exploded into pain. His very skin felt as if it was on fire. Pulling the jacket and shirt aside, he peered at the swirling 'ink' under his skin. As it twisted and folded about until it a winged tattoo around the Kanji for Light. "Cool!"

[Are you going to try for the next Beast?]

Naruto frowned, before looking again at the Large scroll spread out before him. When he first opened it, there was only a small section of Kanji. Now two more had shown themselves. One was some information on the bird hovering above him, the other spoke of the next beast. Naruto grinned, and re-biting his thumb and swiped it over the next clear spot on the scroll. Making the Rat hand-sign to focus his chakra, he released the chakra bomb again. This time, because he gathered first, the small portion of chakra that splashed over the seal was now equal to a low jonin...

Iruka-sensei, as he liked to think of himself, was just finishing his tea and sweet buns. Hr had been thinking of asking Anko-chan to join him for dinner. It was after all graduation day, and most most of his students had passed. He had looked over the tests and had noticed that Naruto's was not the standard academy cadet test, but something for jonin and Anbu.

He then had thought about why the boy was horrible at the three basic jutsu, and the only thing that came to mind was the boy was over powering the jutsu by a fact of forty... 'not possible...unless...'

the bell calling all chunin and above to the Tower rang.

Iruka-sensei moved. He knew that the shop owner would forgive the 'dine and dash', as the young man would be expected to make square tomorrow.

As he landed at the foot of the tower, the rest of the village ninja were arriving as well. The Hokage staggered out of the door. "Naruto has taken a forbidden scroll from my office. Find him, find the scroll, and bring them both to me, untouched as possible. Dismissed!" As one, all but Iruka vanished. The Hokage raised an eyebrow at the chunin instructor.

"Sir, I fear that someone has been sabotaging Naruto in my class. I also think that Naruto is in need of detailed instruction on Chakra Control."

"If you find him first, bring him to me. We will get to the bottom of this together. Find him!"

Iruka's first stop was the top of the Fourth's Head. From there he focused on his Senor Jutsu. If the brat was in the walls, he would not need to focus, the boy burned a bright blue where ever he was. To his mind's eye he found an explosion deep in the old forest. He ran towards the ,even now, fading surge, hoping that the Baka did not do something really stupid.

As he landed just outside the clearing where the sun-kissed blond was kneeling over an oversized scroll. He watched the boy bite his thumb and drag it across the scroll. Iruka-sensei knew little about blood seals, but he knew that anything that was named 'Forbidden' and required blood was a very bad thing! As he sprinted towards the boy, Naruto brought his hands together, and Iruka-sensei's mind screamed out for him to stop...

Mizuki had spent the evening packing up everything he wanted to take with him. The rest he burned. Then, in full hunter gear, moved out through the shadows. He needed to get to the Demon-brat before anyone else found the boy.

His plan was simple, kill the Demon-brat, take the scroll, then off to join his master.

He landed on the branch across the small clearing in time to see Iruka-sensei bolt from the shadows as Naruto was doing something to the scroll. When the boy made the rat hand-sign, Mizuki pulled a kunai from his hip and flung it at the Chunin.

Naruto released the chakra bomb, and in doing so, saved Iruka-sensei's life. The Chakra flared, blinding both Chunin. Iruka-sensei, being a sensor, with his Sensor jutsu still 'on', took the hit like a clothesline. His feet moving towards the boy, his head just stopped. Then gravity took over.

Mizuki was just pushed out of his tree.

The kunai was lost in the night.

Iruka-sensei, being 'blinded' by the 'bomb's flash' groaned. "Naruto-Baka, what are you doing?" he slowly sat up.

Naruto in a similar condition, due to the fact that the first two Beasts 'flash' in when summoned instead of the smoke screen that heralds standard summons. "Ah, is that you Iruka-sensei? I am completing the make up test. Mizuki-sensei said I just needed to learn one jutsu from the scroll to pass. And I did!"

"What are you talking about?" the scared chunin sat up and blinked his eyes clear. Focusing on the blond, he failed to notice the other eyes watching him and the boy. "There is no make up test."

"then that means..." the newly crowned summoner paled.

"That I lied to you, yes." Mizuki stepped from behind his tree, drawing from behind his back, a large four point star. "My stealth skills might be up to the challenge, but I needed an alibi during the time of your assault on the Hokage."

Seeing the worry on the boy's face, Iruka-sensei grinned, "Hokage-Sama is ok. You used that jutsu on him, didn't you?"

Naruto laughed as he scratched the back of his head. "Works everytime."

"Now just hand over the scroll..." Mizuki was finally able to see the scroll. "You baka! That is the wrong scroll!" he went to throw the large shuriken, when a beam of focused light cut him and the star in half.

[No one but me threatens my Summoner!]

Naruto looked up, and Iruka-sensei followed his gaze to see the legless bird hovering above them.

[Your Summoner? He called me too, you feather brained...]

Two human heads and an avain snapped to behind the body of Mizuki. A geat horned demon beast lumbered out of the shadows on all fours.

[You have yet to mark him, to accept him as Summoner.] the bird flapped its wings, more to gesture then to fly.

[Of course, he has yet to prove he has the right to call on the Burning Rage that is Ifrret.] the beast lumbered closer and peered down at the blond boy. [He carries great rage, bound tighter then even Animia. But he does not actively tap it for his power.] the beast squinted and leaned even closer, its great nose sniffing the boy's navel. [It sleeps for now...]

[Just as well he does not tap in to that power, his control is very lacking. In summoning you, he almost burned down the forest himself.] the avain head turned to the scared chunin, [this one will be teaching him better control.]

[you give our Summoner to him?] the dog like muzzel was now pointed at Iruka. [one week, if I do not see progress, I will reclaim what is mine!] The Dogfaced beast lifted it right claw, ignighted its claws and thrust them into Naruto's left shoulder. Then in a burst of flame, it was gone.

Naruto screamed as he clutched the spot he was 'burned'. Iruka-sensei moved his hand to see undamaged clothing. Pulling the clothing aside he saw a ink tattoo of flames around the Kanji for Rage.

Looking at it, Naruto exploded with his trademark "Believe it!" then he showed Iruka-sensei the other one. Looking closer, the chunin noticed that the wings and flames were moving ever so slighty under the boy's skin.