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Pairings: Bo/Lauren - Set directly after the end of Season Two

Rating: T

The Stag: Chapter One by The Rainbowwriters

It had been three weeks since the victory over the Garuda and life had been slightly crazy for Bo, with what had seemed like an endless stream of meetings with various fae elders, both light and dark, that usually followed a similar pattern. Words of praise and then subtle offers of what could be given in return for allegiance. It had become so farcical that Kenzi had drawn up a chart that was stuck to the front of the fridge separated into light fae and dark fae. It listed the offers each had so far given in return for allegiance, separated by side and by clan. There was everything on the list; houses and land, slaves, expense accounts, cosmetic surgery, cars, even a pony, well actually an entire ranch. In Kenzi's eyes the light was winning, though only mainly because the majority of their offers didn't involve human slaves.

When Bo wasn't being wooed by high powered fae she was trying to spend time with Trick. The Blood King seemed genuinely touched by his granddaughter's efforts, though if they were both honest in terms of actual time spent together it hadn't actually amounted to much. The other person who Bo hadn't seen as much of as she had wanted to was Lauren, in fact she hadn't really seen the blonde at all. Just for a few hours at the Dal when they had happened to cross paths. A couple of times the succubus had lamented to Kenzi about it, who had just turned around and told her to call her or just go over, but when Bo had tried the doctor had either been out, or her phone had been busy.

Finally late on a Thursday afternoon the hectic chaos of post Garuda pandemonium seemed to calm and Bo found herself able to just flop onto the couch at the club house with no sense of urgency. She had no where to be, nothing in her day planner – another sheet of paper on the fridge that Kenzi updated as needed, and no jobs to be doing. Putting her feet up, she sighed hard and rubbed at her hair letting her body relax.

"Ugh Kenz, if they'd told me that this is what happens to Champions after the fact, I might just have turned down the job." She groaned as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

"Oh come on." Kenzi bounced past her best friend going to the kitchen. "It's great, you're like favourite Fae number one, are you tempted by anything yet?" She asked taking lollipop from a bowl of them on the counter. She pulled the wrapper off the orange candy and stuck it in her mouth. "The ten bedroom house, with swimming pool, Maserati and clan affiliation sounds rather fun." She teased as she stared at the list on the fridge.

"Not helping." Bo opened her eyes and sat forward slightly. "I'm not picking a side no matter what they offer me, I'm not for sale." She summed up.

"I never said you were, but come on some of these offers are pretty cool." Kenzi countered.

Bo was about to underline again that she wasn't interested in any 'offer' when there came a hard knock on the club house door and without waiting for permission the door was flung open and Dyson strode in. His whole body was filled with tension and thinly veiled anger. Bo pushed up off the couch instantly, a frown coming to her face and Kenzi pulled the sucker out of her mouth coming around out of the kitchen area to look at him as he stood in the main area with his intense scowl.

"We have a problem." He said his voice a low growl. "A big problem." He underlined.

"What kind of a problem." Bo felt herself beginning to tense, just something about the way Dyson had come in, something about his body language and his tone had instantly put her on the alert.

"A serious one." He summed up again.

"We got that D-man." Kenzi pointed out that that indeed was the only detail they had indeed got from his entrance, sticking the candy dramatically back in her mouth.

"Your presence is requested at the compound tonight." He looked at Bo his breathing tense.

"The compound?" Bo's frown deepened, being summoned to the compound usually didn't mean good news for her.

"For the Gala." Dyson's jaw locked as he said the word his eyes turning to look directly at the succubus.

"The Gala? They've chosen the candidates who will stand for The Ash-dom?" Bo glanced at Kenzi wondering if she had any better idea of what could be going on.

"Yes, the Gala is tonight, the hunt tomorrow beginning at Dawn." Dyson replied flexing his hand at his side absently.

"Wow, they're rushing this one." Kenzi shook her head as she spoke around the stick.

"That's not the point." Dyson flashed the younger woman a rare glare of anger.

"Then what is?" Bo asked of the wolf not understanding why he was so very on edge and seemingly reluctant to tell her what was going on.

"The stag." Dyson breathed out flexing his jaw muscle as he turned to looking from Kenzi to Bo.

"What poor fae have they dragged out of the catacombs this time?" Kenzi rolled her eyes as she came over to perch on the arm of the couch.

"They haven't." Dyson breathed a little deeper, his eyes fixed on Bo. "They've chosen Lauren."

"Lauren." The blonde's name came off Bo's mouth embodying all her panic and concern instantly.

"She was taken into custody two weeks ago." Dyson replied with a nod.

