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Pairings: Bo/Lauren Set directly after the end of Season Two

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The Stag: Chapter Seven by The Rainbowwriters

As her game of cat and mouse became more in favour of the cat, Bo was moving through the treeline when she skidded through the underbrush of leaves and turned to investigate something that caught her eye.

In the ground was a large hole, clearly where the earth had given way to expose a deep cave underneath. Looking down into it Bo could see that there was no easy way out of it and seizing on the idea she stripped off her jacket and used it to make it look as if she'd gone into the opening unexpectedly.

As she heard the noise of the approaching Fae gaining ground, she said a quick goodbye to the beloved jacket and dumped it into the cave. She quickly moved off to the side and hid behind a tree in wait.

Damascus came quickly into the small clearing, stopping as she had and having to retrace before he finally made his way to the hole to look down. His nostrils were flared as he bent over further, trying to judge where his quarry had gone and if they had survived the fall.

As he investigated Bo crept out of her place and moved up behind him.

"I apologize if this breaks the rules but no one will know." Bo said to herself as she put up her foot and gave him a single kick in the behind making him go headfirst into the cave below, his muscled arms flailing uselessly in a pinwheel motion as he fell.

Bo didn't even bother to look down, sure that the fall shouldn't have killed the Kapre but now sure at least he was out of the hunt until he could find a way out.

"I have to get to the bell." Bo started off in the direction of the goal.


Obviously upset and put off her stride by the first barrage of smoke bombs, Capella had moved with more purpose towards a closer but smaller branch of the stream obviously now less concerned with the strength of her power over the forest and its minions, and more concerned with anything she could use to harness what she wanted from her surroundings.

Taking long strides through the underbrush the tall fae seemed to speed up as she picked up on the fact that the vegetation changed from brush to more rushes, reeds and other opportunistic waterside plants.

Raising her hands over her head, Capella released a somewhat triumphant call as she walked through the long tall pampas grass at the bank, the high loud tone making a few birds fly from their hiding places.

A call that changed into a cry of rage as she dropped to her knees into the silt and mud that was once the stream bed. Clutching handfuls of the thick mud before slamming it down over and over, muttering curses as the mixture did not allow her to use her powers.

"You're still only a human." Capella pulled herself up off her knees angrily and tossed her wild hair over her shoulder. "And I am fae, I am superior, I will be victorious." With long strides the dryad began crossing the forest, her pace much faster now was easily better than Lauren's. Not only because of the distance she covered with each stride, but the ease in which she moved through the underbrush.


"I... I... I'm sorry Bo..." Lauren pressed her head hard against the bark of an Alder tree. She was sweating profusely, her lungs burned, her legs were cramping to the point where she could barely bend her knees. At best she was managing a stumbling jog. "I can't do it." She pushed off from the tree and stumbled as her foot got twisted in a root. Falling forward Lauren's hands ploughed into the dirt and leaves, jarring her shoulders and pushing what little air was in her lungs out of them.

All and all, Lauren had hit her wall and the slim blonde wasn't sure exactly how she was going to get over or through it. Her breathing so loud and raspy, it was only when the toes of two metal covered black boots came into her downward view that she tried to hold it.

"Whoa there Doc."

To Lauren's shock, it was Kenzi's voice that spoke to her and moved to help pull the blonde back up to her feet. "Just breathe." She urged her for a moment, leaning Lauren against the same tree whose root had tripped her.

"Ke... Ken..." Lauren tried to say the younger woman's name as she partially held onto her, she was trying to suck air through her mouth to appease her suicidal lungs. "What are you doing here?" She panted out the question finally.

"Hating running as much as you." Kenzi gave her a half smile, herself having had to fight the forest to accomplish what she had needed to before she'd managed to intercept Lauren. "I... look it's a long explanation but I need you just to trust me okay?" She made sure that Lauren was totally standing on her own before she reached into her pocket and pulled out a shiny yellow metal necklace with central tear shaped green jewel. "I need you to put this on."

"Kenzi it's not safe..." Lauren took a quick look around. "For you to be here and I can't..." She began to object to stopping. "I can't be just be standing here."

