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In the morning, he is helped into his shirt and jacket by his girlfriend, for he still can't move the left half of his body without pain.

"Are you gonna be ok?" She asks him, cupping his face in her hands. In that instance, she looks smaller than before, like a young girl, with her usual braid trailing down her back.

"You would know better. Medically, at least."

"I don't mean physically."

Detective Chris Skeltan shrugs. "I guess we'll find out." He smiles easily.

It's contagious. She smiles too. "Just, don't overdo it, ok? I'll be home all day, and can probably stitch you up if it comes down to it." She's a nurse, usually working the night shift in the ER.

He tries to be reassuring. "I'll be fine."

He kisses her then, and grabs his coat to head out.

m m m

They say that coming back is the hard part, at least for the first time.

His first time being shot on the job, and it nearly killed him. In fact, he was dead for a few seconds, but managed to find his way back. He doesn't remember any of it.

He's not sure what to feel as he arrives back at the 125th precinct. Ray sees him, and comes toward him, a rare smile on his face. He pats him on the shoulder.

"Glad your back, kid."

Annie sees him next, and hugs him to death.

Sam shakes his hand warmly, with a genuine smile, but is quickly returning to his usual business of lunacy.

The Lieutenant, looking on from his safe distance, gives him a nod, which is all he could have hoped for, seeing as Gene Hunt is much for showing affection, though he feels it for all his men.

Chris just stands there for a moment then, looking around at the bustling office, and wondering why he had thought this would be hard to come back to. This was where he was meant to be. Like everyone here, he'd taken a bullet for it, and would probably take many more.

After his moment of reflection, he breaks back into his happy grin. Sitting down at his desk, he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work.