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Kurt rubbed his fluttering lashes with mascara, coating the dark blond with an icy blue tint that complemented his white dress. After his lashes were thick and full, he put his mascara aside and picked up a pink lip gloss. He swiped his lips with the sweet goo, then he pinched his cheeks between his fingers. Roses bloomed under his skin, giving him natural color. He stood on wobbly legs and spritzed his neck and wrists with perfume, then he turned around and looked at the finishing product of his hair, makeup, and dress.

His hair was done up in a neat coif, not a strand out of place, and light blue eye shadow sparkling with glitter wrapped around his bright eyes. His lips were plump and his cheeks were pink, so he was very pleased with his makeup. He looked down at his puffy dress, a sleeveless, ball gown style with a bodice that hugged his hips and stomach and skirts that flared dramatically around his legs, hiding his strappy, diamond heels. The dress shimmered with every move he made. Slipping on a pair of white gloves that came up to his elbows, Kurt touched the front of his dress and he felt tears fill his eyes. He was so happy to be wearing it.

Hearing a knock on his door, Kurt turned around and watched it open, his aunt poking her nose inside. "Sweetie, are you—oh, my gosh. Kurt." She stepped farther inside, and Burt was right on her heels. "Kurt… look at you."

His dad swallowed thickly and he crossed his arms over his chest, his mouth opening and closing, "You look beautiful, honey." His eyes suddenly filled with tears, and Kurt shook his head, knowing he would cry if someone else started crying. "Just like your mom on our wedding day."

"You can't forget your veil!" His aunt skipped over to his vanity, and she picked up his veil that he had clipped a fake flower onto. She slipped the clip onto his hair so the veil draped halfway over his face, his mouth and chin still visible. Clapping her hand to her mouth, she shook her head. "You look just like Elizabeth. She would have been so proud of you, sweetie." She tried to wrap him in her arms, but couldn't without crushing his dress, so she settled for rubbing his arm. "I'll hug you at the reception when your dress is already worn out and your makeup is faded." Peeling off of him, she said, "I'm going to check on the guys. Good luck, Kurt."

"Thank you," Kurt whispered, his voice very small. He was already feeling the butterflies in his stomach. He wondered if things would change very much, being married to Blaine. They obviously couldn't live at home anymore, so he thought about where they might move to, what kind of job he would get afterward, and how often he would see his family, who he was so close to. He looked back up at his dad, who was still staring at him with distant eyes. "Dad?" He peeped.

Burt finally shook his head, his hand reaching back and rubbing his nape. "I just can't get over how much you look like Elizabeth. You are so beautiful, Kurt." Kurt blushed and hid his face, and his dad shook his head, holding his arms open. "I don't want to give you away today, and I wouldn't if I didn't think that Blaine would take the best care of you."

Kurt's eyes finally blurred with tears, "Oh, Dad. You're not giving me away… I'm still yours." Padding over to his dad, Kurt curled up against his chest. "Thank you… for being the best dad ever."

His dad rubbed his back, "You're going to do fine out there, honey. You've got yourself a good man to take care of you. And if he doesn't I'll punch him in the face."

Kurt sniffed with a giggle, trying not to cry, "Blaine will be so good to me, Dad. I love him so much. I wouldn't let you give me away if it was another man waiting at the end of the aisle."

Burt suddenly sighed heavily and he pulled back from Kurt, holding onto his thin arms, "Are you ready, honey?"

Shaking his head, Kurt weepily smiled and said, "I can't wait to marry him. He's what I want, Dad."

Burt touched his son's back and led him toward the door, and the two of them pushed out of it. Kurt heard chattering from the yard, and soft music playing, and he suddenly got very nervous. "Hold onto me, Dad." He begged, and Burt tightened his grip.

"I've got you," he assured him. "You're doing great. Blaine's just outside that door."

Kurt's bottom lip trembled at the reminder, and he started walking a little faster.

