Sorry to post as a chapter, but it seemed the best way to let those who wish to follow this story that Bliss will be migrating to An Archive Of Our Own in compliance with the clarification of the ratings guidelines.

I have edited the story ever-so-slightly; some suggestions made in reviews made some very good points that I wanted to address.

The site is in beta version, so the search feature is not quite accurate yet; please navigate to the Hunger Games fandom and scroll through for "Bliss". I've attempted to spell out the link if you have trouble finding the story:

H tee tee pee: / / archive of our own (d o t) o r g / works / 440344

Please remove the spaces, use letters instead the phonics. and an actual period to access the story. This version will be deleted within a month (July 21, 2012) and the only version will exist on Archive.

Thank you for reading!