"Please doc trust me." Kenzi reached and put the necklace over Lauren's head despite the blonde's panic. "I'm going to try something and if... that is, when it works you need to... well you know the smell of Bo right?" She wiggled her eyebrows and wasn't surprised when the doctor's eyes widened. "You're going to follow that smell you know and like quite a lot, all the way to the bell, okay? When you get there just imagine the amulet falling from your neck, and then ring the bell. Got it?" She reached to clutch the gem as she took out a torn book page from another pocket.

The arm that held the jewel was scarred with the deep orange burns, which had tendrils of lacy orange threads dripped down the back of her hand and her fingers.

"Kenzi, your arm..." Lauren found herself instantly distracted, moving her hand to rest over Kenzi's arm feeling the heat that was coming from the wound.

"Doc please, would you focus," Kenzi's voice was serious as she held out the sheet, but looked at Lauren. "First we have to save you then we can work on my dry skin issue." She held brown eyes with blue ones for a moment. "Really," she paused again, "Lauren, there's still a fairly long way to go, and you're looking slightly rough." she pointed out, "Now I'm not one hundred percent sure I know what I'm doing, and I'm even less sure that it's going to work, but," she smiled at the blonde. "As my old babooshka used to say 'If you don't poke the bear you don't know if it's dead or just sleeping.'"

Lauren looked at Kenzi not really seeing how that particular old anecdote fitted in this scenario.

"I'm poking myself, I get the reference." Kenzi explained more, but only resulted in confusing Lauren a little more.

"Okay Kenzi, but hurry, please." The blonde encouraged her, her voice desperate.

Kenzi nodded quickly and then looked at the sheet in her hand and licking her lips she began reading the old text.

Slowly and painlessly, Lauren's form dropped out of Kenzi's grip. The blonde's human body morphing into a much smaller fuzzy creature with pointy ears and a long fluffy tail. The fox's intelligent eyes looked up at Kenzi, and all four paws were raised one at a time off the ground as if checking that the limbs worked. It then freed itself from the pile of clothing now around it.

"Foxy Lauren, never struck me about the clothes part though." Kenzi looked down at the small critter and bent down, reaching out to touch the red fur, which rewarded her with a shake of the body she rested her hand on. "Run Lauren, run to the bell, follow the scent of Bo." She urged her pointing off in the direction she had come from.

To her relief, the fox did as she instructed. Quickly moving off without any sign of Lauren's lagging strength and endurance, and within a few springs the last thing she saw disappear into the wood was Lauren's fuzzy tail.

"I can't believe that worked, point for Kenzi." She made a little mark in the air and looked into the woods. "Now... which way was back to Trick before Bo kills me?" She tried to orient herself as she picked up Lauren's clothes.


"Come on Lauren, come on." Bo hid near the clearing to the bell willing the blonde to appear, dreading the idea that she would hear the sound of the horn again to signal a win.

"Where is she?" Dyson's slightly out of breath voice asked as he ran into Bo's hiding place and hid next to her.

"I don't know, don't you know?" Bo turned and asked him surprised.

"I was tracking her but when the first smokers went off I doubled back to check on Capella, and had to follow her because she didn't follow the route we thought she would. I managed to just surprise her with another smoking." He explained with a smirk. "You've seen nothing?" He checked.

"No, nothing... I led Damascus into a cave he won't surface for awhile." Bo admitted looking into the clearing.

"She could have fallen, be injured." Dyson offered with a frown, his instincts wanting him to rush off to find out. "Do you want me to sweep?"

"I don't know." Bo felt her confidence falter.

As the two of them considered their options, neither of them paid any attention to the small fox that raced into the side brush, pausing to survey the clearing to the bell before it took off like a shot. Awkwardly stopping in front of the bell, for a long moment before just as before Lauren's form changed from what she had been to her normal self, be it naked at this point.

Lauren was crouching close to ground, evaluating her options as the cold morning air hit her body in ways the blonde wasn't used too. After all, she still wasn't exactly sure what Kenzi had done to her or how on earth Kenzi had done it. She also didn't understand why Bo hadn't warned her but she figured those were all questions she was going to have to ask later. She just had a necklace clutched in her hand and the bell was within her grasp.