Blaine took his spot on the platform with Keegan to his right side, and Santana and Laurice off to the left side of the platform. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, trying to get control of himself. He was wondering if this was really happening, when only months ago he thought he wouldn't live. Opening his eyes, Blaine stared at their audience, most of everyone from Kurt's side of the family. A few friends of Blaine's, like Puck and Santana, had showed up, but he didn't know anyone else.

Finn sat in the second row beside of Puck, their fingers twined together. Finn kept his eyes away from Blaine, and Blaine was relieved he wasn't stepping out of boundaries. Kurt's family was gathered around, talking and laughing and smiling. His eyes slid back a few rows and he spotted the guys from the Warblers in the very back row, snorting and whacking each other and turning around and staring at the door. He was startled to see them there, but he was glad they were there.

Running his hand through his hair, Blaine glanced up when he heard the light melody deepen and slow down, and then the door cracked open. His eyes widened and he suddenly felt extremely nervous, but then everything calmed down inside of him when a high heel slipped out of the door. Kurt stepped onto the aisle, and Blaine became breathless. "Beautiful…" Blaine didn't realize he said it aloud, his eyes watching Kurt's every movement.

Kurt's skirts shimmied around his legs and glittered like diamonds, his legs moving a little faster than Burt's, who was holding onto the back of his dress. He was smiling and looking at something, not at the crowd, who all seemed awestruck by his appearance. Everyone was standing, unable to take their eyes off of Kurt. As he got closer to the platform, his smile widened and Blaine realized he was staring at him. Blaine helplessly smiled back, stepping off the platform and holding his hands out. Everyone else was gone, and it was just the two of them.

Giggling, Kurt laid his hands on top of Blaine's, then he looked at his dad. Burt immediately wrapped his arm around Blaine, rubbing his back, "Take good care of my baby, Blaine. I trust you."

Blaine noisily sniffled as his eyes blurred, and he pulled Kurt closer to him, "I promise." Taking Kurt out of his dad's hands, Blaine lifted him onto the platform and returned to his spot, standing opposite of him. He couldn't stop staring at Kurt, seeing his blue eyes bat at him through the veil. "Kurt, you are so beautiful. Happy birthday, my love."

"Oh, thank you. You're the best birthday present I've ever gotten." Kurt's lips curved into the biggest smile, and he squeezed Blaine's hands. "And you're very handsome."

Blaine moved closer to him and pressed his forehead to Kurt's. He hadn't actually written any vows, too nervous to get the words out. Keeping his voice low so that only Kurt could hear his intimate words, he whispered, "You're my beautiful thing. You are beautiful, but you… you made me better. I still have scars, but they don't hurt anymore." He held up his palms to show Kurt, and Kurt gently started tickling them with his fingers. "I've made horrible mistakes and I know I don't deserve you… but you still love me… despite how ugly my past is. And I love you… and I never want you away from me again. I promise that as long as you want me around… I will do everything to make you happy. I will try not to hurt you or make you cry… but if I do I'll kiss your tears away. I have a temper and I get nervous in front of crowds and I'm not that romantic… but you're too sweet to be angry with… and with you it's like there is no crowd… and I'll do everything I can to romance you, Kurt. I'll bake you cheesecake because I know it's your favorite… and I'll give you roses… and I'll take you shopping… and I'll snuggle with you because I know you like it when I do… and I'll kiss you whenever and wherever you want."

Tears flirted with Kurt's lashes and dripped off the tip of his nose, and Blaine bent to kiss one before it fell. "Blaine…" he whispered, his voice tiny and weak, "I don't know what to say. I was trying to perfect my vows but nothing I say will ever mean as much as what you said."

"Every word you say means everything to me," Blaine murmured, shaking his head.

Closing his eyes, Kurt pressed his forehead to Blaine's and he shakily whispered, "I almost ran out of our bedroom this morning so I could be with you faster. I don't know how we spent ten months apart… every second away from you hurts me. You said that as long as I want you around… but I always want you near me. I'm yours now… and you're mine."

"I'm yours," Blaine pressed kisses to Kurt's cheeks, "and you're mine."

"I want you to kiss me right now," Kurt asked, and Blaine opened his eyes and pulled back a step.

