As she moved closer to me on the desk, my thoughts scrambled. Oh, I'd keep my cool. I wouldn't let her win this little game she was playing, just because I hadn't figured out her objective yet, didn't mean I would let her reach it.

But my thoughts slipped a little bit more as she played the seductress. Damn. She knew exactly was she was doing as she nipped on that gold chain, I couldn't help but think how those lips would feel on mine... on my neck... on my...

I bit back a groan as she practically pressed her breasts into my face. I was quickly loosing the will to keep her from winning, and gaining an idea of what I would like to do once she was pressed against her desk.
I looked back into her eyes, catching a hint of victory, and also the lust that she had wrapped herself up in. She was playing a game after all, but now she had played too far.
She slipped to my side of the desk, and hesitated, leaning a bit too close to me.

I had leaned forward, only minutely of course. Kate's eyes were locked on mine, and they seemed to be getting bigger. I could separate the rings of dark brown from the lighter golden streaks. I didn't know if she had moved further or if I had moved further, but frankly I didn't care when our lips met lightly.
Her eyes slipped close, lashes brushing her cheek bones, and a slight noise slipped from her lips. It drove me wild. I gripped her face and brought her even closer, her heels clipping the floor as she tripped to meet me. My thumb slid along her cheekbone, curved and soft like I imagined.
Kate's legs, smooth and tanned and a mile long tangled in mine before she finally gave in a straddled me in her chair. She broke for a minute, fighting against my hand that had weaved into her brunette waves. She looked uncertain, glancing all over my face, darting between my eyes and my lips.

All I could do was give her a searching and lustful stare, bar being slightly confused as she glanced over her shoulder, looking for something not there. She hadn't turned around yet, but I settled my hands roughly on her hips anyways.

She gasped lightly and looked back at me, biting her lip.

For once, there was no witty wordplay between the two of us. She leaned forward slightly, and that was all of the leeway I needed. I closed the gap between us, crushing my lips against hers.

She responded, with vigor I may add. My hands tightened on her hips, one roaming to tangle once more in her hair. She moaned and wriggled against me, and lighting zapped up my spine. My tongue slipped against her lips and she bit it slightly, reminding me who exactly I was dealing with. I leaned her forward and trapped her against the desk, forcing her to wrap her legs around my waist.

I could feel the spike of her heel lightly jerk into my thighs, and I bit her lip in return. After she whined, I pulled back to admire my work. Her eyes being glazed and lips swollen was more than I could have asked for.

"So, Benny." She said, gasping lightly as she lilted it, tone still seductive though the game was clearly gone.
"Do you still want me to go home with you?" She smirked as she said it, and her face was almost sexier than the way her body was wrapped around mine. I could barely hold back my own smirk as I nodded, picking her from the desk and carrying her to the elevator. I growled as she nipped at my neck.

She smirked, and little did I know how much I would love the theory of selective attention the next morning.