"Put it down Val." Hale's voice came hotly over his sister's shoulder, as she aimed the arrow at the newly morphed doctor who was still seemingly disoriented from the transition. "There will be other hunts for you."

"But this would mean so much, for the family, for father. Think of the honour. Think of all the good we could do." Val didn't move her bow nor change the aim, the string taut the arrow making tiny shifts as Val tracked each and every one of Lauren's movements.

"She doesn't deserve this, no matter what it would bring, a house built on lies is no house." Hale warned her further.

"She's just a human." Val hissed the tension in her draw hand making it shake slightly.

"Put it down." He warned her again his hand coming up but not yet touching the weapon.

As Val kept the Bow aimed, Lauren reached up and took the heavy looking hammer from the top of the bell hanger down. The Siren's sister steadied her breathing so the arrow would fly true and straight as less than twenty five feet away the blonde pulled her arm back to strike the ancient bell.


Bo's head instantly came up from where she had been talking to Dyson as the ancient forest was suddenly filled with the loud echoing noise of the bell ringing as Lauren struck it with the hammer, once then twice for good measure.

"Lauren!" Bo moved quickly out of her hiding place and moved over to her. "What... you did it." She held out her hand to Dyson for his jacket, not sure why the blonde was naked.

"Bo." Lauren pitched forward a little her breathing rapid and shallow, the speed and endurance of the fox no longer hers to call on.

"You won, you won." Bo pulled Dyson's coat around Lauren's back to cover her against the elements. "You rung the bell."

"I... I can't really breathe." The blonde admitted as Bo hugged her, enjoying the contact less then usual as she struggled for air.

"Okay, love the reunion but we have to get out of here, Val can stay with her and validate she rang it." Hale came out of the forest, his sister with him the bow over her shoulder harmless now. No one else having to know about her moment of weakness.

Bo frowned hard at the Siren giving him an uneasy look, and even though the blonde had pointed out that she wasn't well, the brunette hadn't released her in the slightest. Bo had decided that moment she was never letting Lauren go again.

The succubus' refusal to let the blonde go proved to be the best thing ever as the next moment there came the barest sound in the air, the hint of a whistle which made Bo look up and twist both herself and the blonde in her arms. Then with a thud both Lauren and Bo twisted off their feet and hit the ground as Hale, Val and Dyson crowded around trying to figure out what had just happened.

Bo rolled and was pushing up on her knees almost as part of the fall, but Lauren stayed flat on her face on the forest floor, the feathered shaft of an arrow sticking out of her shoulder. The sharp tip embedded into the muscle.

"NO!" Bo scrambled through the leaves and branches towards the blonde but Val intercepted her.

"Get out of here." The youngest Santiago shook her head as she pulled Bo backwards. "They're coming to officially announce the result of the hunt, if they find you here they will rule it null and void." She spoke quickly trying to make Bo stop fighting her, which the brunette did slowly. "Go." She underlined again looking at Dyson to help her. "What the Dryad has done not only breaks every rule of the hunt, but it also breaks every rule of the fae, but if you're here none of that will matter and everything you've done will be worth nothing." She looked at the brunette who had finally pushed up onto her feet.

"I'm not leaving her." Bo moved right back to the fallen doctor, and pulled Lauren onto her lap, pressing her hand over the pooling blood.

"Bo, we have to leave." Dyson pulled at her arm, his voice serious.

"Bo-Bo time to leave." Kenzi suddenly ran in from somewhere behind the bell almost stumbling when she saw Lauren in Bo's lap. "What the hell? I heard the bell. She rang the bell."

"We have to go." It was Hale that made the point this time, and there was almost an edge of panic to his voice.

"Bo..." Weak and clearly in intense pain, it was Lauren's voice that finally spoke. "I will see you soon." She tried to make it easier for the brunette to leave her, despite the numbing pain down her left arm as she turned to look at Bo as best as she could.