Blaine's lips curved and he wiped his weepy face, then he asked, "You want me to be your husband?"

It reminded Kurt of the first time he proposed, and he giggled and nodded his head. "Yes. Yes!"

Suddenly, Burt, who had returned to the doorway and was waiting by it, reached inside the house and gestured for someone to come out. Two little babies toddled out, clumsily tossing flowers around, but mostly at the ground. Their birds followed them, two rings in their mouths. Archer was dragging his teddy bear behind him, and Pavarotti was hopping after it. "Oh!" Bouncing up and down, Kurt patted his fingertips together. "You're such good babies!"

Blaine stepped off the platform and he scooped Archer and Hunter up, letting Pavarotti and Everett climb up his arm. He returned to Kurt and handed him a baby and a bird, and Kurt gently took Blaine's ring from Everett's mouth. "Thank you," he kissed the top of Everett's head, then he turned to Blaine.

Setting Archer down, Blaine reached for Kurt's left hand, and he slipped another ring onto his finger. This one was silver and had the words I love you—B written on it, and Kurt noticed that it went perfectly with the ring Keegan had given him. Gasping with delight, Kurt lifted Blaine's hand and smiled at the wedding ring he had given him for his birthday. He twisted the new ring onto his finger, and Blaine grinned at it.

Cupping Kurt's cheeks with his hands and lifting his veil, Blaine kissed Kurt's mouth, very deeply and slowly. It made Kurt tremble and stretch onto his toes. Blaine's mouth was so warm and it tasted so good, like spices and mint. The audience started clapping, and Kurt giggled, ruining their passionate moment. Blaine started laughing, his kisses becoming broken, just small touches on Kurt's mouth. "I love you so much," he whispered on Kurt's lips.

Happily smiling, Kurt murmured, "I love you, too."

They both lifted their heads after the applause faded away, but they kept holding each other. It all seemed too good, and Kurt was getting dizzy from smiling too much. "Are you my husband now?"

Blaine nodded, "Yeah… I…" he shook his head and his smile widened. "My Kurt Hummel-Anderson."

Kurt scrunched his nose, "Why can't your name be first? Kurt Anderson-Hummel… I like that."

Grabbing Kurt's hand, Blaine led him off the platform. "Because…" he bent down and nibbled Kurt's ear, "you'll always come first for me."

Kurt started giggling and he held onto Blaine tighter, letting him guide him over to a pretty, white cake with yellow and red roses dotting it. "Oh!" He squealed, "It's such a pretty cake! I don't even want to cut it."

"You won't notice this," Blaine swiped his finger over the icing, and he held it up to Kurt's mouth. Kurt laughed and licked it off his finger, then he looked down when he felt someone tug his skirt. He found two babies at his feet, and Archer held his own finger up.

"Cake?" He stared up at Blaine, and Blaine laughed and finally had to cut into the cake, giving the babies the first two pieces.

"Go sit down and eat that." Blaine scrubbed their hair, and Hunter immediately spiked his back up. "I don't want you to drop it."

They ran away with the birds chasing after them, hunting for little crumbs. Blaine laughed and turned back to his husband, giving him the next piece. They walked over to one of the tables and sat down, and almost immediately Santana sat down across from them. "How do you guys feel?"

Blaine smiled when Kurt curled into his chest and hugged him tightly, "I've never felt happier." He cooed, and Blaine kissed the top of his head. Putting a bite of cake between his lips, Kurt scooped up another and held it up to Blaine's mouth.

"Oh," Santana teasingly grimaced, "you're one of those couples. I'm going to find someone to dance with and leave you guys alone… since you've already undressed each other in your heads, like, fifty times."

Blaine watched her go with a chuckle, then he returned his attention to Kurt, who was cuddled into his side and practically purring. Wrapping him in his arms, Blaine kissed all over Kurt's face. Kurt smiled and mumbled, "Snuggle me now."

Pulling Kurt onto his lap, Blaine heard a few loud voices behind him, and then his back was violently smacked. "It's Mr. Wedding Man!" Trent guffawed, throwing himself down on the other side of the table. "Hey, Kurt. Long time, no see."