"And you didn't think to tell me?" Bo stared at him in disbelief. "What in the hell have they convicted her of? I thought the stag had to be a convict."

"I didn't know Bo." Dyson objected instantly having anticipated this question. "No one did. I found out today and looked into it. And you're right the stag can only be a convicted prisoner, but she's been convicted, of treason and aiding an enemy of the fae which resulted in the death of The Ash."

"Come again?" Kenzi piped up from her spot, actually almost as shocked as Bo was. She knew that humans weren't exactly valued in the compound but the Doctor seemed like she had the 'skills' to make her an exception.

"Apparently one of Lachlan's bodyguards filed a report that he witnessed the Doctor draining the Naga venom from the Ash, and then moments later the Garuda attacked the compound and killed Lachlan who had been rendered helpless because of the doctors actions." Dyson gave them the run down of her conviction.

"But that's not what happened. The Ash ordered her to drain his venom, no one expected the Garuda to go directly to attack Lachlan." Bo disagreed with the time line of events. "When was this kangaroo court held anyway? Didn't anyone want those of us who were there to tell them what happened?"

"No one else was there when she did what she did, so no one else was required to be called." Dyson shook his head. "I've read the hearing documents."

"Maybe not but the context of what you just said is wrong, Lauren didn't take the venom to help the Garuda. She did it so we could beat the Garuda, even the Ash knew that." Bo could feel a deep sense of rage and anger filling her whole being, and she turned away as if thinking afraid that her eyes would be sparkling as they seemed to do a lot lately when she experienced extreme emotion.

"The hearing doesn't take into consideration context and Lachlan isn't here to say what his plan was, what he intended the doctor to do with the venom." Dyson pointed out. "Not that that matters because the matter is closed, Lauren has been found guilty." He breathed out let his shoulders drop slightly. "She is to be the Stag in the Hunt tomorrow."

"So..." Kenzi moved around to where Bo was sensing how much of an overload these facts must be causing in the brunette. "We need a plan like last time, the stag has to live and be free."

"The stag only lived last time because of Lauren." Dyson pointed out somewhat unnecessarily.

"This is ridiculous, I'm going to get Lauren back right now." Bo didn't even realize her voice held an echo as she began to move towards the door.

"Bo! Bo wait." It was Kenzi that called after her best friend. "Look at me, look at me!" She ordered, a chill having entered her blood as she heard the tone of the succubus voice.

"Kenzi, this is Lauren you know I can't just let them hunt her." Bo did turn to look at her best friend, her back to Dyson. Just as the younger woman had suspected her eyes were glowing blue.

"I know, I'm coming with you." Kenzi explained knowing that she had to do something to at least quell Bo's anger as she let her go out the door finally. "D-man, go tell Trick what's going on, get to work on a back up plan." She gave him a look that said 'don't try and stop us'. The wolf made an initial move that suggested he might try to follow, but when Kenzi kept her blue eyes on him for a moment longer he hesitated. Kenzi breathed out and nodded at him before running out after Bo. "Bo... Bo-Bo hold up there." She called as she ran out of the club house trying to catch up with the succubus who was already nearly at their car.

"Two weeks I've been doing nothing, while they did..." Bo's brain started to stall and she took a slow breath in that seemed to make her eyes glow brighter. "Things to her Kenzi." She pulled open the door of the driver's side.

"You didn't know Bo." Kenzi leaned against the car. "You think you can calm down for me?" She added trying to catch her best friend's attention.

"Damn it, I'm doing it aren't I?" Bo finally dropped into the driver's seat but didn't make any move to start the car, taking a few breaths as Kenzi got into her seat. "It just... creeps up on me so fast." She made the gentle admission. "I can't stop thinking about how she must think I deserted her, left her for them to destroy."

"The Doc doesn't work like that." Kenzi shook her head, a part of her praying that it was true. "Though for the record, when we get her out of this, will you two please talk to each other and decide on some kind of permanent thing, relationship, label, something, because really, this..." She waved her hand around a little. "This doesn't work." She smiled at her friend. "You're crazy about her." She smiled more. "You're even crazier without her." She reached over and lightly punched Bo's shoulder. "So, are we really going to raid the compound kamikaze style?" She added with a smile.

"No, I don't think it should be my first choice." Bo put her hands on the steering wheel and tried to calm herself down enough to really think. "I think you were right." She turned her head to look at Kenzi. "Fundamentally we need to get Lauren to that bell, so she wins and she's free from them. They can't touch her if she gets to that bell first."

"That's right, she rings that, all her 'crimes' are written off, and she's as free as a free bird." Kenzi nodded. "So do I go hit the stores for hunting camo in size 'hotpants'?"