"Call me the instant I can come and get her, see her, anything." Bo looked at Val.

"Go." Val moved down to help the blonde urging Bo to leave as the blonde was transferred into the other woman's arms. Hurrying everyone off, Dyson could smell that the officials of the Hunt were only moments behind them.


As everyone sat silently at the Dal, nursing their second drink as they waited, it was Hale who finally had to ask the important question that was confusing his brain.

"Okay, I know we're all worried but can someone explain when in the plan we found a witch to transmute her?" The Siren poised the question making his coaster spin on its end.

Bo who hadn't really seemed to be listening to anything looked up at the Siren's words.

"What?" She asked of Hale. "We didn't."

"Um..." Kenzi moved her beer away from her mouth, having to lick foam off her lips. "Maybe I um... did the spell." She spoke the words into the amber liquid.

"What?" The succubus repeated. "Kenzi." She lowered her voice a little. "How?" She whispered.

"I ran through the woods, in these boots mind you." Kenzi pointed to her inappropriate footwear. "Stuck the necklace on Lauren, read the spell and poof she was a fox. I had made a scent trail to the bell for her with your undies." She winked at Bo.

"My underwear?" Bo blinked at her and all three men at the bar snorted into their drinks.

"I had to improvise." Kenzi gave her an innocent look. "Look I just... okay you're going to think I'm crazy but... the raccoon in my dream told me I could do it."

"The one with the waistcoat and the sunglasses?" Bo checked she was hearing this right. After all when Kenzi had just been there suddenly by the bell, Bo had assumed the younger woman had been unable to stay put and come directly there from the mansion where she should have been waiting for the announcements with Trick.

"Yeah." Kenzi had to admit knowing that fact made it all sound more ridiculous. "He told me I could do it, if I tried." She pulled up her sleeve. "Only made it burn a little bit more."

"Kenzi!" Bo grabbed her best friend's arm and pulled the sleeve higher, frowning hard at the newly blistering and destroyed skin that reached a lot higher up her arm than it had before. "What happened to slowing this down and doing everything we could to look after you."

"It came in a close second to helping Lauren." Kenzi looked at her best friend with a soft frown. "I didn't accelerate into anything, I just... well I have access to more juice then we all thought." She shrugged. "She got to the bell, despite the murderous dryad. I hope they make that bitch the next stag."

"Okay but for the record next time a possibly rabid well dressed animal of the forest has a chat with you, talk to me before doing what it tells you." Bo asked of her best friend smiling but shaking her head at Kenzi's impulsiveness.

"If the option was you going blue or me going orange, you know I'm going to protect you babe." Kenzi smiled at her, clearly not regretting her actions. "Though could you protect me from the witch whose book I pulled a page out of."

"You pulled a page out of an ancient witch's magical book? Kenzi what did I say about stealing from her." Bo hissed still shaking her head.

"I didn't steal, I have every intention of putting it back, I just borrowed it." Kenzi pointed out and was about to say more when the door to the bar pulled open.

Helped through by Val, Lauren was now dressed in a simple set of scrubs and her left arm was clearly bandaged and in a sling.

"As promised." Val saw all the faces turn to them, knowing the blonde was the one everyone was most anxious to see.

"Lauren." Bo was off her stool and raced across the bar to the blonde, hesitating from hugging her in case she hurt her. "Are you all right?" She checked as Val moved to get a beer near the boys.

"Better than I will be in the morning." Lauren admitted with a half smile keeping the slight distance that the brunette had initiated.

"What happened at the compound?" Bo asked her seriously.

"We were all taken back to the mansion, I was proclaimed the winner of the hunt, given a full pardon, the dryad was taken into custody and then I was sent to the lab to be patched up." She smiled a little more. "I even got painkillers." She waved the small pill bottle in her 'good' hand.

"Which means I should take you home." Bo continued to look at the blonde not able to believe that 'faith' of all things had gotten them through. "Kenz, you are coming too, you need rest."

"Bo I didn't want to presume..." Lauren shook her head slightly, looking back to where everyone at the bar seemed to be making small talk to avoid paying attention to them.