"Oh, hello!" Kurt squeaked, not lifting his head from Blaine's chest. He was too comfortable. "What are you doing here? I'm so happy to see you again!"

The rest of the guys piled onto the other side of the table, hovering over Kurt and Blaine like drooling dogs. Nick grinned at them, "Blaine finally took a job with us and then he told us he was getting married and we couldn't miss that, so we flew in the other day. Besides, we were starting to miss his pretty face." Laughing, Nick pinched Blaine's cheek, and Blaine swatted him away.

Wes held his hand out for Blaine, "Congratulations. We're happy for you."

"Thank you," Blaine said lowly, rubbing Kurt's back. "I'm very happy."

Kurt sighed and cuddled against Blaine's chest, looking up when he heard music start playing. It was one of Blaine's favorite songs, a slowed down version of Cough Syrup, so he quickly patted Blaine's chest. "Blaine, you must dance with me! It's our first song!" He hopped off of Blaine's lap and hurried over to the cleared out area of grass, and Blaine said a brief thanks to his friends for showing up, then he followed Kurt.

He stepped closer to Kurt and pulled him onto his feet, holding onto his bottom and the nape of his neck. Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's shoulders, "Are you really happy?" He laid his cheek on Blaine's chest, and Blaine sighed heavily.

"I'm really happy." He assured him, gently rubbing his back. He started humming along with the song, remembering that this was the first song he'd ever sung in front of Kurt. Smiling at the memory, he whispered, "Remember when we saw each other two years ago? It was in English class… and you couldn't wait to get away from me."

Kurt lifted his shining gaze to Blaine's face, and he reached up to caress his cheek, "Oh, Blaine… I never wanted to get away from you. It's just that… you made me nervous. But I never, ever wanted away from you. You gave me butterflies in my belly… and I wanted to kiss you… just like this." Lifting onto the tips of his toes, Kurt pecked Blaine's chin with a gentle kiss, one that thrilled Blaine to his toes and made him curl them.

Suddenly getting quiet, Blaine kept humming and dancing with Kurt, turning them in a slow circle. He was so happy that he didn't even remember his fear of being in front of people… nothing bad could have happened at that moment, not when Kurt was in his arms. He abruptly felt someone pat his leg, and he looked down and spotted his babies, both of them smeared in icing. His birds followed them, their beaks covered in white. Blaine started laughing, "Did you two eat it or paint the birds with it?"

Kurt giggled, kissing Blaine's neck. Archer held his arms up, his teddy bear still swinging in his hand, "Daddy… dance?"

"Oh, Blaine." Kurt batted his lashes, kneeling down beside of Hunter while Blaine scooped Archer up. "They're so sweet. Hunter, do you want to dance with me?"

Hunter bobbed his head to the beat of a faster song when it came on, and Kurt tried dancing as best he could in his high heels and heavy dress. Blaine slowly rocked Archer to the music, not really caring about the beat. Kurt couldn't remember how long he spent dancing to songs, always beside of Blaine, always holding one or the other of the babies. But he was having such a good time, and he was disappointed when guests started walking up to him and saying congratulations and that it was time to go. It meant that his wedding was almost over, and it brought tears to Kurt's eyes.

After a while, he and Blaine sat down at one of the tables and he looked out at the backyard, full of confetti and games that a few of the people were still carrying on. It almost made him smile to see his dad trying to do the limbo, and he had to hide his face in Blaine's shoulder when it looked like his dad was going to rip his pants.

Blaine wrapped his arm around him and rubbed his shoulder, "What's wrong, sweetheart? Are you upset?"

"Oh, no." Kurt shook his head, "I'm not upset at all. I've had a wonderful day… and I guess I'm just sad that it's about to end. I've been waiting for this day ever since I met you… and I'm so happy that it's here… but now it's almost over."

"Oh, honey." Blaine pulled him onto his lap again and wrapped his arms around him, "Sweetheart, you are so perfect. Kurt, look at me." When Kurt looked up at him, he kissed him on the tip of his nose, "Baby… our wedding is almost over, but that doesn't mean our marriage is. Even after the last guest leaves, we'll still be husband and husband."

