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It had been a week since Lavon had punched his hand through the wall. Every night I fell asleep only to wake up from yet another dirty dream staring Bluebells resident bad boy, Wade Kinsella. His offer rang through my head constantly throughout the day.

"If you ever want the real thing you know where to find me."

It got to a point where I'd go to the Rammer Jammer, ready to say yes just as often. Luckily, every time I did end up going my brain would kick in and I'd remember how bad of an idea that would be.

"Thinking about me?" Wade asked, his breath hot against my neck. Startled, I jumped from the stool I was sitting on in Lavon's kitchen.

"How is it possible for you to walk around town with a head that swollen?" I asked him, referring to his over the top ego.

"That's what these are for." He grinned, holding up his arms to flex. I glared at him, yet I couldn't help but bite my bottom lip at seeing his muscles tensed up like they were. Wade, as he already knew, had really nice arms. And a really nice ass I noticed when he bent over the dishwasher to get a bowl.

"Good morning." Lavon said cheerfully joining us in his kitchen, scaring me for the second time that day. Quickly I averted my gaze from Wades behind to the yearbook sitting on the counter.

"What's this?" I asked holding up the book to look through it.

"My high school yearbook." He replied, snatching it from my hands.

"What's it doing out?" Wade asked as he poured himself a bowl of cereal.

"An old buddy of mines stopping by for a visit; he'll be here for a few days." He informed us before sticking the book in his silverware drawer.

"Why can't I see it?" I pouted. "I'm supposed to be your best friend." I pointed out.

"No." He crossed his arms, taking a stand in front of the cabinet.

"Fine, I have to go to work anyway." I sighed, hopping of the stool. I grabbed my purse, waving goodbye before heading off to my office.

I had a total of three patients all day. I was about to call it a day when Lavon came in supporting a man I didn't recognize, presumably his high school friend.

"What's going on?" I asked, once I had Lavon set his friend down in my chair.

"We were playing football, he dived too hard and slammed into a tree." He told me, steading his buddy before he could all off.

"I'm fine." His friend slurred, pushing away his help.

"Sure you are." I replied, not buying it. He had an open wound on his forehead gushing blood so the first thing I did was clean it and stich it up.

"When Lavon said he was friends with the doctor he failed to mention how pretty you are." He grinned, showing off a set of straight white teeth.

"Thank you." I smiled back before pulling out my light to check for a head injury.

"You don't have a concussion so that's good." I told him, turning to Lavon. "Still, make sure he stays up at least twenty four hours to be sure."

"How about you and I go out to dinner tonight and you can keep me up?" He asked, sitting up.

"I don't even know your name." I pointed out. I noticed Lavon had slipped out of the room giving us privacy.

"You're right, I apologize. Hello, I'm Teddy Moore. Would you like to go out on a date with me tonight?" He repeated.

I took a minute to think about it. He was cute and I was single. But, what about Wade? What about Wade? We aren't even together. Wade has had plenty of opportunities to ask me out, yet all he seems to want is sex. Maybe Teddy would be a good distraction and keep me from making a mistake.

"Pick me up at eight." I smiled back, accepting his offer.


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