"Lauren is a doctor, not a master woodsman." Bo shook her head. "As a start we need to find something or someone that can help her reach that bell faster."

"We need a hobbit cloak, or Mr. Potter's cloak of invisibility." Kenzi laughed but then stopped as she looked at Bo. "You don't think that something like that actually exists do you?"

"If anyone knows it's Trick." Bo finally put the key into the car and started it, pulling out of the gravel driveway fast enough to spit chunks of rock everywhere.


Walking up to the bar in the Dal, Bo was too focused to notice the exchange of looks between Dyson and Kenzi. The wolf clearly thankful the younger woman had convinced Bo away from her attack mission.

"I've been thinking, the only way to win this with minimal casualties at the compound is to have Lauren ring the bell in the hunt." Bo began to outline what her brain had been mulling over the entire way. "I need everyone to think of any item or fae that can help us to that goal. Magic cloaks that will make her invisible, strange mixtures that will make her super fast, anything."

"What you are suggesting is interfering with an ancient fae tradition Bo." Trick's voice was filled with warning.

"I did it last time and that wasn't even Lauren." Bo's tone was stronger then it should have been, especially considering who she was speaking too. "An Ash can still be picked, but Lauren goes free."

"Technically no." Trick shook his head. "If the stag strikes the bell none of the candidates are seen as worthy of being the Ash and the whole thing has to be repeated with different candidates and a different stag." He pointed out. "It only stood last time because technically Lachlan struck the stag before she hit the bell. Lauren brought her back to life."

"We don't have Lauren so we need to think broader." Bo understood what he was saying but she knew none of them truly comprehended, except for maybe Kenzi, what this meant. "I'm sure there has to be one actually evil guy in the catacombs they can have as the stag for the next round."

"There are more than a few candidates that fit the bill." Dyson agreed with Bo's assessment. "It's actually more of a problem finding fae to be the Ash." He pointed out.

"Like we really care." Kenzi countered. "They'll find someone." She rolled her eyes and looked at Trick. "So come on, any invisible cloaks? Or super sneakers?" She asked eagerly.

"Not that I have on hand." He shook his head.

"Then we need to start researching, there has to be some magic, something we can use." Bo refused to believe there wasn't an answer. After all this was Lauren, and if they couldn't come up with anything else then she was going to have to unleash her inner rage succubus and kick some ass. Of course the consequences of that would be world changing.


Kenzi had grown bored of looking through book after old book and she had taken to just wandering around the back room of the Dal poking at things that Trick had long since labelled 'untouchable' and generally trying to find something to take her mind of her ever distracting arm. Thankfully she had discovered that it was made less distracting with a couple of painkillers twice a day and an antihistamine first thing in the morning. Picking up a small black cat figurine off the top of the mantle suddenly Kenzi stopped.

"I've got it." She announced at she whirled around with the small pottery cat in her hand.

Bo's head turned away from the book she was reading to look at her roommate curiously. Trick of course was still out front at the bar, and Dyson also looked up from the ancient tome he had cradled in his lap on the small settee.

"Witch, we need a witch." She announced walking over to where Bo was sitting she put the little black cat on top of the pile of books.

"For?" Bo picked up the figurine not yet understanding.

"Okay when I was a little girl there were all these stories from the old times, about witches who could curse people and heal people and steal babies and all that good stuff but..." She paused when she saw Dyson arch his eyebrow wondering just what on earth she was talking about. "I remember asking why no one ever caught the witches and everyone used to say it was because they knew the Flim flam, or fif faff or something like that."

"The Fith-Fath." Dyson injected much more seriously closing his book.

"That's it." Kenzi agreed with a nod. "Anyway apparently it's this spell that made them invisible, well no it turned them into something else, like a fox, or a deer or a rabbit or something, and they just ran or hopped away if anyone ever came after them." The blue eyed sidekick grinned brightly. "We just need to find an ancient witch who can teach Lauren the flip-flop."

"The Fith-Fath cannot be taught." Dyson put the book to the side and stood up. "But you are partially right Kenzi, if we can locate a powerful enough witch she may be able to create a amulet for us that would turn Lauren into an animal allowing her to move through the forest faster. It would give her a chance." He looked at Bo. "Unfortunately finding a witch who is capable..."

"Yeah score one for the sexy human sidekick." Kenzi clapped her hands together and did a little dance, ignoring Dyson's gloomy outlook.

"I'm going to go ask Trick, if anyone knows of a witch who might help us it's him." Bo stood up moving over to kiss Kenzi's cheek. "Huge score." She smiled at her and hurried up into the bar.