Kurt weepily smiled and curled up in Blaine's arms, "You'll still be my husband." He whispered. "Oh, Blaine… I'm so happy."

Blaine kissed Kurt's cheek, "Are you ready to drive over to the airport? We'll be at our honeymoon spot by morning."

"Oh, our honeymoon!" Kurt happily squeaked. "Blaine, you must tell me."

Shaking his head, Blaine stood up and helped Kurt to his feet, then he walked over to the majority of the people. Most of them were gathered around the limbo pole. "Kurt and I are leaving for our honeymoon now. Thanks to everyone for coming out." The words came out naturally, and he didn't stutter or panic when everyone looked at him. It was a relief.

Burt and Carole pulled from the group, along with his aunt and Keegan, and they walked up to the two of them. "Have fun, you two." Burt gave Blaine a hug, then pulled Kurt against him. Kurt's aunt squeezed both of them tight, and Keegan got his turn after her.

"We'll miss you so much." Laurice said to Kurt, stroking his hair.

Keegan grinned at both of them, "Bye. I love you, Kurt."

"I love you!" Kurt blew all of them kisses, walking with Blaine over to the doorway. His babies burst from the crowd, and they hurried up to Blaine and Kurt as if afraid they had forgotten about them. Their birds were immediately after the babies, and they tried climbing up Kurt's dress. Kurt laughed and stroked both of their bobbing heads, "I'll miss you so much, my sweet, little princes." He pulled Hunter against his legs and hugged him, then squeezed Archer tight. "Goodbye, little ones. We'll be home soon."

Blaine scooped both Archer and Hunter up, and he kissed their cheeks, "You're Daddy's good babies. I love you so much."

"Love you," Archer peeped, pawing at Blaine's bowtie. He hugged Keegan to his chest.

Hunter kissed Blaine's jaw, "Love you, Daddy."

Putting the babies down, Blaine watched them tell Kurt the same, and Kurt happily whispered it back to them. They scampered away and grabbed onto Burt's legs, staring at Kurt and Blaine from afar. Kurt waved one more time at them, then he squealed when Blaine scooped him up and cradled him against his chest. He carried him back into the dark house and up the stairs, where they were going to change into casual clothes. Once they were in their bedroom, Blaine walked over to the window and stared down at the people below. "All of those people support what we have," he whispered.

Kurt walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around his neck. Blaine turned around and smiled at Kurt, pulling him close. Tucking his head under Blaine's chin, Kurt peeped, "Are you happy? Do you regret coming out and being with me?"

He couldn't deny that being with Kurt had put them both in danger, but he didn't regret it. Kissing Kurt's mouth, he whispered, "I don't regret coming out. Never. It took almost all of my strength, but being with you is worth everything. Do you regret anything? Do you regret me?" He almost knew what his answer would be. He walked away from him and started unzipping his pants, but Kurt padded up behind him and giggled, wrapping his arms around him again.

"I love you." He whispered in his ear, immediately answering his question. "Can you tell me where we're going now?"

Blaine laughed, trying to push his pants down. "If you keep touching me while I undress, we're going to that bed and we'll miss our plane." He turned his head and kissed Kurt's mouth, "You'll love it there. It's perfect for you, I promise."

Kurt giggled and held onto Blaine while he tried to unbutton his shirt without making Kurt let go, "I'm going to play guessing games the entire way."

Kissing Kurt's cheek, Blaine teased, "And I'll love every second of it. Do you think that hearing you chatter away will get me to crack? I think it's adorable."

Kurt burst into happy laughter that made Blaine's skin warm, then his expression got very soft and he tilted his head, "Are you sure you're happy to be married to me?"

Blaine smirked and he ducked for a kiss, "I've never been this happy." Kurt giggled at that, and he closed his eyes and leaned into Blaine. He slid their fingers together and felt Blaine's rough palms, and he realized that he had probably never, ever been this happy. Kurt was happy that he had made him better, that he was his beautiful thing.