"Lauren..." Bo just said the blonde's name with the timbre that explained no question was necessary as Kenzi pulled up beside them. Usually she would have disagreed with leaving free celebration beer, but she knew after her spell stunt she needed to stay on Bo's good side.


Bo fluffed the pillow before she helped Lauren lean back. If there was one thing the oversized four poster bed was good for it was bed rest, and bed rest was clearly what Lauren was going to need for a few days at least.

On the car ride things had been quiet. Kenzi had laid out in the backseat, while Lauren rode up front with Bo. The young woman was pleased when not far into the drive, Bo had reached out with her hand and put in on Lauren's leg. The smile the blonde had given in return the sole reason that as soon as they'd gotten home she'd disappeared into the room feigning tiredness.

"You're free." Bo finally spoke the words that had been sitting on her lips since the Dal as she settled on the side of the bed near the blonde's hip.

"Yes." Lauren actually smiled as she let herself relax against the support of the pillows. "Thank you." She reached over with her good hand to rest it on Bo's leg.

"To be honest, your distractions did a lot of the work... well other than what Kenzi did but that's a long story that both of us need to get from her sometime sooner rather than later." Bo admitted gently, putting her hand over Lauren's. "The only thing important right this moment though is letting you heal."

"I just need a day, maybe less." Lauren shook her head bravely. "So happy they didn't put poison on them now." She added with a half smile.

"Leaving you in the woods was so hard." Bo whispered as she reached up with her hand cupping Lauren's cheek, moving closer to her.

"You don't have to leave now." Lauren whispered back feeling the intensity of the attraction between them amplified by the last few hours. "But I understand if you have something else to do. It is still early."

"I'm not going anywhere." Bo shook her head moving close enough to almost kiss her. "I was so worried." She finally let her soft lips press to Lauren's.

Lauren felt her eyes close in the gentle kiss, her body relaxing a little more as Bo lips touched hers, reminding her that she was alive and free.

"I didn't think I was going to make it." The blonde was honest as she pulled back just enough to whisper. "Didn't think that this..." She paused to kiss Bo briefly. "Would ever happen again."

"You did make it, because you're strong, and smart and you have people who love you." Bo underlined to her. "People like me."

"I warn you now, tomorrow I will probably be completely useless." Lauren explained with a pained half smile. "Every muscle I have will hurt and my lungs will burn so much I probably will just want to curl in a ball, not move and take many painkillers."

"Then I'll have to bring you drinks and food in bed. I'll have to get my nurse outfit out of storage too." Bo teased her softly, seeing how Lauren was trying to reassure herself that she was really wanted in the club house. "You're not moving anywhere, neither is Kenzi, and I will be here to take care of you both." She let her eyes trace over Lauren's face again. "I plan on doing it for a long time."

"Don't say things a medicated patient could get used to." Lauren's response came in a whisper.

"Lauren, I know now isn't the perfect time, and you're not feeling well..." Bo spoke back to her gently. "But... all of this craziness has made me realize something... I don't want to lose you Lauren, to be apart from you again. I know we dance around this, that we dance because of me but I... I love you."

"Bo I..." Lauren swallowed for a second and then licked her lips looking into Bo's eyes. "In case you didn't know, I love you too." She smiled slightly. "And I am very tired and I don't feel well, not to mention being heavily medication and promise me we will talk about this when all of those things aren't a fact." She squeezed her hand over Bo's

"I promise." Bo nodded feeling such contentment from her answer. "For now, rest, I'm going to be right here." She smiled again softly.

"If I wake up and you're not there, I'll be upset." The blonde teased, truly feeling the effects of her ordeal.

"You won't." Bo assured her moving up onto the bed and pulling the blonde carefully to rest against her "I get good ratings as a pillow."

"I remember." Lauren moved instantly over to rest against Bo's chest, groaning lightly in pain at the shift it caused in her arm. "I'm free." She nuzzled her head into a comfortable position against Bo.

"You are Lauren and I won't let anyone try to cage you again." Bo vowed looking out into the room with distracted eyes as a flash of blue went across them.

The End

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